Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Cursed!!

Yesterday just wasn't my day.  It started off just fine, but things did not seem to go my way as the day went on.

First... hottest day of the year so far.  Temps flew in to the 90s in a matter of a couple of hours.  Would be a great day to jump in the pool with the kids and cool off, right?  Wrong-O.  Of course Aunt Flo would stop by for a visit.  And, yes, I'm perfectly aware that I can swim if Aunt Flo visits by using certain feminine devices.. but I don't use them.  And now you know way too much information about me.  Aren't you happy now?

Second...After spending two grueling hours in the heat watching over the kids while they laugh and frolic around in the pool, it's time to get out and head inside for me to cool off.  I go out in to the kitchen to get something to drink, and I walk in to a puddle of water.  That's never good when the puddle is right in the middle of the floor.  Not that a pool of water is good in any place, but an actual pool... but you know what I mean.  It's not by the sink or the dishwasher, so I could rule those things out.  Hubby comes in and starts digging around only to find there's some kind of leak coming out of the bottom of the refrigerator.  Awesome.  Thankfully, he fixes it pretty quick.

And then...I'm sitting in the living room wondering why on earth I'm really not feeling like I'm cooling down.  I'm still sweating... and I should be feeling nice and relaxed after being in the house almost an hour by this point.  Not even two minutes after having that feeling, Hubby comes to inform me that our AC isn't working.



I swear, I think I have some kind of Air Conditioner Curse.  It doesn't matter what house I'm in, something ends up causing our AC to break down.

At first, I'm thinking it's no big deal.  Our AC unit is only 4 years old, so surely it's still under warranty, right? YEP.  It is.  For the parts.  The warranty doesn't cover the labor that will be involved for actually replacing whatever parts are actually broken.

And to put some icing on the cake, all of this happens at 5:28pm.  Normal service hours for the local AC repair place is 5:30pm.  A service call before 5:30 costs $82.  A service call after 5:30pm?  $123.

Could things get any worse?  My parents called and asked if we wanted to go eat dinner with them.  I jumped on the chance, being that I was sweating like a banshee and needed to get out of the house for a while.  Hubby stayed behind.  He wanted to fiddle around with the AC some more.  He was convinced that the problem was a burned out capacitor.  Which, buying the part and fixing it ourselves, would only cost about $30... had any of the part stores been open.

When I got home around 8:00pm, it had barely started to cool off outside.  The temps outside were still in the high 80s, but the temps inside the house were higher... so it was time to open up all the windows and doors to let in some air.  It was at that point I thanked all things holy that we have so many patio doors in our house.  We have four.  One on the front, two on the back, and one off of our bedroom.  Opening up all of those bad boys lets in some nice cross breezes.

We brought with us all of our fans from the old house, thankfully, so we had fans to get us through the night.  Hubby was up bright and early to get to a dealership to buy the new part for the AC.  It only cost him $27.. much better than what it would have cost had we had a repair man come fix it.

It took Hubby all of two minutes to replace the part and.......?

Wallah... we have AC again.  YAY!!

I guess I should be thankful that our problem happened on a Tuesday and not a Saturday evening.  I guess I should also be thankful that it was a small job that was easily fixable by the not-so-mechanical hands of Hubby.

That's because today is a new day!  Yesterday wasn't such a great day, but today is going to be better!

I didn't get any feedback yesterday when asking for opinions on whether or not I should dust off Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman.  So, I did anyway.  I dusted off the old blog...gave her a fancy new paint job, updated the header, and deleted the post that directed traffic to this blog.

AND... I decided not to go with the Wordpress format.  I'm going back to my original domain name... and just starting off fresh.

I've decided that I'm going to keep this blog as my day to day happenings.  Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman comes back to talk only about my weight loss efforts.

I'm excited and a little nervous about embarking on that journey once again.  What will it be like?  Will I have any success?  Will my old blogging persona come back in full force making me kick butts and take names in the process?

One can only hope.

I'm ready for my journey to begin again... I really feel like I am.  I've had a couple of years off.  It's time to jump back on the band wagon.

And, right now... it's time to start jumping...right on over to my other blog.

Come see me there!!  But don't leave here!!

Two blogs.  Two personalities.  Both the reflections and thoughts of me.

Here... The Life and Times of Jo

There... Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman

Life.  Love.  Family.  Stress.  Crazy.  Work.  Weight loss.

There's just too much of me to fit it all in one place.  It just makes sense to open up some space that's been vacant for way too long.

Here I go!!


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