Tuesday, January 17, 2012

True Confessions Tuesday

Dear Diary...

It's Tuesday, so I have to do my True Confessions.  Being that I've received several new followers this week, I'll explain.  Each Tuesday, I confess the stuff that I'm not proud of, the stuff that I am proud of, and everything else that I've been holding my tongue about.  It's a bit I call True Confessions Tuesday.  It was started at Shrinking Jeans, and I stole adopted it for my own blog.  It's just another tool that helps keep me on track to see the mistakes I may make along the way.

I confess that today got off to a HORRIBLE start.  I was awoken at 7am by Peanut.  Yes, I said awoken, as in the time I was woken up from my sleep.  7am is the time I'm usually pulling in to the parking lot at work, if I'm not there already.  I live about 35 minutes from work, when there's no traffic and I don't have to drop Jelly off at daycare.  The traffic is terrible after 7am and I did have to drop Jelly off at daycare.  I'm supposed to start work at 7:40. 

I confess that despite all of what I just said, I still managed to get to work by 7:51.  Don't ask me how, but I did.  I was only 11 minutes late for work despite getting out of bed 51 minutes before.  When you do the math, you'll notice that I managed to drive the 40 minutes in traffic, drop my child off at daycare, and get dressed in 51 minutes.  I left the house at 7:15am - which is still record time to get me and the rest of the family dressed.  I will also note that I didn't speed...too much.  A miracle took place this morning.

I confess that if you did do the math, you'll see that it was impossible for me to have taken a shower before getting ready for work.  So, yes, I confess I did not take a shower before work this morning.  It's all about priorities, people!!  That's what body spray was invented for, right?

I confess that I ate dinner at Golden Corral last night.  It was my brother's birthday, and that's the place he picked to eat his birthday dinner.  It goes without saying that I over ate.  I mean, how can you possibly eat at a place like Golden Corral and not?  Please keep your comments to yourself about eating only from the salad bar and avoiding the dessert bar.  I could have gracefully bowed out.  In fact, I tried.  I told my brother that I was pretty strapped for cash.  Apparently I'm a sucker, and so is Hubby.  Hubby offered to pay for dinner so that my brother would be happy.  My brother was happy - but I wasn't when I weighed in for Biggest Loser this morning.  

I confess that I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I had a loss when weighing in for the Biggest Loser this morning.  Even if it was only 1/2 a pound.  Let's not consider the fact that I totally cheated for my first weigh in by eating and drinking before weighing in.  When that's put in to perspective, my 1/2 a pound loss is pretty pathetic.  Even without putting that in to perspective, it's still pretty pathetic.. but I'll take any loss I can get. 

I confess that after seeing the number this morning on the scale, I fear that there will not be any money added to my Reward Jar this week.  There may be a withdrawal made, in fact. My first official weigh in may result in losing money before there's even any money in it.  How sad is that?  But, regardless of whether or not I start out in the negative... I've been known to turn things around pretty quickly when it comes to finances.  I better not be in the negative this time next week!

I confess that the Biggest Loser competition at work is going to help, I can feel it.  Hearing some of the successes this week really made me feel like a loser - and not in the good kind.  I'm the one that's heading up the competition, so I think it's only fitting that I put forth the best effort I can. 

I confess that I ordered Girl Scout Cookies today.  I know...not the brightest thing to do after what I just said about putting my best foot forward with the BL competition.  BUT, I ordered a box for Hubby, a box for the kids, and ordered the fat free lemon ones for myself.  I just have to make sure that I portion out the servings and use them as snacks instead of devouring the whole box in one sitting.  Impossible, you say?  Well, I like to take on a challenge.

I confess that I know I haven't started off this year strong.  All joking aside, I don't like making light of a situation I have created for myself.  There's no rhyme or reason why I'm not here confessing how wonderful I feel about starting off the year strong.  I am the captain in control of this aircraft.  It appears I have left the autopilot on, and need to take back control.  It's been difficult, to say the least.  I'm also not going to pretend that a magic spark has been lit and all things will change starting this very second.  I do feel that once my gym opens up, and I can start working out there each day - things will change.  Call it an experiment, if you will.  I've said a couple of times now how I feel that I always start the year off strong, and fizzle out a few months in.  This time around, I'm starting off the year weak and weary - but my strength will come...and hopefully it will lead to a strong finish.

Alright, confessions over for one week.  Nothing more to see here.  Tomorrow is my first official weigh in for the year, and while I'm expecting bad news...it will be good to get my progress (or lack thereof) in black and white.  Time for accountability!!

Till next time. ;)

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