Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Now an Official Football Mom


Oh yeah.  That's one very proud Momma, right there.  Even though it looks more like I'm photo bombing rather than taking a proud picture with my son.  He was hot and sweaty and stinky, so I was trying to get a good picture of the both of us, without me having to rub up too much to the football uniform.

Oh, and please excuse my terrible hair in the picture.  It had rained at the beginning of the game, and my hair was flat and gross looking from it.

But, enough about me....let's talk some FOOTBALL!

Not really.  We're still totally going to talk about me, and the fact that I am one super proud Football Momma.

It's been something I've waited for since I first gave birth to my son twelve years ago.  While most dads look in to the eyes of their newborn sons and envision football jerseys, baseball bats, and basketballs... I was the Momma that did those things.

It's been a long time coming.

To be honest, I always had this inkling that Peanut was going to be sporty her whole life.  The way she is, her personality... I just kinda knew that she'd be the kid that enjoyed pretty much all extra-curricular activities, but would eventually hone in on sports.

Butter on the other hand?  I wasn't so sure.  Not at all because I doubted his sporting ability, but I just thought he'd never really find a desire to play competitive wasn't really his nature, regardless of how much I was told by people that he'd be great at it.

And finally, he's realized that he's great at it...and has taken to football with everything he's got.

My little Butter is the center for the B team.  His grade has two football teams, just like Peanut.  Because the teams are made up with kids from the entire district, and it gives many more boys the opportunity to play.  Being that it's his first year playing, he was placed on the B team...and was totally fine with that.

I sat through the first game.  The opposing team were strong and came out victorious with a 36-0 score against us.

Then it was my Butter's team up.  And within a first few minutes?  Their first touchdown.  I haven't yelled that much in a long time.  It was such a great feeling to know that it meant so much for him to have his team score...and regardless of the outcome, they could all rest easy knowing they had some numbers up on the score board.

The entire game was awesome.  Butter was the only center through the entire game, and after he hiked the ball, he stayed on a GIANT opposing player.  I was amazed at how well Butter held back a player that towered over him.  

The opposing team scored, and then we scored, and then the opposing team scored again...and made their two point conversion.  Giving them a two point lead, which ended up giving them the win at the end of the game.  Butter's team may have lost, but they did us mighty proud on that field.

Here's a few pics from the night...

Butter the first time he takes the field...

Butter immediately after the game...


Butter and Momma...


I tell ya what, this school year has been totally different thanks to football.  

It started out kinda rough.  He got in to some trouble in a couple of his classes.  He received his first report card, and it had an F on it hidden among the rest being C's..  And I did what any concerned Football Momma would do...went straight to his coach.

I'm lucky enough to work with Butter's head football coach.  The coaches for the various sports are selected from the coaches from the district, and I'm lucky enough that the football coach for the Junior High is from my school.

He's a great guy...a guy that Butter both respects and likes.  Two qualities that are rarely heard from Butter about a teacher.  

Due to Butter's...urm... "struggles" that he's had in school, he's a little skeptical when it comes to building relationships with teachers.  He likes the teachers at our school, but he still holds a lot of doubt that they like him back.

The same can not be said about his coach.  That's one guy Brayden REALLY likes, and will basically do whatever he asks Butter to do.

A lot of that has to do with the way his coach treats him.  His coach gives him motivation, a focus, and doesn't ever show any doubt in Butter's abilities.  And the proof is definitely in the pudding on how much his coach impacts him.

I went and saw his coach when the "issues" were taking place with Butter in some of his classes and with his F... which is a quick death sentence in the ability to play in football games.

Within one week, I kid you not, Butter had fixed the issues with the classes and brought home a new report card... this time with all A's and one B.  The B came from the class that one week before had been an F.

Yesterday, I find out that Butter has also been selected to be a member of a committee being put together by the school counselor that's focused on anti-bullying strategies.  The letter I received told me that Butter had been selected due to his "leadership qualities".  Two words I never expected any school faculty to use when describing Butter.  

Butter has always been a follower.  He likes to please others, usually at the cost of getting himself in to trouble.  But, since playing football, he's turned that all around.  He is starting to step up more as being a leader and taking initiative to avoid situations that could get him in to trouble.

Last week, he actually stood up to a boy that was picking on another boy.  Butter thought it might get him in to trouble, but when he's coach reassured him that he'd done the right thing... it filled Butter with pride, and again, reinforced the changes that Butter's making within himself.

Football season may be over in October, but with his football coach being right there in the school with us - I'm filled with hope that Butter is reinventing himself this year.  He's going to leave all of his troubles in his past, and live up to the potential that he has.

And that makes for one SUPER proud Momma.

It goes to show that school sports really can have a much great affect on a student than just exercise.  It can shape them both physically AND mentally.  And it's just what my Butter needed.  

I couldn't be any more grateful of the coach.  He has really had an amazing affect on my boy...and I owe him a lot for it.

I wish I could keep going with my pride and support, but it's time for me to get ready for work.  

Have an Awesome Wednesday!

Till next time...



  1. Yay for your son! But too funny about your hair. Because I was looking at the photo, thinking how pretty you are, how great you are looking, and then I read your apology for your hair! Ha ha ha! We women are crazy sometimes, aren't we???

    1. Awww, Cathy, thank you!! It's funny, I looked at the pictures and thought I actually looked pretty good, but earlier that day my hair had been all curly and stuff. I was kinda wishing my hair was still cute..LOL

      You're right, though, we are so crazy sometimes!

      Thanks for the wonderful compliments. :)


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