Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movies, Mall, and Miniature Golf


Yesterday was a fun day.

I got the kids out of bed - Peanut and her friend - and we got ready to head out for a day of movies, shopping, and dinner.

We went and saw This is the End.  It's a great movie.  Hilarious.  Suitable for two 13 year olds?  Probably not.. but they thought it was funny.  The worst part of the movie was the language, and being that both of the kids have heard, and probably used all of the words in the movie I wasn't too worried about it.  

Peanut is very mature, and I am one of those parents that's OK with her watching just about anything. My only rule is sex.  If it's a movie that has some pretty graphic sex scenes - it's off limits.  But, the bad language, and even references to drugs, I'm OK with.  Especially with a movie that shows how stupid drug use is - and what can happen using drugs.  And I use some pretty colorful language on occasion, so it's pretty stupid of me if I try and make her avoid movies with words she hears quite a bit coming out of my own mouth.

Anywho, I was so shocked when we got there and there wasn't a single other person in the theater.  Hubby, the two kids, and I had the entire theater to ourselves...right up until about 2 minutes before the movie started and one other guy came in.  But that was it.  Just the 5 of us watching the movie in the theater.  

Once the movie was over, we headed outside and discovered that it was raining.  Awesome.  Our plans were to head to the Promenade Mall, an outdoor mall.  But, a little rain wasn't going to stop us.  We were actually thankful that the rain clouds were overhead and blocking out the direct heat from the sun.  

We got over there and ignored the ominous storm clouds that were rolling in our direction.  Hubby and I gave the kids a few bucks, let them wander off in one direction...and we walked off in the other.  Being that I don't really shop at the Mall for anything, our time was spent basically walking around and talking.  We stopped in a few stores here and there, but it was so nice to just enjoy a nice walk and some adult conversation.  

We talked about how good our life is, and laughed about how ridiculous some of the prices were for stuff in the mall.  We both agreed that even if we were rich enough, we'd probably never shop there.  We're those kind of people that enjoy spending money on a new house, newer vehicles, smartphones, and high end internet...instead of paying $100 for a pair of jeans or $60 for a flimsy t-shirt that I'd undoubtedly stain up with something the first time I wore it.  Joking and laughing aside, we agreed that we're doing pretty well for ourselves, and have come an extremely long way from when we first got together 8 years ago.

After a while, we tracked down the kids and decided to go and eat dinner.  We opted for Chinese food.. and so that's what we ate.  The kids sat with us and we made small talk about the movie and what they'd done at the mall.  It was nice.  We also talked about what we wanted to do for the rest of the evening.

One idea that came up?

Miniature golf.

Being that the rain and storm clouds were still in their full force when we left the restaurant, we agreed that miniature golf would be a great thing to put off until tomorrow (today).  And so we just decided to head on home, get in our jammies, and watch TV for the rest of the evening while the thunder rolled and the lightening struck outside.

The kids went in to Peanut's room to continue their Harry Potter marathon they started a couple days ago, and Hubby and I started watching a new Netflix show called Orange is the New Black.  A show about a women sent to prison for 15 months over a crime she committed ten years prior.  It's actually a really good show, and we ended up watching 5 hour long episodes before we called it a night and decided to head to bed.

All in all, it was a great day.

Today?  I'm going to get in the pool for a while and then later this evening we're going to go play some miniature golf.  There's no rain forecasted for today, so we should be OK.  

I'm honestly more excited about tomorrow.  That's when my baby girl comes home.  My how I've missed her.  I've missed my evening snuggles and bedtime routine.  I've missed waking up to her smiling face.  A week is just too long to be without her.  

I know that sounds kinda one sided... what about the other child that's away, right?  And I miss him, too.  I miss him just as much, but Peanut and Butter stay away quite often.  I've gone through the worry and loneliness of them being away for many years and I'm just kinda used to it by now.

Jelly just doesn't go anywhere very often..and if she does, it's only for a night or two.  Being gone for a full week is tough on this momma.  She's my baby, and her place is at home with me.  

OK, enough of that... I'll start getting all teary eyed and blubbery.  

I need more coffee!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


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