Thursday, July 11, 2013

Postponing and Rescheduling

At this very moment, I should be walking out the door... kids in tow... to head out to the new water park that we were going to be visiting today, and to meet up with P-Momma for a day of fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, P-Momma got called to work at the last minute, and so our plans have been delayed.

I could have gone without her.  Could have still loaded up the kids and headed over there for a day in the sun with just the kids... but it wouldn't be the same.  This was supposed to be a P-Momma day out, and without P-Momma no one wanted to go.

So, we postponed until next Friday.  

Cause my kids and I love P-Momma too much to not go with her.  The park will be open next Friday, when P-Momma can be there... and that's totally OK with us.

I totally adore the fact that the minute the kids heard that P-Momma couldn't go, they didn't want to go.  How many kids do you know that would be that way?  When we're actually at the park, I doubt that any of the kids will spend that much time with us... besides Jelly who has to so that I can supervise her.  They'll be off enjoying the slides and pools and leaving P-Momma and myself to enjoy our own quiet time.  

But, that's just how much she means to them.  Knowing that she can't be there... even if she'd just be sitting with me or swimming with me or watching the kids have a good time... is enough for them to say - No P-Momma?  No Go!

My heart grows about three sizes when something like this happens.  I'm not going to lie, there are times when my kids can all be pretty selfish or ungrateful or just think about themselves and nobody else.  Rare occasions, but they still happen.  And I honestly thought that this would be one of those times.  When they'd gotten all excited to go and find out that a key member of the party wasn't going anymore....they'd just say "oh well, we're still going right?"  But, they managed to surprise me in the best of ways.

My brother came over yesterday for the specific reason of going to the water park today.  My sister was also going to come, but had to work last night... so she was going to head over after work.  When the plans changed, my sister decided to stay home - but my brother decided he's still going to stay.  

And that's another couple of kids P-Momma can add to her fan club.

My little brother and sister.

My sister is 17 and my brother is 16.  Even though they are my siblings, P-Momma still refers to herself as "Grammy" to them.  They were invited to the park by P-Momma.  She has been a part of their lives for the past 8 years... when they were younger than my kids are now.  And they were also very quick on the money of the "if she's not going, neither are we" train.  

And it all makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

So, no water park until next Friday.  Which is fine by everyone in the household.

But, that also means I've got to come up with something else to amuse the kids with today.

They are still sleeping, because they stayed up very late playing video games.  That's fine by me.. the longer they stay in bed, the less time I have to amuse them.  

I already have an idea about what to do today.  We're going to go do some bargain hunting.  My brother loves going to pawn shops and thrift stores in search of treasures... so being that it's so hot outside, that sounds like a great plan to me.

We'll make a day of it.  Have a good time.  And see what bargains we can find.

Alright, I'm out...


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