Monday, September 02, 2013

Thank You, Labor Day!

It sure feels good to be sitting out on my patio at 9:30 on a Monday morning.  It's been three whole weeks since I've got to feel this feeling... just long enough to almost forget how good it feels.

I'm kidding.  Not really.  I've only been back to work for three weeks, why on earth would I be so excited about a day off already?

Because the first three weeks back to work are the most stressful, exhausting days of the school year - that's why.  Having a day off three weeks in is for teachers' sanities.  To reinforce and recharge their energy...and to remind them that every start of the year is like this, and we made it through.  And here's an extra day off to celebrate.

And that's actually the point of Labor Day, isn't it?  For workers to celebrate the contribution to the labor force, and be rewarded for their hard work.

Three weeks after a two month break or not.  It's well deserved and needed.

I'm celebrating, today, by working.  Not all day, just a little.  I have some plans to write up, some new websites I need to check out and put in to place, and I need to go through all of my grade cards and make sure I've got everything entered.  

No biggie.

Stuff I do pretty much every weekend.  Despite spending two hours at school, after school, each and every's amazing how much stuff I don't get done.  And it always feels nice to sit at my own computer in my own house to do some of that stuff.

It takes about an hour or two to get it all done...and that leaves plenty of other time for rest and relaxation and play.

Yesterday, Butter went to go stay with my parents for the night, Peanut is once again staying with her friend, so right now it's just Jelly, Hubby and I at home.  We three decided to go and do some shopping yesterday.  Our great adventure consisted of driving to another county to visit the Sam's Club there...instead of the one that's located closest to us. Rebels, aren't we?

I don't know why, but every now and then I like a change.  I end up going to the same big box stores.. but I like going to different ones in different towns.  The outside of the Sam's in the other county is a lot more fancy looking, but when we walked inside - it looked exactly the same as "our" Sam's.

Kind of a let down... but we did get a bulk of our shopping done not a wasted trip.

Jelly had a great time.  They had tons of sample stands set up, and Jelly loves trying all of the food being prepared.  She basically got to eat lunch out of sample sized containers and off of small paper plates.  She had a half of a mini burrito, a rib with pasta salad (not a slither of a rib, and actual rib), a chunk of bratwurst, and a quarter of a egg, sausage, and cheese muffin.  I also bought her a new giant pig.  It's 3 1/2 feet tall, and has pink stripes.  Jelly had her choice of several different types of animals - but she wanted pink.  The pig was the only pink animal, so "Piggy" was welcomed in to our family.

Despite the thing being only less than a foot shorter than Jelly, she carried that thing around everywhere.  She took it in to Walmart with her.  She carried it around the house all last night.  She even had me tuck both her and Piggy in to them both hugs and kisses.  This morning, Piggy is sitting right next to Jelly in the living room watching her play video games.

It's been great to see Jelly so happy.  

This morning, Hubby went outside to get the pool cleaned up ready for some Labor Day swimming... and found an assortment of wildlife that had decided to start their own Labor Day celebrations.  

One thing being a full sized vole.

This is the second vole that has decided to take a little dip in the pool. And it's not the vole in the picture.  I just happened to find that pic online.  Hubby would never scoop a critter out with his hands... gloves or no gloves.  The first vole we found was a baby, shortly after we moved in, and unfortunately it didn't realize how deep the water actually was and drowned.  The one we found this morning, however, seemed to be quite the adept swimmer...and made it out pretty unscathed once Hubby fished it out - with the pool net.

The giant tarantula looking spider sitting on the bottom of the pool, however?  UGH!!

If it wasn't already dead, it would be.  Spiders in the pool are a big no-no.  Spiders anywhere are a big no-no.  If they choose to end their lives by jumping in to my pool, that's A-OK with me...once less giant spider I have to worry about in the world.  

It's really amazing how many animals we've fished out of our pool since we've lived here.  Voles, turtles, frogs, giant spiders, and even a poor bunny that must of taken a dip while we weren't looking...and was discovered drowned.  WHILE THE KIDS WERE SWIMMING!!  The kids got in one night, after dark, and thought it was a big leaf or turtle.  It took Peanut of all three seconds to jump out of the pool in horror when she discovered what it actually was.

Apparently no one has sent the animal kingdom a memo explaining the purpose of the fence that's built around the pool.  Or that once they jump in to a giant body of water, that's incased in concrete and tile, the chances of survival fall drastically.  

Except the turtles and frogs, of course.  They are always alive and kicking when they are discovered.  

How on earth did I get to talking about the animals in our pool? 

Oh yes, we are hoping to do some swimming today.  Once it's cleaned out...again.  

Other than that, a pretty lazy day.  I have to go and collect Peanut and Butter later this afternoon.  And do some laundry.  And I should probably vacuum and dust the living room at some point.

Regardless of how much I actually do or don't do today, I've had an awesome, relaxing weekend.  I feel like I am recharged and ready to jump back in to my classroom leaving all the new year worries behind.  I've had three weeks to get to know my kids, get a taste of the levels and skills I'll be working with, and now it's time to start creating the fun and adventurous ways that I can teach them everything they need to learn in 4th grade.  

And just think... in no time it'll be Halloween!  And then Thanksgiving.  Oh, and then Christmas!!

Must.  Stay.  Focused.  On.  Now.

Now?  I'm going to get my work done.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!!


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