Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fly Me Away to Planet Fitness!!

Dear Diary...

It is the 12th day of 2012, and I've already broken one of my "resolutions".  You remember that fancy goal list I made?  The one where I said I will eat healthy, exercise regularly, and NOT join a gym?  Well, that last one has already been thrown out the window.  Yes, just 12 days in to the new year.

Although, if I had to pick any of the resolutions to break - of course it'd be that one.  I wasn't going to join a gym because I wanted to break the cycle of joining a gym, using it for a month or two, and then giving up on it because it's too far to drive and I just don't have the time to get there.  Well, I didn't expect a gym to be put in right across the street from where I worked, and costing less than any other gym I've ever worked with.  But, I found one. 

So, as of yesterday afternoon, I'm now a member of Planet Fitness.  The new gym that's opening up right across from my school and the one that's sponsoring The Biggest Loser.  The gym doesn't open until Feb. 4th, but I can't wait to get in there and start getting down with the fitness.

When I got to the gym, I was greeted by a very nice salesperson who gave me the rundown of the the gym features, and how the gym will work.  I already knew I was going to join, but I had questions and he was able to answer them with his little pitch.  Basically, for $10 a month I get to use the gym whenever I want and I get personal training, if I want it, for free.  I seriously considered upgrading to the $20 package, but decided to hold off on that for now. 

The $20 membership offers unlimited tanning, hydrotherapy massage beds, massage chairs, 50% off drinks, and red light therapy.  Red light therapy is similar to a tanning bed, except it's purpose is to reverse all of the damage done by tanning beds.  It's supposed to reverse dark spots, detox and cleanse skin, reduce cellulite, and even increase metabolism.  Interesting, right?  I think all of those amenities are worth the extra $10 a month, but I want to see how I do with just going to the gym before I start worrying about other stuff.

So, I signed up, got my free t-shirt and membership tag, and was all set to begin my gym journey on Feb. 4th.  They are even having one of the previous Biggest Loser winners there on opening day...that will be fun!

Other than joining the gym, yesterday was a rough day.  I ended up going home from work at 9 because my head was pounding.  I'd never usually go home because of a headache... but this was the mother of all headaches, and I knew that if I didn't do something about it stat, I'd be fighting a migraine right about now.  I came home, got on the couch, and slept for 3 hours.  I needed it.  I haven't been sleeping so well the past few nights, and my body just said THAT'S ENOUGH! 

Once I woke up, I had to go get the kids from school.  That's one of the downfalls with having my kids in the school district I work rather than the school district I live in.  If I'm sick, I still have to get them to and from school.  I know Hubby would have gone, if I'd asked him, but I was feeling much better after my nap.  Plus, I wanted to go by the gym.

This morning, I'm feeling much better.  Even after sleeping for 3 hours yesterday, I was still able to go to bed at 9 last night and get a good night's sleep.  When I woke up this morning, I saw snow.  Yes, SNOW!! That white stuff that has been in very short supply this winter. 
At first, I was excited...then I realized there's not really enough of it to close schools... but enough to make the roads very slippery and the drive to work a living Hell.  Just the thought of driving in any amount of snow gives me the heeby geebies.  I don't like it one bit!  The last time I drove in such a small amount of snow, I was sliding through every intersection, and wasn't able to stop behind cars.  It was the most scared I've ever been behind the wheel.  I do not feel like doing that again this morning, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

So, now I better get ready... cause I want to leave a lot earlier so that I have plenty of time to drive 10mph all the way to work.  If other drivers don't like it - which they won't because snow around here brings out all the crazy drivers - they can just bite me.  I'm not going to put myself or my kids in danger. 

Till next time. ;)


  1. Yay for joining the gym. There isn't one close to me, but one 45 minutes away in Montgomery. All other gym are too expensive for me!

    I love the Biggest Loser. Which one of the past winners are coming? Or do you know yet?

    1. Don't know yet. Can't wait to find out, though!

  2. New follower here! Headaches stink!

    1. Welcome!! Love getting new followers!! Luckily, the headache is gone that's good. :)

  3. That gym sounds amazing! We pay $60/month and it doesn't sound as fancy as yours. What a great deal!


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