Friday, January 06, 2012

BYOC - Yep, Two Posts in One Day!!

Dear Diary...again...

I saw that Draz posted a Bring Your Own Crazy post this morning.  In the past, I've just held off and done the BYOC post on Saturday, because I was in this frame of mind that I can only post once a day.  Well, I checked the official blogging rule book, and no where does it say I can only make one post a day.  So, I figured, I'll do another post...and do the BYOC post.

If you're new, BYOC is 5 little questions you can answer in your own blog to give your blogging brain a break and to get to know each other better.  The amazing Drazil comes up with the questions, and I answer them...and you can too!!

So, here goes...

1. How do you feel about NY resolutions? Do you make them? Do you forget about them quickly? Do they help you?

I tell myself that I don't make NY resolutions, instead I use a fancier way of saying it... something like "goals".  In actuality, they are resolutions, but sshhh, don't tell anyone.  I like having the fresh start of the new year to try and get my mind focused on achieving stuff I need to achieve.  I haven't had the best luck with making them, but I do it anyway.  Each year, my goals are pretty much the same:  Lose weight, eat better, work out more.  Last year, I added:  Get a teaching job.  I didn't achieve any of them.  This year?  I have the exact same goals - and I'm going for them...again.  I wouldn't say I forget them, they are always something I want to achieve, I just tend to get distracted.  I'm hoping that doesn't happen this year.

2. Did you put up a Christmas tree? How many? Is it still up?

I did put up a Christmas tree - always do.  If you've been here since Thanksgiving of last year, you know how Ga-Ga I am about Christmas.  I only put up one, and that's usually the extent of my Christmas decorating.  The tree gets decorated with all of the ornaments that the kids have made over the years, some garland, and lots of colorful lights.  It goes up the day of Thanksgiving and comes down New Year's Eve.  Always has, since I've been an adult, and probably always will.

3. How many total Christmases did you choose to have to attend outside of your home?

I only attend two Christmases outside of my home.  One is held on Christmas Eve, at P-Momma's house and the other is on Christmas Day at my parent's house.  We always make a trip to my in-law's house on Christmas Eve, but just to drop off gifts and say hi.  They are not really big in to Christmas.  At P-Momma's house, she cooks a nice dinner and we open gifts and all that stuff.  Then, after I've done Christmas presents at my house Christmas morning, we head over to my parent's house for more presents, dinner, and we spend the night.  I love it.  Already counting down the days until I get to do it all over again next year.  There's 353 days case you were wondering.  :)

4. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Well, I want to say finally getting a teaching job - but I said that last year, and look where that got me.  Instead, I'm looking forward to just making this a good year.  I want to really get back in to my weight loss stuff, and I'm going to work my rear end off to get a teaching job.  If the job happens, it will be the most happiest year of my life....yes, shared equally with the years my kids were born.  If I get a teaching job at the school I'm currently in?  Well, sorry kids - it may top the giving birth years.  I know that sounds bad, but I've wanted a teaching job for 25 years.  Now that I'm in a school that I love...that has doubled the intensity.  If I don't, then I will look forward to going back to working another year at the school I'm in now...and will love every minute of it.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blogland this week.

Real life has been great.  It was back to work after two weeks off.  That's always hard, getting back into routine I mean.  I loved being back with my kiddos at work, though, and this week went by pretty quickly. I started the Biggest Loser competition, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes in later weeks.

In Blogland, I've been working on making my blog posts less structured and formulated.  I want to really write about what's on my mind, things I'm dealing with, my weight loss process, etc. so I'm trying to get myself in to the mindset to just sit down every morning and write about whatever pops in to my brain.  It's why I started the whole "Dear Diary"  that I just let my fingers do the talking.  I like it.  While my writing hasn't exactly been the most interesting stuff I've come up with - it has been from the real that's a plus.  I've noticed that comment traffic has picked up, too, and that has really brightened each day.  I love getting comments.  I want to find a way that I can get one of those comment widgets where I can actually respond to comments individually - maybe that's a project for this weekend?  Hmmm...

OK, that's it.  There's BYOC for the week.  I love having a quick little flashback to Christmas.  I know I said I was done posting about Christmas until next year - but you can blame Draz for this one. 

Alright, talk to you again tomorrow morning...

Till next time. ;)

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