Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Well, I Definitely Caught Something While Fishing....

After finishing my blog up yesterday morning, I was up and out the door at 6AM with Butter and my oldest brother for our fishing expedition.

We arrived at the lake, and there wasn't a soul around.  The water was calm.  The fishing dock was ours for the taking.  And the water in the lake was steaming with the mixture of warm water and cool air.  It was beautiful.

Of course, who didn't bother to take a picture?  Yeah.  Me.  I'm kicking myself right now, because the view was absolutely breathtaking.  

We unloaded all of our supplies and got set up.  The weather was amazingly cool and refreshing... and even with the sun coming up and not a cloud in the sky, it felt comfortable.

Unfortunately, the fish weren't very hungry.  We sat there for several hours just waiting and waiting.. but nada.  Butter managed to catch a tiny bass, and he also snagged another tiny bass in the gill.  Both we were able to free and set back in the water not too badly scathed.  My brother caught a tiny, baby bass too.. but only from putting his pole in the water right in front of us.  

Around 11AM, and having been out there for 5 hours, I made the suggestion that we drive over to another lake to see what the fishing was like.  The weather was still really nice, but it would take us about an hour to get there... once we got packed up and on our way.

The boys were both up for that, so we headed on over to the largest lake in my area: Beaver Lake.  Visiting Beaver Lake is like visiting the ocean to someone that hasn't been the ocean before.  Water for as far as the eyes can see, waves from all the boats, and the fragrance of fish in the air.  We found the perfect spot right on a beachy area...and started all over again.

Within a few minutes, I managed to catch....this...

Yep.  It's a little perch.  The biggest fish of the day.  And shortly after, I caught another one that was a little smaller.  The boys had no luck while we were there... a lot of that had to do with the choppy water and the large truck full of kids that showed up after an hour or so after we got there and decided to swim right where we were fishing.

I can't believe people, sometimes.  A parent shows up with his 4 children, and decides to fish and swim right on top of us.  It's not like there's 400 miles of shoreline around the lake that they could have gone... nope, they had to settle for the 50 feet of shoreline we had.

One thing I'm always very particular about whenever I go fishing is to not disturb someone that's already there.  If I fish close, I fish in the opposite direction from them.  I definitely wouldn't allow my children to swim in the same vicinity from the fear of the floating hooks.  But, apparently, it didn't bother this father one little bit.  He parked his truck right next to Butter, and proceeded to cast out right in front of where Butter was trying to fish.  I was not a happy Momma.

We all decided, after about an hour of putting up with this obnoxious father with 4 large children swimming around right on top of us, there was no chance we were going to catch anything.. and decided to call it a day.

Once we got home, we all realized that we'd caught a lot more than we bargained for.  The back of my neck and my shoulders are the darkest I've ever seen them.  My brother's arms are on the reddish side.  And Butter is now sporting a nice tan on his arms and face.  So, we at least managed to catch something... even if it was just the sun.

After dinner, we decided to go for a swim in the pool.  It felt great, except for the fact that we froze our buns off when getting out.  It seemed so weird to be swimming on the first day of July, and be complaining about how cold it was.  HA!  But, I'll take it.  This beautiful weather is exactly my cup of tea.

Today, I'm going to go pick up my little Jelly and take my brother home.  Another busy, busy day.  

But that's what the summer is all about, right?


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