Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Just A Quick One...

I only have a few minutes before it's time to go get ready for another fun-filled day in the classroom.

But, it wouldn't feel right if I went off without writing something here.  What can I say?  I'm a woman of habit.  I've had worse habits...have worse habits...writing on my blog is one that I can live with.

Yesterday was a good day back.  My kids all worked hard all day long, and I managed to get a few kids on the computer to try out the new programs I'm going to be using with them.

The kiddos were all excited when I told them about the website resources they'll now be using.  The thought of getting on the computer to play games - even educational games - was a big highlight for them.  Many of them never really have the opportunity to get on to a computer for fun stuff, so they'll take just about anything they can get.  

I even managed to talk to a couple of the kids who are really feeling the stress that 4th grade brings, especially when they are a couple grade levels behind.  It was heart melting to see the hope in their eyes, and I felt such appreciation that I had taken the time to find resources for them to use.  

One of my girls actually told me that she was so happy I was her teacher.  She told me that even though she was really nervous when she first learned I'd be her teacher, she was really happy now.  That she was certain that she was going to learn how to read like a 4th grader, and "do the stuff the other kids are doing".  *Insert tears and pulled heart strings*

Several of the kids thought it would be some form of reward system, and I noticed an immediate change in behaviors in the classroom.  Kids were offering to help me with stuff, they were sitting silently  and reading when finished with work, and were really making an effort to impress me.  There were obvious signs of relief when I made the announcement that the computer learning wasn't a reward.  That each child would have their turn throughout the week.  Learning wasn't a reward I offered for good behavior, it was a reward they gave themselves by just doing the work I asked them to do.  Yeah, I actually said that.

Jelly also seemed to have a better day, yesterday, too.  

There were still a few tears when it was time to get on the bus.  I didn't help that situation when I reminded her that I had to do car duty, and that Peanut was going to have to stand with her while she waited to get on the bus.  In the end, though, it probably helped more than it hurt.  By my not being there right by her side, she didn't cry as much.  Peanut told me that she got a little tearful, but got on the bus without a fight.  

When Jelly got back to the school yesterday afternoon, she was happy and bouncing off the walls.  She told me she had a good day.  She had even eaten more of her lunch.  She had taken her Piggy with her that morning, and left it in my classroom.  Jelly was happy to see Piggy, and spent the rest of the time with me carting that thing around showing it off to everyone.

Jelly opened up and told me about some of the problems she's facing when she goes to school.  She admitted she's scared.  She admitted that she wants to love school and sometimes doesn't like it, and her words told me that she's at least trying to make it through the struggles.  Jelly told me that she LOVES her teacher...that's always a plus for a child that's having doubts about going to school.  She told me about a boy in her class that gets on her nerves.  He doesn't do what he's supposed to, and that makes Jelly mad.  Again, another good thing.  She's focusing on doing what she's asked to do, and doesn't like it when someone isn't.  

I just have to realize that it's been a long time since I sent a child off to kindergarten.  So much has changed since then.  And she's my last baby to go off to school.  All those feelings cause more worry and doubt on my end.  But, I'm convinced that this will soon pass.  She'll get used to it.  She'll come out on the other side just loving every minute of it, and basking in the new knowledge she's gaining.

Alright, my time is up.  Gotta run.

Here's to another AWESOME day!!


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