Tuesday, January 31, 2012

True Confessions Tuesday

Dear Diary...

You want confessions?  I got confessions.  Probably more than I should, but that's what this post is for, right?  So, I'm not going to waste any time explaining that each week I write a post that dishes out all of my confessions of the previous week, or that I stole borrowed the idea from The Sisterhood, or that I'd love it if my readers did the same thing and then told me they did it so I could read their confessions and not feel so terrible about all of the stuff I spill out. 

Being that I didn't waste my time explaining any of that stuff, now I can hurry and get started...

I confess that I didn't finish cleaning out my closet last night because I totally forgot that Jelly had a dentist appointment at 4pm.  I didn't get home from that until 5pm, then had to help finish dinner, then had to eat dinner, and by the time that was all over I was done for the day.  Closet is the first thing I'm going to do when I get home today, or I'll be sleeping on the couch again.

I confess that my 4 year old is a rock star when it comes to going to the dentist.  She had to have a crown fitted on one of her teeth yesterday afternoon.  They gave her some laughing gas that made her funny and goofy.  It was hilarious to watch her crack up for no reason whatsoever.  She didn't even twitch when they gave her any of the four shots in her gums to numb them up.  She had the dentist and hygienist laughing their behinds off the whole time... which was actually pretty scary to me, because he was holding a drill in the mouth of my child!  She laid still and kept her mouth open wide while they drilled and rinsed and fitted...and she didn't whine a bit.  And she can't wait to go back to have the other one done in two weeks.  Crazy, huh?

I confess that I couldn't stick with the week of no junk food goal I set for myself last week.  But, you already knew that.  You know that I ate peanuts and candy corn just a day after making the goal, because I told you.  Well, that wasn't the worst of it.  I ate pizza on Saturday, and had a cheeseburger on Sunday when I went to play bingo.

I confess that despite my pizza and cheeseburger consuming, I have been eating pretty well.  Even the pizza and cheeseburger weren't outrageous with what I ate.  I had 2 pieces of pizza for lunch on Saturday (after eating no breakfast) and had the cheeseburger for lunch on Sunday.  My dinners each night have been healthy and I've been eating much smaller portions.  Is it enough to see a loss this week?  I don't know. That would be nice though.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  The following confession is considered by many to be a TMI confession.  It involves the talk of bowel movements.  Read with care, or just skip over it.  Your choice.

I confess that all day yesterday, I couldn't stop pooping.  Not like diarrhea or anything.  Just that each time I went to the bathroom, I had to poop.  It was awful because I HATE having to do that in a public restroom - let alone the restroom at work.  Apparently, my body was on board with my Cleaning Out My Closet post I wrote yesterday...and it decided to do some cleaning out of it's own.  Yes, I know.  That's gross.  But stuff like that doesn't happen to me, so I had to share it.  I did warn you and said you should skip over this one.

I confess that even though I've whined about not wanting to turn 30, I'm a little excited about my birthday tomorrow.  Not that it's going to be a big deal or I'm going to do anything fancy.  Just because I somehow feel this birthday to be a milestone.  30 sounds so grown up.  Being 29, I was still a girl in my twenties - carefree and wild.  After tomorrow, I'll be a sophisticated woman in my 30s.  Ah, who the heck am I kidding? Like turning 30 is going to take the carefree and wild out of me.  Psh!

I confess that, for some reason, I have this strange feeling that I'm going to feel very different when I wake up tomorrow.  Not as in feeling older or anything like that.  More of feeling like it's the day I really have to buckle down and start making the magic happen with my weight loss.  Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first one, or in the first 100) but this feeling has been there since a little before Christmas.  I haven't really said much about it, but I've got my mind focused on the fact that my 30th birthday will be the day that I magically transform into a weight losing, exercise junky, healthy eating superstar.  Now that the day is almost here, I really hope that's true.  All this time up to now, I've been telling myself that it's just a crutch I'm using to keep postponing what I've been wanting to do.  Well, now I'm only a day away, so let's all cross our fingers, toes, and anything else that's crossable that my mind finally lets me go and releases me from the barriers that have been preventing me from getting my mo-jo.

I confess that I'm, once again, nervous about this morning's weigh in for Biggest Loser and the weigh in that will take place tomorrow.  How crappy will it be to have another gain, especially on my birthday?  That would suck big time!  Although, if my previous confession is actually right and I do turn in to a weight losing, exercise junky, healthy eating superstar, it won't matter what the scale says tomorrow because it will mean that I finally start doing something about it and stop whining each week that there's another gain on the scale.  Maybe another gain will reinforce my minds decision to hold off until my birthday, and once it sees the damage it's done yet again, it will push me in to overdrive and let the barrier releasing begin immediately!

I confess that I've been so happy with the commenting that's been taking place this week around here.  After posting my opinion on the Georgia Ad Campaign, I expected some flack for it.  I got some.  Just a little.  But it was done in such a nice, courteous manner.  I want everyone to be able to express their opinions on what I say - even if they downright disagree with me - and some of my commenters this week showed that's completely possible without getting hateful.  I was also thrilled to receive a kudos on the post from the coach that works at my school.  I always forget that it's possible for people I know to read what I write - and to get a compliment on it is a very big deal to me.

I confess that the past two days at work (Friday and yesterday) made me realize how much I love working and interacting with kids.  I covered both days for the teacher that runs the computer lab.  My job consisted of greeting the kids as they came in, and then supervising them while they did their computer based learning programs.  It was silence pretty much all day long, and I about went nuts!  Yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help myself, and started walking around the room and helping kids out..regardless if they asked for help or not.  I'm just not cut out to be a watcher, I'm born to be a teacher...and teach I did!  I'm so excited to get back to being in the classrooms today and working with the kiddos, that's fo'sure!

I confess that I'm done with confessing today.  Be sure to check in tomorrow when I do a special birthday edition of Weigh-In Wednesday.  I'm not sure if there will be tears involved or not (hope for not), but you just never know with me.  I also have no idea how I'm going to make the weigh-in a special birthday edition.. but I've always got the ability to pull some tricks out of my hat.

Till next time. ;)


  1. Happy early birthday :)

    I love this post!

  2. Joanna, ha ha! Your poop comment cracks me up. I find that lots of poop is such a good sign. It means my body is cleansing itself out, which really helps.


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