Monday, July 01, 2013

Time for Some Fun With My Boy

Well this is definitely a first, I think.  Having Butter in the house with no other children.  I don't think that's ever happened.  It's usually Peanut and Jelly or Butter and Jelly.  On a few rare occasions it's been just Peanut if the other two are off at some youth church activity... but that's usually only for a couple of hours.

For the next couple of days, it's just going to be Hubby, Me, and Butter....and possibly my youngest brother, but I'm not totally sure about that just yet.

Jelly went off to P-Momma's yesterday afternoon after she came over for a nice visit.  P-Momma's granddaughter swam with the kids for a while, and we sat and caught up on what's been going on since we last saw each other.  Then, once Jelly was done, she was ready to hit to road to "Grammy's" house.

Not long after they left, Hubby decided that we needed to head in to town to pick up a few groceries... and the new grill he's been wanting to get.  Being that the 4th is just a few days away, he wanted to get it and have time for it to be assembled before the army that is my family come over for Independence Day festivities.

Being that the weather was just BEAUTIFUL, he opted to ride his motorcycle and Butter and I followed behind in my car.

On the way, Butter asked me if we could do some stuff together while the girls were gone.  Like, for instance, go fishing.  Had it been a normal first day of July that we were going in to... I would have probably declined.  The first day of July, the weather would normally be climbing up in to the 90s, and sitting outside in that kind of heat trying to fish would not be my cup of tea.  But, being that the highs for today are barely going to reach 80.. I thought why not?

I love to fish.  It's something I grew up doing with my father, and I enjoy doing it with my children.  Hubby also loves fishing - but he's a night fisherman.  He can't stand going during the day.  I am the complete opposite and just can't sit by the lake in the pitch black dark when who knows what is flying and crawling around.

So, while we were out getting groceries, I also picked up a fishing license.  While we were there, I also got a phone call from my youngest brother... who LOVES fishing.  When I told him what Butter and I had planned, he was getting his stuff ready and on his way to meet us at the store before he even hung up the phone.  

We got the groceries and the new grill and my brother and came on home.  

Yesterday evening, I took the boys up to see the lake we'd be fishing.  They'd never seen it before because it was a hidden gem I discovered shortly after moving in to the new house.  The lake is in our town, only a couple of miles away.  It's a cooling lake for a power plant, and so the water stays around 90 degrees all year round.  In fact, when we touched the water - it felt like it had reached well above the 90 degree mark.  But, the fish love it...and from what I've heard and read it is a prime fishing location.

Right now I'm sitting here typing when I should be getting my stuff ready.  I was up at 5am, and the boys want to leave no later than 6am.  They want a good spot right on the fishing dock... which is where I want to be too.  I have no idea how many people decide to go fishing on a Monday morning, but I don't want to wait and find out either.  

Knowing my luck, the fishing dock will be full of early morning fisherman... but if so, we'll find somewhere else.  No big deal.

The point for today is to spend some quality time with my boy.  And my brother.  The three of us have a good time when we're together, and it's about time we do something Butter wants to do for a change.  It's such a rarity for me to get this quality time with him - that I want it to be enjoyable.

So... it's time to start getting lunches made and packing up the car.

What a great way to spend a Monday!


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