Wednesday, June 19, 2013

America's Got Talent, It Is!

OK, so I've officially realized that I'm done with reality singing shows.  Or dancing shows.  Or reality shows in general.  Except for Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, because they are AWESOME.

And, one other talent show...

America's Got Talent.

As officially certain I am done with all the other talent search shows out there, I'm as certain that I absolutely LOVE AGT.

I just can't do American Idol anymore.  I didn't watch a single episode of the last season when Mariah Carey and what's her face was on it.  I was a devoted lover of American Idol since the 2nd season.  I got attached to the contestants, I voted, and I loved waiting until the following week to see how the contestants I liked were going to do.

But, once Simon and Paula left...and then JLo and Stephen Tyler came and left...I just couldn't do it anymore. 

For that reason, I didn't even give The Voice a chance when it came on.  I knew I'd get sucked in, and then everything would change, and I'd probably end up hating it.

Which is why, I'm really shocked that I'm OK with the changes that America's Got Talent has done this season.  Sharon Osbourne is gone and Heidi Klum and Mel B have taken her place.  

And don't ask me why all of a sudden I'm writing about my opinions of reality TV's just what I've got this morning.

I never watch the shows when they actually come on.  I always DVR them because it seems like it's more commercials than show.  My DVR allows me to skip right through those suckers.

Anywho, I watched last week's episode last night before going to bed.  Yes, I'm a week behind, but last week I was too tired to stay up late watching TV shows.

The only complaint that I really have about this season is that I'm not seeing enough of those really BAD auditions.  I know that sounds weird, but I absolutely LOVE the bad auditions.  I'll get to see plenty of the actual talent once the show actually starts... but until then, I want to see what crazy people think is talent when they go and try out.  Whether it be old men thinking they are like Lady Gaga, or dancers that don't have an ounce or rhythm flowing through their veins, or people who think America wants to see them eat crazy stuff or stick crazy stuff in and through their bodies.  I love that stuff... it always gives me a good laugh.

Apparently, this season, we're just going to get a few minutes per episode of the bad ones.  

Also, I noticed last night that they included a couple of really tough back stories.  

One thing that I got tired with on American Idol where what I called the "sob stories".  Those people that came from terrible childhoods, and were looking to "make it big" to prove to people that they were worth something or had something to offer the world.  I know that sounds bad... but it seemed to me that those sob story contestants weren't particular all that great.  I always felt that there stories are what influenced the judges - and America - to vote for them.

Last night, there were two really harsh stories.  A young boy who's family kicked him out on his 18th birthday because he was gay.  And another young boy who grew up with two alcoholic parents, his mother eventually leaving him after becoming a drug addict, and his father finally deciding to get sober to be the parent that he needed to be.

I have to admit, as much as I'm not a fan of the sob stories, both of these stories choked me up a little.    I mean, who on earth kicks their child out of the house at 18 just because they are gay?  Whatever happened to unconditional love of a parent?  But, don't get me started on that subject.

And you know what?  They both sang...and they sang beautifully.  

I felt my little heart strings stretch out as they were both performing their songs.  I felt the emotions.  I felt their desire to want to prove themselves.  I felt myself actually rooting for them, and getting the feeling that they were going to become my quick favorites.

I'm not a cold hearted person.  But, I've heard so many people get in front of a judge and say "I got pregnant at a young age, and have been fighting ever since to get my life on track" or "I got in to drugs and alcohol as a teenager and it took me a long time to get sober" or "I quit my job a couple of years ago to follow my dream, and that caused me to become homeless and I've been trying to get back on my feet since then".  And really, they are all sad stories... but not stories that make me buckle at the heart and root for them.  I got pregnant when I was young, yeah I know it's tough.  I don't and didn't expect people to feel sorry for me, though.  Same with the drugs and homeless stuff.  OK, I never got in to drugs, but I was homeless at a point - not because I was stupid enough to quit a job, though.  

Yes, I know I shouldn't judge or be so harsh.  It's not that I don't feel sorry for those people, I just don't think they should be judged on their singing ability because of those stories.  That's all I'm saying.

But, those two boys last night...those stories were out of their control.  AND they really didn't impact the judges decision, or didn't have to.  Both had so much talent flying out of their mouths, it wouldn't have mattered where or how they'd spent their childhoods.  They deserved to move on.

Anywho, I'm going to watch the other episode I'm missing tonight.  Don't worry, a weekly recap of my thoughts on AGT isn't going to become a regular feature here... it's just I was drawing a little blank on what to write about this morning, and this is what I came up with.

Rather than just blurting away, I probably ended up coming off sounding like a cold-hearted B word.. but it is what it is.  I guess that's what happens when I ramble.  

And anyone that knows me will either totally deny or confirm the suspicion of being a cold-hearted B word.  Hopefully deny... but, you never know.  I'm sure it's a mixed bag of opinions out there about me .. HA!

OK, I need to get ready for my day.

Later gators...


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  1. I got tired of Idol, too. And I saw that clip with the kid who got kicked out at 18 for being gay. What a voice!!! But I still won't watch the Voice. Too much other stuff to do and watch, right?


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