Monday, July 15, 2013

And This is Another Reason Why I Teach 4th Grade

Since Friday afternoon, I've had between four and six teenagers at my house.


And, since Friday afternoon, I've spent my days feeling more like a zookeeper than a parent or caregiver.  

It's been a madhouse!

I had four of them Friday night, and then Saturday afternoon two more came to join in the fun.  The sad part is, Peanut was supposed to have a pool party on Saturday that got cancelled because most of her friends couldn't come.  I ended up with her, her friend and her friend's friend well as my brother.  Then, my sister and her boyfriend came on Saturday afternoon to come hang out with them.  Can you imagine what my life had been like had the party gone on as planned?  Geez!

I'm pretty sure I've spent half of my monthly grocery budget on feeding them these past couple of days.  They eat, and eat, and eat some more.

They've stayed up until ungodly hours playing video games and board games and listening to music.  

And while I'm normally against letting them sleep until the early hours of the afternoon... I've done it just so I can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Yes.  Having teenagers in the house is a challenge.  One that reminds me every minute why I love teaching 4th graders, and could not stand to be a teacher in the junior high or high school.  I just couldn't handle the crazy.

Of course, I know it's different having them all at my house rather than being in the classroom, but still... I can handle 20+ 10 year olds day in and day out, but after three days of being with half a dozen teenagers, I'm ready to throw in the towel and send them all home.

Thankfully, I don't have to do that... because one left yesterday and three more are leaving today.  Which only leaves one extra - besides Peanut.  Her friend is spending the week with us, and I'm totally OK with that... because I can handle that many.  Especially since my other two children are off at other houses.

I spoke to my mother this morning, who's currently without two of her children but obtained Jelly.  She told me how wonderfully quiet her house has been.  She's had three little ones (4, 5, and 5) staying with her since Friday.  One left yesterday, so she's just had Jelly and my 4 year old niece.  And a foster child - but he's older.  She told me how well behaved they've all been, how good they've played together, and how quiet it's been since my brother and sister have been with me.  

I get that.  Totally get that. 

I'm pretty sure poor Hubby has just about had enough.  He's not one to deal with large crowds, and he hasn't had much time alone these past few days.  He enjoys being able to sit outside on the patio or in the living room watching TV.  Been kinda hard to do that when there's always teenagers outside with us or in the living room with us.  But, I will admit, he's still got a smile on his face so it couldn't have been too bad... but then again, he knows they are all going home today.  So that may be the cause of the happy face.

And then there's me talking about how much I love hosting and entertaining.  I do.  Don't get me wrong.  I've loved knowing that Peanut wants her friends here and is comfortable with them all hanging out here... but even I have my limits.  And three days sways on the edge of that limit.  I think that's a pretty good amount of time to entertain a bunch of teenagers.  But, even I need a break now.  

So, I'm going to let them all sleep for a little while longer but then I'm going to be waking them all up and pushing that it's time to start thinking about heading home.  

I need my house back.

I need some alone time... some quiet time.

I need my pool.  To myself.  Or to less than 6 teenagers all splashing and diving and fooling around.

I need for dinner time to be a normal affair, and not feel like feeding time at the zoo... where every single dish in the house is dirty and meal preparations to take three times as much food as I normally prepare for a family of 5.  When I say "I prepare" I really mean Hubby... Lord knows I'm not the one cooking.  HA!

OK, the countdown has begun... pretty soon it will be life as usual again.  I can hold on a few more hours.  Maybe.  

And then I'm pretty sure I'll be spending the next 6 hours cleaning... but I'll gladly do it just to have my house back.

Have a great Monday!


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