Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not Exactly How I Planned on Spending My Saturday...

Dear Diary...

Well, my Saturday is off to a great start.  And I say that with the most amount of sarcasm I can muster in typed words. 

I was woken up this morning at 5:30.  No biggie, it was Jelly wanting the TV put on in the living room.  Jelly often makes her way to the living room around that time every morning, if she hasn't already slept there the night before.  Nothing out of the ordinary with that - she wants the TV on so she can go back to sleep....except for the words she uttered before I waddled back to bed.  "Mommy, my belly hurts".  Hearing those words told me that trouble was brewing.  I did the usual Mommy checks:  Hand to forehead -  hmm, doesn't feel warm.  Face check - color still there.  I asked if she wanted something to drink, she didn' I went back to bed.

My suspicions were confirmed two hours later, when I heard crying.  Being awoken by crying is never a fun situation for any parent.  Your mind automatically goes in to panic mode, and you jump out of bed like a bullet, and jump over any hurdle that may be in your way to get to the sound.  Only the sound wasn't just crying...there was heaving involved with the crying.  That sound causes even more panic.  Hubby and I were both out of bed in the blink of an eye.

We found the source of the sounds coming from the kids' bathroom.  There was my poor little Jelly, standing over the toilet, puking and crying at the same time.  Mother of the Year, here, immediately thought "Thank goodness she made it to the toilet".  Hey - don't hate.  Cleaning up puke is the worst...behind cleaning up poop.  Those are two things that this Momma has a tough time with, so I felt a flittering moment of relief when I saw that I wasn't going to have to clean any bodily fluids from any soft surface. 

I stood behind her, holding her hair and rubbing her back, trying to console her.  Jelly hasn't dealt with puking in a very long time - so it's pretty scary for her.  After it was over, I got her to cleaned up, made her a comfy bed up on the couch, got her something to drink, and fetched a a precaution... to place by her side.  She's resting on the couch right now, watching cartoons. 

Here in a little while, I'll go to the store and stock up on the stomach bug necessities:  Pedialite, chicken noodle soup, and bread (for toast). 

This is one of the downfalls of working in a school.  Bringing home germs and bugs.  There's been quite the epidemic at work this week, with kids dropping like flies with stomach bugs.  Lots of kids have been absent, and just as many have been sent home after puking or running a fever.  I suppose it was inevitable that one of my kids was going to pick something up.  Just didn't expect it to the be the kid that doesn't even attend public school yet.  Then again, my poor Jelly also got chicken pox a little over a month ago from who knows where.  They didn't have any other kids with chicken pox at her daycare.

One thing I am very grateful for is the fact that Jelly handles being sick like a champ.  She usually spends the entire day sleeping on the couch or watching TV.  She's just like her momma - much rather try to sleep off any sickies than try to do anything else.

So, today, I'll spend the day taking care of my sick baby.  I'll curl up on the couch with her, watch cartoons with her, and make her as comfortable as I can.  There could be worse ways to spend my Saturday, I suppose.  I don't like it when my kids are sick, but being able to be there for them and comfort them is the silver lining to situations like this. I go.  Here's to hoping that my baby gets better very soon.

Till next time ;)


  1. Ugh - this was me last week...I pray no one else gets it in the family...take care.

  2. Hope she feels better. My autistic son hates to throw up.

  3. No hate here-that is ALWAYS my first thought upon hearing yurking-please let it be in the toilet!


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