Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So Much For Coupons

Yesterday, I finally went and got the oil changed in my car.  Something I'd been planning to do for the past couple of weeks - but kept getting sidetracked on because of the crazy, busy schedule I've been keeping.

I was kinda glad I'd waited, though, because I got a coupon emailed to me for a $30 oil change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection... half off the regular price.

One thing I promised myself when I bought my new Sorento, and Hubby who was kinda worried about it, was that I would get all the maintenance done at the dealership.  I have an amazing warranty on my car, and the best way to make sure that the warranty stays in place is to make sure that the dealership is the one responsible for all the upkeep - so if anything does go wrong, there can be no back lash for where I took the car or how it was treated.

For the most part, having the service done at the dealership has been cheaper than taking it to a big chain store or a small mechanic shop.  Especially when they send me cool coupons like the one I got yesterday.

I've received a coupon each time my car needs an oil change, but never one as good as the one I got that included the tire rotation and multi-point inspection.  I knew it was about time for those things to be done, so I was singing all the way thinking I was saving $30.

Then, I get there and discover that my car is due for the 15,000 mile service and tune-up.  And the price tag on that?  $200.  Great.  Load of freaking good a coupon does me when I'm going to end up spending 3 times as much as if I didn't have the coupon.

Regardless, I love knowing that I can now afford to take care of my new car... getting regular service and maintenance.  It's probably the first car I've ever owned that hasn't gone at least 5,000 (usually closer to 8,000) miles over needing an oil change and ever had an actual tune-up.  The cars I've had in the past were lucky when they got an oil change at the big box stores.  The Mazda that Hubby now uses wasn't brand new when we bought it, but pretty darn close.  That thing needs MAJOR work... but it runs, so we're happy.  

But my Sorento?  Oh no.  It gets the full, pampering treatment.  I'm not about to let a 60,000 bumper to bumper warranty fall to the wayside because I couldn't make sure that it stayed healthy.  I also want to make sure the 100,000 mile power train warranty stays in tact... cause you never know when something might happen.

So, anywho, I agreed to the $200 service... with a big lump in my throat because I had been so darn happy about the coupon.  Thankfully, the service guy did take off the $30 I would have saved with the coupon... but I still came away spending that $200 because of taxes and stuff.

The part that gets me is the labor.  I spent $116 in labor.  The car was being worked on for less than an hour.... that's a pretty nice hourly wage if I say so myself.  I'm apparently in the wrong business.  Making $116 an hour working on a car?  I'd ship Hubby off to mechanics school if I knew that those mechanics were making that much and not being paid something like $10 an hour while the dealership bags the rest.

But, at the end of the day, I suppose $200 is a small price to pay for taking care of my car so that if something major does happen... it won't cost me a penny.

After walking away.. or should I say driving away... with my car having received a nice spa trip, Jelly and I went and ran a few errands.  It got me thinking that I need a pamper day soon.  I have a coupon for a mani/pedi that I got for Christmas that I've still yet to use.  Might be something that comes up in the near future, me thinks.  And I also wonder what's up with me and coupons, lately?

Last night, Hubby, the girls, and I went for an evening swim.  The water was beautifully refreshing, and just what we all needed.  

Today, I'm going to go pick up my brother and Butter - who's been staying at my parent's house since last week.  My brother and sister, who will come later tonight,  are going to be staying with me until Sunday because we've got some fun stuff planned over the next few days.  Tomorrow we're off to the new water park with P-Momma.  Friday we're going to Chuck E. Cheese.  Saturday, Peanut is having her first pool party, and Sunday we're taking the kids home.  Fun, fun!

Never a dull moment around this house... so don't remind me that I wrote a whole blog about getting my car serviced.  That's what happens when I do get a glimpse of a dull moment.  

My bad.


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