Friday, June 07, 2013

On the Road to Recovery

Let me start with a disclaimer right now:  If what I write today doesn't sound entirely right, or is misspelled or not grammatically perfect - like it always is - then blame it on the large doses of medication that I'm currently on.

I almost considered not writing a post today, but I know that you're all dying to know how my dentist visit went, right?

Well, not as bad as I thought.

I got there and only had to wait about 15 minutes before being called back.  They took x-rays of my teeth and then did a consultation with me.  They definitely agreed that I needed to have the wisdom tooth that was causing me so much pain removed... but also suggested the wisdom tooth above it and the tooth next to that.  I have had some pain issues with those teeth, but not near as bad as the bottom wisdom tooth.  They tallied up a total to have all 3 teeth pulled - and it was doable.  So, I told them to go for it.

While we were sitting there discussing my options, I could hear screaming coming from a nearby cubicle.  I looked to my mom in what I can only imagine as pure terror - because she immediately told me it was going to be OK and not to worry.  The nurse also noticed my instant flood of fear and decided to hook up the blood pressure machine.

Heart rate:  90
Blood pressure:  142/97


The nurse tried to get me to calm down a little... and we just talked about general stuff and both heart rate and blood pressure started to come down.

When the dentist came in, he asked my mom to leave.  I panicked again.  She's supposed to be with me the whole time so that I don't freak out and get all scared and pass out from anxiety.  Although, from the way she rushed out of the room, she either knew how much I wanted her to stay or she was getting queasy at the thought of the procedure that was about to take place.

The dentist then explained to me what he was going to do... which I could have done without.  I really didn't need to know all the gory details about how he was going to stick my gums about 80 times with a huge needle and then "pop out" my top two teeth and then cut out the lower wisdom tooth.  UGH!

He got started by sticking my gums about 80 times with a needle.  Luckily, they'd given me some numbing medicine for my gums so I didn't feel any of them... that much.  He then had to wait about 10 minutes for the medicine to numb me all up... and he and the nurse stood there chit chatting while I was wondering how much longer I was going to have to sit and wait.  Finally, it was time to begin.

I have to say, for as scared as I was, the first two teeth came out without me even realizing he'd started.  It took all of maybe 30 seconds and he said "OK, top two are out".  That really helped get rid of some of the anxiety, and I figured the last tooth would be just as easy.


I'm not going to go in to graphic detail.. but it took about 20 minutes for the whole procedure.  There was drilling and lots of cracking involved.  The cracking sounds made me nauseous even though I couldn't feel anything.

Finally it was all over and I was heading home.

Since getting home yesterday afternoon, I've done two things:  Sleep and ice my mouth.  There really isn't that much pain, and the medicine I'm on just makes me light headed and sleepy.  My mouth is a little swollen, but it's bearable.  I'm taking advantage of just laying down and relaxing.

I'm on a diet of yogurt and pudding for the next day.. at least.  It's not too bad.  I can't eat or drink anything hot... so it's cold, soft foods for me.

I have to take it easy for the next couple of days... and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Right now, in fact... being that I can feel my pain meds start to kick in.

Nighty night!


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  1. The cracking sound sucks, that was the worst for me too when I got my teeth out. Be thankful you only had 3 pulled... I had 26, at once. I hope your recovery is speedy!


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