Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hello Weekend!

Have I really only been working for two days?  Are you sure?  Cause it sure does feel like I've been working for days and days and days...without any rest or down time.

OK, so going back to work after being off for three weeks is rough.  Everyone told me it would be.  They told me I'd regret taking the time off, and that I'd much prefer working the first two weeks of summer school.  

They were right.  But, they were also wrong.  

I am having a hard time adjusting back into such a fast paced environment, which really isn't anything like I do during the school year.  I honestly think that it wouldn't have mattered whether I waited or not...I'd still feel as exhausted as I am now.  It's switching and changing every thirty minutes.  It's spending half the day inside and half the day outside.  I have to rush through lessons so fast, that it's enough to make my head spin.  Nothing could have prepared me for that.

And at the end of the day, I really needed those three weeks off.  I needed the time to be able to move in to our new home, unpack, get a feel for the place.  The last week of school was so stressful on me, because I was in between two houses, and just didn't have the time I needed to do what I needed to do.  Had I started teaching summer school right out of the gate, I'd be in a total frenzy by now.  There's just no way my sanity would have lasted while I taught summer school.  The break was a must for me to do what I needed to do...regardless of how hard it is now to get back in to the swing of things.

Hubby wants to get out and do something today.  I'm actually excited by that.  As nice as it would be to do nothing but lounge in the pool and lay on the couch all day, I'd much rather be out with the family having some fun.

His idea?

Possibly a game of miniature golf.  

Fitting, I suppose, being that I'm supposed to be teaching golf in the afternoons of summer school.  I'm not, I'm teaching frisbee golf, but it would be nice to at least let Jelly play.  She's been talking about playing golf non-stop for days.  I'm not really sure what's perked her interest in golf.  Hubby and I neither one care for the game..unless it's of the miniature variety.  And, we haven't spoken about miniature golf with her before.  It actually started a couple of months ago.  She saw a small golf set at Wal-Mart, and wanted it.  In fact, she asked for it each time we went in to the store...and I promised her that once we moved in to our new house, she could have a set.  Which she didn't forget about.  She asked me the very first day we moved in.

I bought her the set, but it's a little babyish for her.  The balls are so light that the slightest breeze sends them off on their own with no assistance from a club.  That bothers her.  So, now she wants a real set...why?  I don't know.  She has weird quirks, what can I say?

Of course, now I'm looking at the weather and there's a small chance for storms today.  Figures.  Maybe we should hurry up and get around so that we don't end up getting rained out from our fun in the sun.

I'm not really sure how long I can go on writing my blogs on the patio.  Yes, it's beautiful out here... birds chirping, humming birds stopping by for a quick visit, and so on... but it's also getting to the point that by 9am, it's hot as Hades out here.  And there's flies.  So. Many. Flies.  UGH!

While I'm teaching summer school it's not so bad.  At 5am, it's still really nice out here...and not so many flies.  Maybe I'll just stick to weekday posts from my iPad and weekend posts from my computer.  

OK, I've rambled on enough...time to go enjoy my Saturday.



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  1. I HATE the flies in Arkansas! I blame the chicken farms. John and Dakota went to a gathering up in Missouri last weekend, and Dakota come home marveling at the fact that there were hardly any flies!


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