Sunday, September 15, 2013

All Work and No Play...Well, Maybe a Little Play

Remember how I said that after the exhausting week I had I'd be spending my weekend relaxing, sleeping, and recharging my batteries ready to do it all over again next week?


That's what I said yesterday.  Despite still waking up at 7AM.  The plan was to laze around the house, maybe take a nap, do a few odd things here and there... but mostly just let the day pass by without too much going on.

That was the plan.

The plan also included doing a little lesson planning, entering in the last few grades that I didn't get to post on Friday, and looking for some fun ways to deliver the content that's on the agenda for next week.

For the most part, I spent the morning doing exactly what I'd planned.  Except instead of relaxing, I went for a long walk/jog.  Doesn't sound very relaxing...but it is.  And I explain why in my weight loss blog:

Yeah, I have two blogs.  In fact, this blog was the aftermath of the original Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman.. that's why, if you look back at the last couple of years worth of posts, they are all weight loss related.  Because when this baby was first born, that's what it was...a weight loss blog.  But it's not that anymore, and now there's a new Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman.  You should check it out if you don't read it already, there's some good stuff happening in my Weight Loss World.

Anywho, walk/jog.  Did that.  Enjoyed it.  Came home, took a shower.  Next thing on the agenda was to get the work out of the way that I had to do.  Except when I sat down at my computer, I couldn't find my planner.  Nor my grade book.  Nor anything else that I had packed to bring home with me on Friday.  I looked high and low for it, and then realized... it didn't come home.  I must have set it all down between walking out of the classroom and actually getting out of the classroom, and it didn't make it home with me.


Thankfully, I knew there were a couple of teachers that had planned on going in to work this weekend, so I messaged them and set up a time for me to go and pick up my stuff.  But, then I decided, instead of driving all the way to school and then straight home again - why not just do the work while I was there and not bring anything home with me?

So, yesterday afternoon around 3:30, I drove to school to get some work done.  

I sat down at my computer in my classroom ready to knock out what needed to be done, and wouldn't you know it - no internet.  Ugh! Again.  

So, instead of just calling it a wash and packing it all up and taking it straight home... I stayed in my room for a while going through some papers, preparing the handouts for the coming week, and organizing.  I didn't actually call it a night until after 6PM.

Still having to bring the work I went to do home with me.

I didn't get home until around 7PM, and the family had already eaten dinner.  I fixed a plate, and ate.  I then finished my evening off in front of the TV watching movies.  Hubby and I watched Now You See Me.  It was really good.  The end was kinda quirky, but the rest of the movie was definitely attention grabbing.

I called it a night pretty early, because getting up at 7AM and then doing what I did yesterday had taken a toll on me.  It wasn't just what I had been doing, but my allergies had been in overdrive...and my head was feeling pretty stuffy and swollen.  

This morning, I didn't wake up until after 10AM.  Now, that's what I'm talking about.  That should have been how late I slept yesterday... but it doesn't matter.  I knew I needed the sleep, and I managed to fit it in this weekend at some point.  The only downside with getting up that late on a Sunday is that it will affect my ability to go to bed early tonight.  Maybe.  We'll see.

I feel like, lately, all I've managed to talk about is the hum-drum of sleeping or lack thereof.  Anyone reading my blog must think that I lead one pretty boring life.  But, it's not.  Well, I guess that's dependent on what people consider boring versus full of adventure.  

To me, running here, there, and everywhere for games and kid stuff is fun and adventurous.  It keeps me on my toes.  It adds some difference to the monotony of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed.  Although, I do need to add some spark in to my weekends.  

I don't like the get up, sit around the house, do some work, and go to bed.  That's been the way we've spent our weekends since school started.  

In the next few weeks, I want to add some stuff to our weekends.  Maybe go to a corn maze, pick out pumpkins, do something fall-ish.  I want our weekends to be full of fun stuff, rather than just using them as time to catch up on sleep.  The kids will end up driving me insane if we spend one more weekend at home.  

Food for thought, I suppose.  I guess I can add that in to the line-up for today...research some places we can go on the weekends.  

With fall fast approaching, there's always a plethora of outdoor activities to keep us busy.  The fall craft fairs will be here soon.  The apple orchards will invite people to pick apples.  The weather will (hopefully) start to cool off enough for a picnic at a park, or maybe some hiking.  

There's stuff to do... I just have to get the gumption to go.

And I will.

But, today, it's the same old, same old.  Work.  Laundry.  Getting ready for the week ahead.

And that's all I got for today...


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