Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not Exactly What I Planned...But, Still a Good Day...

OK, so my Me Day didn't exactly go as planned.  Before ever leaving the driveway, yesterday morning, for my morning walk I got a text message from my mom.  She decided she wanted to go to bingo with me.

I won't lie.  At first, I was a little...urm...not really disappointed, but kinda disappointed.  Only because I had psyched up my excitement of spending an entire day by myself.  As much as I love spending time with my mom, there's usually only one subject of conversation we tend to have - and that's about her being a foster mom.  My topics are conversation are pretty non existent.  My mom sure can talk.  HA! (Love you, Mom)

Now any other time, I have absolutely no problem with her sharing her events and transitions with having new foster kids, and/or adapting to life with foster kids that have been there for a while.  It doesn't bother me a bit.  I know that she doesn't really have any one else to talk to about that stuff, and I like being the person she talks to about it.

Just not on Me Days.

It's not like my mom just invited herself to go, though.  I actually invited her last weekend, but she told me she wouldn't be able to go.  It was then, and only then, I started to prepare and get excited about my Me Day.

After a few text messages back and forth between Mom and I, I managed to offend and upset her when I told her that I had looked forward to going by myself and didn't want to hear about foster kids.

That's not exactly how I said it, but you get the point.

My intention wasn't to upset her or deter her from going.  I actually really enjoy going to bingo with my mom... it's our "thing".  But, I was going to lay the law down for this particular trip, because it was very important to me that I got to destress and unwind.  

When I finally managed to get that point across, she was on board and agreed it would be a "foster kid free day".  

I really need to think about finding my mom some kind of hobby.  Just to find her something else to talk about.  But, I absolutely love and respect the fact that my parents chose to become foster parents - and they are great at it.  It's not surprising her conversation topics are so limited, simply because she spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week taking care of them.  Getting to play bingo with me once every couple of months are her only down times...and I'm definitely not going to be a person to take that away from her.

While my mom, bless her heart, just can't help herself... I still ended up having a great time.  The bingo games themselves sucked big time...the overall evening was an enjoyable one.  I didn't get anywhere close to winning, and my mom only got close twice.  But, we don't go just to win money... we just go for the time away from everything.  And my mom deserved a night like that just as much as I did.

Today, I do feel much better.  I feel like I got the break that I needed, and that's all that matters.

In a little while, P-Momma is coming over.  I haven't seen her in a while.  She's coming over to get Jelly  so that Jelly can spend a couple of days with her.  Jelly has been asking about it all summer break, and I told her she had to wait until summer school was over.  So, at 3:31PM on Friday afternoon (one minute after summer school was officially over), she was ready to go....and was disappointed that she had to wait a couple more days.

This morning, she's been talking my ear off because she's so excited.  Jelly absolutely adores P-Momma.  Jelly is kinda like her dad, she doesn't like being around too many people.  While she loves visiting my parent's house, there are too many kids there for her to spend too much time there without getting extremely antsy and cranky.  At P-Momma's house, there's only one child there...and it makes for a good playmate for Jelly.  

So, for the next couple of days it will just be Hubby, Butter, and me.  

Well, I better start getting ready...

Have a great Sunday!!


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