Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kinda Sorta My Last Day of Summer Break

Technically, I don't officially go back to work until August 12th.  That's the first day my contract goes in to effect, counting my required 180 days of teaching service.

However, anyone that actually knows the myths and misconceptions about how long teachers actually work for... knows, that there are many more days that have to be put in on top of what the contract pays.

I go back "officially" on August 12th, but if I have any hope in getting my classroom organized and set up for the beginning of the school year... I have to go back a couple of weeks before that.

Like tomorrow.

I had originally planned on spending three days in my classroom this week, so that I only had to work two days next week at the professional development meetings I have to attend.  But, because I'm the worst procrastinator in the world... I booked all of my kids' check-ups this week to the doctor and dentist... so I'll be working what I can in between.

I'll be going in tomorrow morning.  To get the first glimpse of my classroom since the last day of school.  My classroom floor has been waxed, meaning I should find a pile of desks, bookshelves, and various boxes that I packed piled up in the corners.

It's my job to get everything put where it's supposed to be... and make sure the classroom is functional.  

Not just that, but going through all of my drawers, filing cabinets, and closet to make sure that I'm not starting the bad habit of hoarding stuff that I don't need... which is something just about every teacher I know does.

Will I accomplish that mission?  Probably not.  But, I'd like to think that I'd at least put in a good effort.

Tomorrow afternoon, the kids all have their dentist appointments.  Tuesday, I'll get a full day in my classroom.  Wednesday, Jelly has her wellness check at the doctor.  Thursday, I'm going out with my mom for lunch.  And Friday I'm taking Peanut and Butter to the doctor.

Meaning I'll only get a day and a half this week to get in my classroom.  Meaning I'll have to work a lot more than originally planned next week.

Oh well, I suppose I better get my behind back in to a work mentality.

I can't complain.  As much as I hear complaints about how much teachers work and don't work... I can't grumble about getting two months off for the summer.  The myth is that we get three... but count in the couple of weeks early we go back, and a couple of weeks of teaching summer school... and the number is much closer to two months instead of three.

But who's counting?

Two months, three months... being that the word "month" is associated, I'm sure as heck not going to pick at straws.

My contract requires 180 days of service.  That means that there is 185 days out of the year that I don't work.  I technically work less than half a year.  

I officially have the best job in the world.

OK, there are added days that I put in on top of those 180 days... like summer school for example.. and professional development conferences and meetings... but again, who the heck cares about that?

I'm actually really looking forward to going back and getting started.  Another new year.  Another round of new faces.  Another summer will be here before I know it because the time flies by so stinking fast.

But, right now?  I'm just going to take one day at a time.. pray I get my classroom ready to go before the first day of school...and enjoy the last few days here and there that I do have off.

Have a great Sunday!!


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