Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aunt Flo Now Sends Gifts!

I'm one of those people that like funny commercials.  However, in this day and age...where most of my TV watching comes from DVRed shows that I can fast forward through commercials... I have to get my funny commercial fix online.

This morning, my friend Cathy sent me a link to a commercial that I thought was not only adorable, but completely hilarious.

Whenever I reference my "time of the month", I call it a visit from Aunt Flo.  I'm not shy about it.  I talk about her in my blog quite often.  In fact, I make her seem so real that people have actually sent me emails and comments about my Aunt Flo... thinking she was a real person.

The sad part is, I do actually have a real Aunt Flo.  I couldn't imagine what would happen if she ever started reading my blog.  She'd probably wonder what the hell she'd done to me to tick me off so bad.

That's neither here nor there... back to the funny commercial.

Well, this is a commercial made by a new company called Hello Flo.

Hello Flo is an online service that sends packages of "Aunt Flo" necessities to your door every month.. including a few extra things, like candy, to ease you through her visit.

I checked out the website.  And it's cute.  I think it's a nice idea... but when I checked out the prices, I wondered why on earth anyone would pay that kind of money for a delivery of tampons when they could go to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy three months worth for less money.

A monthly delivery of the "right amount" of supplies is $14 a month for someone with a light Flo.  Medium Flo is 16 a month.  And heavy Flo is $18 a month.  You get tampons, pads, and candy.  And however many of those things that are considered to be the "right amount".  

When I buy my Aunt Flo reinforcements... they cost me a whopping $7...and that box usually lasts two months, if not longer.  

If you think I'm making this stuff up... go to their website:  And check it out for yourself.

Speaking of, I saw a funny movie last night that had a bit that reminded me of this commercial.  It was about a young girl who was visiting her boyfriend...and Aunt Flo decided to show up for the first time ever.  Her young boyfriend, when seeing the blood, started to freak out thinking his girlfriend was dying.  Even calling 911.  His older brother ran around the kitchen frantically looking for stuff to use to "plug her up"... including sponges, bottle brushes,  a "maxi pad on a stick" which was a dust mop, and other kitchen utensils.  Then, the boys' dad walks in and starts to explain the process of having a period to his young son by telling him that the lining of her "lady organs" are falling off... causing the young boy to freak out even more.  I laughed my butt off at the whole thing.  

Thank goodness I prepared myself for my daughter's first visit from Aunt Flo.  Oh, and prepared her.

Sure, she's an evil old witch that likes to show up at the wrong times and ruin a woman's fun for a week.  Aunt Flo...not my daughter.  But, she's also a part of life.  

Why people get so bent out of shape at the mere mention of her... or having to buy stuff to take care of her I've never quite figured out.

I don't get embarrassed to walk in to a store and carry a huge box of tampons up to the cash register.  Sometimes it's even more fun to choose the line of a young guy checker.  He will almost always turn a light shade of red, and avoid eye contact.  Like at any time I'm going to discuss my Aunt Flo issues with him.  Just one time, when he asks that valuable question "Did you find everything OK" I'd like to respond with - "I couldn't find the brand I normally buy, do you think these tampons have the same absorbency as Tampax?"  And watch him pass out from either embarrassment or utter disgust that I even mentioned a period in front of him.  

I certainly wouldn't consider the need for my Aunt Flo reinforcements to be delivered to my door in a discreet box like I ordered some kind of porn toys.  I'd miss out on the whole embarrass the checker experience.

I'm also blessed with a Hubby that couldn't care less to pick up my stuff at the store if need be... cause HELLO, I don't think anyone actually thinks they are for him.    

So, yeah...I discussed Aunt Flo this morning.  Not the first time, and most definitely won't be the last.  Cute commercial.  Cute idea for a website.  But, I just don't get it.  $18 a month so that people don't have to know when Aunt Flo is visiting?  

I guess there's always a need to make a quick buck.  

But, I think I'll stick to picking up Aunt Flo supplies by myself.  With the cost of the drive and the tampons.  

If Aunt Flo wants to send me candy each month... she better come up with a much better price for it.  The thought is nice, but I don't want to have to pay out the ying yang for it.


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