Monday, July 08, 2013

The Forecast For Today Calls For NOTHING!

So, two days ago, I wrote about how crazy busy my days have been lately.  If I'm not taking kids out for fun adventures, I'm hosting kids or family members at my house... and that also includes picking them up and then taking them back home.  I have been feeling a lot like a shuttle service with the amount of running here, there, and everywhere that I've been doing.

Because of all of that, my "shuttle" is in dire need of an oil change and tire rotation...and that's something I need to schedule today - for tomorrow.

But today?

Believe it or not, I have a totally open and free schedule.  Not a single thing planned.  Not even the need to run to the store for anything.  Just a free day to stay in my jammies if I want to, swim around a bit in my pool, and do a whole load of nothing.

There is one thing I've scheduled in to my day, and that would be a nap.  Regardless of if I want one or not... I've put it there in my plans.  My first nap of the summer!  OK, that's not true.  It's actually my second, but the first one I've scheduled just for the fun of it rather than falling asleep mid-day because I was so exhausted.

And thankfully, I don't even have cleaning to do or laundry or any of those other "get in the way of free day" activities.  When I say Free Day, I can 100% totally mean it.

Of course, now that I'm actually sitting here and thinking about it... my mind is already starting to wrack for ideas to do.  It's really hard to tame a brain that's so used to being on overdrive most days.  If there's not something scheduled, it automatically starts thinking about stuff to do.  

If those ideas make shift in to watching movies, playing on my computer, swimming, or playing a game of something with the girls...then, that's OK with me.  That's my idea of a free day at home.  

But, I must go hide my car keys so that my brain doesn't tempt me with some place it thinks we need to go.  Because there isn't.  Not today!

These are the kinds of days that I wished I had a good book to dive in to.  I think I'll have to mosey around the free book section of my iTunes books and see what I can find.  I'm not a big fan of digital readers, but all of my books are at it will have to do.

A trip to the bookstore may have to go on the agenda at some point this summer to see if I can pick up any books that catch my eye.  My school library is always looking for new faces to join the crowd... and it will give me something to do on the few free days I better have between now and when I have to go back.

OK, so I guess there's only so much I can write about doing totally nothing.  So I will call it a day.  


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  1. I have nothing to add! LOL! Sounds like a wonderful day, Joanna! Enjoy!!!


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