Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Well, That Was a Nice Little Scare to Add to My Night

Well, I'm starting another day...once again...with not enough sleep.  It's becoming the story of my life.  I'm convinced that in a few months, I'll be a pro at getting only 4-5 hours of sleep each night and being able to function perfectly.

But, at the moment, going on 4 1/2 hours of sleep is EXHAUSTING!!

And that's exactly how my day is going to go today, because that's all the sleep I got last night.

You'll remember that Monday night was Peanut's first volleyball game.  Thus meaning I didn't get home that night until after 9PM and didn't get in to bed until after 10PM.  So, OK, that night going to bed around 10:15 or whatever still gave me 6 hours of sleep.  Peanut doesn't have another volleyball game until tomorrow night, so I figured I'd at least have last night and tonight to get rested up.

That was until Peanut asked me if we could go and watch her boyfriend play football last night.  

At first I was against it.  I was tired and thinking about my already hectic week.  But the future lawyer (and man is she going to be good at it) plead her case that with Butter's football season starting next week, there would be no other chance for us to go and see her boyfriend play.  All of his games fall on Butter's football game nights or her volleyball game nights.  

Wanting to see some evidence, I pulled up his football schedule online and compared it to our already jam packed schedule.  She was right.  Almost.  The only time we could actually pull off watching him play would be his very last game of the season which happens the week after Butter's football season ends.  But asking Peanut to wait until the end of October to watch her beau play was like asking her to  hold her breath for 15 minutes.  She looked devastated that I would even consider such a thing.

So, reluctantly, I agreed to take her to his game.  Which meant having to shoot off the minute Peanut and Butter got back from their practices, drive an hour and and fifteen minutes (from our school in Missouri) all the way to Oklahoma, and pray that we got there in time.  

His game was supposed to start at 7PM.  We didn't get there until 7:30, but thankfully the game before ended later than originally expected, so they didn't kick off until about 7:35PM.  

Despite being a little tired, I was actually glad we got to go.  I like Peanut's boyfriend, and I know it meant a lot to him to see us sitting in the stands.  He really didn't think we'd make it in time, so it was nice to see his smile of relief when we got there.

The game was a good one.  His team got two touchdowns by the 4th quarter, with the opposing team yet to score.  Then, at the beginning of the 4th quarter, Jelly started getting a little cranky.  I was trying to deal with her when I noticed that a player on the field had been injured.  The football players had all taken a knee and Peanut and I watched to see what was going on.  Because of Jelly's problems, both Peanut and I had missed seeing what had actually happened to the player.

Looking at the players legs (all that could be seen because of the coaches surrounding the down player), my stomach did a flip.  That was Peanut's boyfriend laying on the ground.  I sat there frozen.  Finally, he was helped up by two coaches and the crowd clapped...glad that he was OK.  Yet, he wasn't OK.  It took two coaches to help him off the field, and he was limping really badly.  Paramedics were called on to the field.

I immediately told the kids to grab their stuff, and we headed down to the field to see what was going on.  We got there just as his grandmother did.  Peanut was teary eyed and looked extremely nervous.. and I knew how she felt.  

The coach explained to us and the paramedics that it was his hip that was hurt.  The paramedics talked to his grandma and suggested he be taken to the hospital for an X-ray.  Because he wasn't able to stand unassisted, and he was in a lot of pain, the paramedics didn't want to take any chances that something wasn't broken or out of place.  

His grandmother dashed off to grab her truck, and Peanut and I (and Butter and Jelly) stayed with the paramedics as he was carried off of the field to the ambulance.  His grandmother was going to drive him to the hospital.

Peanut, of course, was upset.  She wanted to go with.  I couldn't say no.  So, I let Peanut tag along with him and his grandmother in her truck, and we followed in my car.

When we got to the hospital, he was taken back for X-rays.  Thankfully, he was in good spirits and seemed to be happy and relieved that I had let Peanut go along.  While we sat in the waiting room, Peanut and her boyfriend sat holding hands...her in a chair, and him in a wheelchair.  My heart had to melt at the sight.  For kids, they sure do care about one another.  And I couldn't be more happy about her choice in a boyfriend.  He's so nice..and I know that I could not have gone home from that game without going to the hospital.  He means a lot to Peanut - and our whole family.  We've all grown to love him.

After a long wait, it was finally determined that he pulled a ligament.  Nothing major, thank goodness.  It will require two weeks of no playing football, but that's better than being out for the entire season.  His team doesn't have another game for two weeks, so he was super relieved that he should be fit to play by then.

So, quite a scare.. but good news in the end.  But, we didn't get home until 11PM.  

By the time I got Jelly to bed and Butter fed (poor guy hadn't even eaten dinner yet), it was close to midnight before I could call it a night.

And then I was up at 4:30 this morning.

I me crazy.  But, you do what you gotta do, right?

No doubt it's going to be one long day.  But tonight, I'm coming home from work, eating dinner, and then putting my behind to bed.  Hopefully around 8PM.  So I can catch up on some sleep.  It's the only night I get to, because tomorrow night I'll be traveling to Peanut's first away game.  And no doubt, once again, another night of not getting home until around 10PM.  

I guess it's about that time for me to go and wake up the children.  No doubt they'll be good and tired and cranky today.  But, early nights are in order for them tonight too!  Especially Jelly.  Thank goodness she slept from school to the game and from the hospital home last night.  She at least got a couple hours sleep before coming home and going to bed.  Let's just hope that she's not too cranky for school today.

Fingers crossed.

Have a good Wednesday!!


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