Monday, January 16, 2012

This Is Why I Don't Like Saying I'm Going to Do Something Before I Do It

Dear Diary...

Guess who didn't get any cleaning done yesterday whatsoever?  Go ahead...guess.  Wow, how'd you guess so fast? Yes, it was me.  The person who spilled my guts on how gross my house was didn't get a single bit of cleaning done yesterday.  This is why I must learn my lesson of not saying what I'm going to do and just wait until it's done before mentioning it.  So, this morning I still have a house that looks like a tornado swept through it.

My intentions were there, I promise.  I left my computer and went straight to the living room to start cleaning.  And then this little four year year old appeared before me, with her bloodshot eyes from spending the previous 24 hours puking her guts up.   She looked at me and said in her most sweetest of voices "Mommy, will you watch a movie with me before we clean?"  I tried to fight it.  I tried to persuade her to let me do the cleaning first and then we'd watch movies... but I couldn't argue with her argument.  "You'll be cleaning for a long time.  Could we just watch the movie first and then I'll help you clean".  **Insert cute little eyelash flutter**  How could I say no to that?  She even wanted me to pick out the movie.

So, I caved.  I know.  I'm weak.  I knew in an instant that very little cleaning would get accomplished once I sat my behind on the couch snuggled up with my Jelly.  I did what I always do... I told myself that it could always get done tomorrow.  What are three day weekends for, right?

I picked out a classic.  I figured if I picked out an old movie, maybe.. just maybe..she'd lose interest pretty quick.  See, I still had hope - that counts for something, right?  I picked Bedknobs & Broomsticks.  I haven't seen that movie since I was a little girl - but it was one of my favorites.  I'd watch that movie when I was not much older than Jelly with my grandma.  Who'd have known that my child would love the movie as much as I had - but she did.  She sat and watched the whole thing.  Not only that, but as soon as it was over she wanted to watch another movie.  Sigh.

On the plus side, she told me that while I was changing out the movie, she'd clean up some of her toys.  And she did.  I took my time swapping out the movies...and she went to work picking up all of her toys and dumping them in to the playroom.  Not exactly what I'd call cleaning, but they were finally out of the living room.  The second movie on the agenda?  Mary Poppins.  She loved that movie just as much as she liked the first one.  My daughter definitely has my blood pumping through her veins, that's for sure. 

So, after Mary Poppins had flown off in to the sunset, I knew my day was shot.  It was time to start getting dinner ready, and lazing on the couch all day had taken away any motivation to clean.  I know, it's terrible... excuses, excuses.  No matter how hard I try to rid my life of them, they still know exactly when and where to rear their ugly heads.  

Today, I have no choice to get off my lazy behind.  I've got to take Butter and Jelly to the dentist and then I've got to go to Oklahoma to pick up Peanut.  She's been staying at my mom's since Friday.  Then I have to do grocery shopping.  That's one thing I haven't faltered on this year - making my meal plan in advance.  Hubby has been a huge help with that...and I credit him for doing most of the work.  He comes up with the meals, I put the stuff we need in to a list, and then I go to the store to buy it.  I'd take my part of the job versus his any day.  My focus for this week is lowering the serving sizes for everyone.

The past couple of weeks, we've been getting back in to the habit of cooking healthier meals - but the portion sizes have still been way above what they should be.  I want to focus on buying less food so that less food is prepared causing less food to be eaten.  I've done OK with my eating, but OK isn't good enough.  It's not just me I'm worried about, either.  I need to start keeping an eye on the portions the rest of the family are eating.  It's no good being on this healthy journey alone... my kids need to be on it too.  I will never restrict their eating too much, but I think preparing less food will help curb the need for them to eat second helpings - when the first helping should be plenty.  Plus, it helps me do the same. 

Have I mentioned how I can't wait for the gym to open?  Oh, I have.  Well, then I'm saying it again.  I CAN'T WAIT!  Seriously.  Despite not wanting to lift a finger to do an ounce of working out at home, the excitement that's boiling up inside over the near approaching opening of my new gym is making me excited.  This month may be a wash, I'm preparing myself for that... but who says I can't really get in to the swing of things until February?  The way I look at it, I'm getting my body back to healthy eating mode this month...and used to drinking a gazillion ounces of water each by the day I enter that gym for my first work-out, I'll be ready for it. 

Please bare with me during this time of uncertainty.  Believe me when I say that I hadn't intended on moving at the speed of an elderly turtle while getting back on to the weight loss wagon.  I have the intentions for big things this year, and the year has only just begun.  What may appear as lame ass excuses for not doing anything monumental during this time - just remember the story of that turtle, when he was in the race with the hare.  I'll get there, I just have to move at my own pace.  Please just stick with me a couple more weeks - I know without a shadow of a doubt that the waiting will be worth it.

Alright, busy day ahead.  Must go.

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Awh Joanna don't be too hard on yourself about not getting things done. As you said before, isn't it better that you start off slow and finish out the year well than starting the year on a high and faltering half way through? Take your time. The fact that you're so focused on doing better means you're already half way there!


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