Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Rainy Days and Wednesdays Don't Get Me Down

It's definitely a "sit on the patio with my iPad" kinda morning this morning.  The rain is absolutely pouring down, and I've dreamed about days like this... where I can actually enjoy the rain.

This morning, out of habit, my eyes popped open with panic at the sounds of rain hitting the roof.  Not because of all the bad weather we've been having, but because I'm so used to jumping out of bed by the sound of rain to collect water from an extremely leaky roof.  It took me a few minutes to realize, I don't have to do that anymore.

While there is some lightning and thunder rolling around, there is no threat of severe weather this morning.  Just rain.  And for the first time since moving in to this house, I can sit on my covered patio and actually enjoy the calmness that rain brings - rather than panic or worry.

It's crazy to think that it's June 5th and I'm sitting outside with a blanket wrapped around me.  This time last year I was complaining about the heat, and the infestation of grasshoppers that were enjoying the dry and baron conditions.  I don't think I've even seen a grasshopper this year...and there's definitely no shortage or water falling from the skies.

I also had the best night's sleep I've had since moving in last night, too.  Yesterday, my new Egyptian sheets arrived.  They are SOOO soft and comfy.  I was able to sleep all night without waking up because of allergies or a toothache.  Not because of the sheets, just an added bonus.  I woke up refreshed, rested, and energized... minus the quick burst of panic that shot through me when my eyes opened.  I didn't even mind that it was only 7:30.  Sleeping entirely through the night gave me more continuous sleep than I've had in weeks... so seven and a half hours sleep felt like pure heaven.

Today, I'm taking the girls to my parents house to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday.  The rain will wash out the plans of kicking the kids outside to play while my mom and I catch up.. but I'm sure they'll find something to do inside.  Like fight and argue and drive each other nuts.  

Tomorrow, my mom is coming with me to the dentist to finally have the wisdom tooth pulled that's been causing me so much pain.  I need to have all 4 removed, but with the lack of dental insurance I have to take it one at a time.  I might be able to swing having two pulled, but that's my limit.  It will cost me about $200 per tooth... and that kind of expense isn't something I can throw around willy nilly.  Now that I no longer have to pay for daycare, I'll be able to up my insurance this year - finally adding dental.  Then, I'll go back and have the other two pulled.  Insurance is so freakin' expensive!  But that's another rant for another blog.  I'm in too good a mood this morning to be worrying about stuff like that.

It's been several days since my last allergy attack.  I'm thinking that I might finally be getting over that stage of the year where I have the most trouble.  I can deal with a few sneezes here and there.. and even a few tears... but the wheezing and coughing and stuffy head is for the birds.  And all that seems to be leaving me.  That's something to celebrate and be happy about.

I didn't have a chance to get out in my garden yesterday.  Mainly because it rained on and off, and because Jelly and I went out in search of a birthday gift for my niece.  After 3 hours, we didn't find what she was wanting.. so I'm hoping that I can find it this morning on my way to my parents' house.  If not, money in a card it shall be.  

I'm not sure of how much recovery time I'll need after my tooth removal tomorrow, but this weekend is supposed to be nice so I should have lots of time to start digging and planting.  I've been researching making my own fairy furniture and accessories.. so that will give me stuff to do on days when I can't be outside.  

As you can probably tell, I'm in a really good mood today.  It feels nice.  I like just being able to get on here and share good, happy things.  It may not be the most interesting read.. but it makes me feel good.

Now, however, I need to think about getting around so that we can head to my parents' house.  I want to be able to spend the entire day over there, being that I haven't really seen my parents that much since we've been out of school.  

Have a great Wednesday!


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