Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Double Date Day

Well, the majority of the teenagers are all gone.  Only two remain...and being that they are the only two children left in the house - the difference is unbelievable.

The rest of the kids left yesterday afternoon, after we all got in the pool for a final bit of fun.  I hadn't gone in the pool the entire time they'd been here, but they drug me in for this one...and I will admit, I enjoyed it.

Once out of the pool, my sister, my brother, and my sister's boyfriend (the three other teens) were dressed and on their way home.  

Immediately, the quiet in the house was deafening.  It was like a night and day transformation.  Going from constant music and laughing and talking loudly because the music was so loud to absolute silence was a little shock to the system.

Immediately, Peanut and her friend (the two remaining teens) opted for a late afternoon nap.  I don't blame them, they'd been going pretty hard since Friday night...and I was OK with them shutting their eyes for an hour.  I didn't let them sleep too long, though, because I want to eliminate the staying up until all hours of the morning and sleeping half the day routine.

Which is how and why I came up with plans for today.

Hubby and I haven't really gotten to do anything together since school got out.  Even though my kids have been in and out since the minute school let out...it's been more like a tag-team match.  One goes in, comes back, tags another one to leave.  They haven't all been gone at the same time.  One is gone... sometimes two... but there's always been at least one left behind.

Thanks to some issues at Hubby's job, he's been home almost the entire summer with me.  He still has his job, but he's being paid to be at home - and we can't complain about that.  The extra time has been awesome, but I still like to go out and do stuff together.  Kinda hard to do when we are entertaining friends or shuffling them around with us.

Now that it's just Peanut and her friend, though, I thought it would be a great opportunity for the four of us to go out and do something together.  Best thing?  Catch a movie.  Teenagers like movies.  Adults that are looking for something to do like movies.  Win Win!

And rather than just going to catch a movie and coming straight home, I want to make a day of it.  Catch an early movie, walk around the mall, go out to dinner.  All afternoon in to the evening, just the four of us out for some fun.

The best part when it comes to having two teenagers is that I can let them loose in the movie theater while Hubby and I sit together, and I can let them loose at the mall and allow Hubby and I to walk around alone.  Almost like getting a date all to ourselves.  I might even push for them to eat at a separate table for dinner, so the experience can almost feel like a romantic dinner with my beau.

I know Peanut and her friend won't mind... I mean, come on.  Who really wants to hang out with the 'rents while at the mall or even out to dinner?

I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe once before I have to head back to work, the stars will align and all three kids can go off for a family visit somewhere at the same time.  Just so Hubby and I can enjoy a night or two completely alone.  It doesn't happen very often at all, so maybe I can get it to happen once during the three months I'm off work.  Which is actually more like two months... but who's complaining?

But, if that can't happen, then I have to be creative and come up with ideas like I have for today.  

So, we're going to get them out of bed at a reasonable hour, head off to watch a movie, and see where the day takes us.  Fun for all...hopefully.


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