Sunday, January 08, 2012

Meal Plans and De-Ja-Vu

Dear Diary....

Got quite a bit done yesterday.  Not everything that was on my list, but I crossed off big chunk.  As soon as I finished up here, Hubby and I got busy making our meal plan.  We discussed healthy meal options and then made a schedule of the meals we'll be eating for dinner each night.  The line up sounds quite tasty, and it made me realize once again that I never have to sacrifice eating great just because I'm eating healthy.  Meals like lemon pepper salmon, baked Parmesan roughy, chicken dijon & whole wheat pasta.  All delicious.  All low in fat.  All healthier options. 

Once the dinners were planned, I had to start thinking about breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  There's nothing worse than getting up in the morning and wandering around trying to figure out what I'm going to eat while I'm at work.  Most of the time,  I grab a frozen lunch and a yogurt and consider myself set for the day.  I eat the yogurt for breakfast, eat the frozen meal at lunch, and then spend the rest of the day hungry because I didn't think about the time in between when I'm hankering for something else.  Then what happens?  You guessed it... I rummage around the candy jar in the teacher's rooms.  Not gonna happen this year.  Oh no, I'm planning ahead again - that works out much better.

Despite my resolution, if you want to call it that, of not planning a whole lot this year - my meal planning has to be there.  It's my saving grace at keeping me on track with my eating, and keeping away from wandering fingers in a candy jar.  It's a must.  There's just no getting around it.  Not that I want to. 

Anywho, this week I've planned myself better breakfasts - like oatmeal or granola yogurt.  I've also gone with larger lunches - steamed veggies with tuna or ham or egg. or salads with the same.  Both options pack a big punch with the veggies, and will help keep me full a little longer than the tiny serving low-fat frozen options.  For snacks, I stuck in a few Greek Yogurts (found one in coconut flavor that I can't wait to try), crackers with cheese, and granola bars.  They are to eat in between meals to help keep me satisfied but not loaded with any junk.

So, after the plan was all set, it was off to the grocery store I went.  I took Jelly with me.  Not usually the best idea when I'm shopping by a list that I MUST stick to.  She likes to offer a few suggestions of her own - and push-over mom, here, usually gives in.  I am proud to say that I didn't give in, but offered healthier choices instead.  She got some fruit snacks, some low-fat yogurts, and some PB&J crackers to share with her siblings this week for snacks.  Sure beats the cookies and chips that had been the star of the show for the past couple of months.  They need to eat healthy right along with me.  I've always thought that.  I did cave and let her get a donut at the end of our shopping trip.  Any other time, I would have picked one out for myself - but I didn't this time.  She got one, she ate it, she loved it.  I was happy for her as I watched.  I didn't feel the slightest craving as to having a bite....that is a huge success for me.

After getting home and unloading, I went to the next item on my list:  Start working on my portfolio that will be needed when looking for a job.  This is where the de-ja-vu comes in.  I have to basically start over from scratch, being that I've been out of school for almost a year - and need additional information added.  While I sat here at my computer, writing the many pages that are required in a good portfolio, I couldn't help but feel it.  That feeling I got this time last year when I began making my first portfolio.  I was nervous, I was excited.  I worried about whether I was including the right stuff.  Am I being too wordy?  Is this enough to get my point across?  Is it professional sounding enough?  All the questions from last year... only this year, I know what it feels like to feel the sting of rejection - which makes it that much more important for the portfolio to be perfect.  I sat at my computer for hours. 

Those hours ended up being the cause of my other items not getting done, but this is important.  I want to get a lot of opinions on my work before I start pounding pavement.  Something I didn't do last year.  I want teachers to look at it.  I want my principal and assistant principle to look at it.  They all have an idea on what it needs to look like, and they'll be my best critics.  That will also take time.  So, even though I have over a month before I have to start getting out and making some connections - it's important that I start now.  I want to be prepared.  Better prepared than I thought I was last year. 

So, that was my Saturday.  It was a good one.  Got a lot done.  Now, I have to do some other things... like laundry.  UGH!  The kids are at church and the house is quiet.  Perfect time to throw a load of laundry in and keep working. 

Till next time. ;)

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