Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quickest Weekend Ever!

I can NOT believe it's Sunday already.  This weekend has flown by in the blink of an eye, and I have nothing productive to show for it.

Which would be fine, except the fact that I have a bag FULL of work to do...and only a few hours to do it.

I've spent the last couple of days talking about Peanut's heartbreak.  But, so much has been going on right along side that.  

Friday, the kids got to stay home while I attended a Writer's Workshop workshop...more about that later.

Yesterday, Peanut had a volleyball tournament.  And that's my topic for today.  Still about Peanut, but something a little more positive and fun.

We had to be there at 7:30AM, meaning leaving our house around 6:30AM, and the going in expectation was that we'd be out of there around noon.  

Going in expectation was wrong.  WAY wrong.

The tournament got underway at 8:30AM.  There were eight teams competing, and they were broken up in to two leagues.  Each league competed and then the winners from each league would play each other dependent on their final ranking.  So, the first place team from our league would play the first place team from the second league and so on.

Peanut's team played first, and the games were super exciting.  They won their first game, lost their second.  So, they finished the set with a win and a loss.  

They got a break for a set, while two other teams competed.  

Then, they were right back out on the court.  They won both games in that set.  So, their standings moved up to three wins, one loss.

Then, they had another break.  And then another set.

Unfortunately, they lost both games in that set.  Putting them on the chart with three wins and three losses.  

The team that beat them in both games hadn't lost a single game.  So that team was going to be competing for the championship against the first place team from the other league.  But, it came down to the last set of the regular games to determine who would be competing for second place.  Peanut's team ended up tying with the team that won the last set, so they looked at points.  Unfortunately, Peanut's team didn't have enough points... so the other team got the chance for the 2nd place championship game.  Which meant, Peanut's team had to compete for the last time for 3rd place.

By the time the championship games got underway, the girls were exhausted.  They'd played three games with only a few minutes break in between.  Their legs were sore, their arms were sore, and they were ready for the day to be over.

And I truly believe it was because of how tired they were which caused them to lose their championship match.  

By the time we walked out of the school, it was 2:30PM.  They had been playing ball for five hours.  No wonder they were exhausted!

One thing I was happy about was the fact that Peanut got to spend several hours NOT thinking about her break-up.  She was so nervous about people asking her questions and in turn making her get all upset explaining it.  That didn't happen.  She was able to stay focused and let the games let out some of her aggression.

Before heading home, Peanut and I decided to stop for a quick bite to eat, make a run to the grocery store, and then head on home... to sleep.  And we did.  Both of us slept for a good couple of hours once we got here.

By the time we woke up it was 6:30PM and dinner was ready...and I didn't feel like doing much of anything for the rest of the evening.  

Today, I have to go grocery shopping, do my laundry, AND get all of my plans and grading done.  It's going to be a busy, busy day.  So much for getting some rest on the weekends!

Which is why this post is so quick and to the point.  I don't really have any time to really sit and write out a whole bunch of stuff.  

Tomorrow morning, I've already decided that I'm going to share my thoughts on the workshop I attended on Friday.  That was the plan for yesterday and today, but with my lack of time... I decided to write about my crazy life instead.

And that crazy just keeps on it has to right now.  Nothing will get done while I'm sitting here... so toodles for now.


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