Friday, July 12, 2013

Chuck E. Cheese, Here We Come!

Ah, Chuck...what is it about that goofy smile and fun-loving eyes that sends kids in to absolute hysterics any time they see your face?

What do you subliminally put in to your commercials that causes children to start begging and pleading and offering years of chores and hard labor just so they can spend a few hours in your house of fun?

I don't get it.

But, apparently, I'm not supposed to.

I'm just the person that has to fork out the dough so my children can walk around trying to win tickets for prizes that I could buy them at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the cost.... but also walk out the best Mommy in the world because I took them and did that crazy stuff.

Yes, if you hadn't already guessed, today I'm taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.

Not of my own decision or doing... we're going to a party for my niece.  My mom organized the whole thing, and so there will be 20+ people all with their young children trying to keep order so not to cause  pandemonium for the little grey mouse.

I've taken my kids to Chuck E. Cheese a few times.  I worked in a school that did a few events throughout the year offering discounted prices for employees in an attempt to raise money for the school.  I always enjoyed those events because they didn't cost me too much money, and the kids were able to get their "Chuck" fix.

The sad part is, though, I'm just as bad as the kids sometimes.  Something about those stupid machines with the flashing lights enticing me to try and win hundreds of tickets... but ending up walking away with ten. I can't help myself.  And I'm 31 years old, I can't even imagine the desire and enticement coursing through the veins of my young spawn.

But, once in a while isn't so bad.  I'll go.  I'll fork out the money so that the kids can have a good time. I will walk away rolling my eyes about how awesome my children think their little rubber ball is - that cost the equivalent of $5 - knowing it will get lost in a matter of hours.  I will also walk out with my children thinking I've done something amazing for them today.  Something they've been asking to do for a long time...and I kept putting off.  

It's a small price to pay to be the hero in my children's eyes.  

I hope you picked up on the sarcasm in that statement.  It's actually a huge freakin' price to pay to be the hero in their eyes.  I better already be their hero for bringing them in to this world!

All resentment for the stupid grey mouse aside, I know it will be a fun afternoon out for them.  I'm glad that we're going.  I'm glad that they'll get to have fun while the adults are all trying to keep their sanity in check for the sake of being in public.  I actually, secretly, like doing stuff like this... but don't tell anyone.  I don't want to be kicked out of the "Parents Hate Chuck E. Cheese" club any time soon.  That's an important membership to have.

So, that's our plans for the day.  Chuck E. Cheese.  

Which I better start getting ready for.  We have to be there in less than two hours, and I haven't taken a shower or done anything but sit here and type.  

OK... here I go... going... going...




  1. I've been to arcades before but never to a chuck e cheese. Enjoy your day with the kids!

    1. It's actually a lot of fun... just can get quite expensive. But I suppose I shouldn't put a price on my kids' happiness right? LOL At least not for a once in a blue moon visit, anyhow. They all had a blast, got some crappy prizes, and walked away happy. That's worth the price, I suppose.


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