Monday, September 23, 2013

Ready for Another Crazy Busy Week

Today kicks off the beginning of a short week.  Not for me... but for the kiddos.  On Friday, they won't be going to school.  I will be, and I'll be spending the day at a Professional Development Workshop.

Before I can think about getting to Friday, though, I have to think about getting through the rest of the hurdles standing in my way.

Tonight, it's an away volleyball game.  Tomorrow it's a home football game.  Thursday it's a home volleyball game.

So, three of the four school nights... I'll be traveling to games, and getting home super late.  

Awesome, right?

This week I also have afternoon car duty, which means I will have to figure out a way to get all of my stuff ready to go before I head out to do it.  In order to make it to Peanut's game tonight, I will have to leave the school by 4PM.  Sometimes car duty doesn't get over until 3:45PM.  It will be quite the mad dash to get everything packed up and out the I don't end up arriving late to Peanut's game and have her mad at me for the rest of the night.  Tomorrow night, I volunteered to work the ticket counter at the football game, so I have to be there by 4:30PM.  Luckily, Thursday, I don't have to be there until that gives me at least a little time to pack up before I head out.

I was really hoping that after my restful weekend, this week wouldn't be too much of a challenge.  That was until I went to bed at 10PM last night, and couldn't sleep.  I drifted in and out of sleep until midnight, and then again until 2AM.  Then I was awake for almost an hour...and drifted back again for another 30 minutes.  I looked at the clock again at 3:56AM.  My alarm goes off at 4:30AM.  And wouldn't you know, that last time I looked at the clock was when I actually went to sleep.  When the alarm did wake me up at 4:30, I hit the snooze button several times.

And the sad thing was, the not being able to sleep was my own fault.  I thought it was a smart idea to drink a cup of coffee at 9PM.  It was getting pretty chilly outside, and I thought a nice cup of vanilla caramel coffee on the porch would be a nice way to relax by myself before bed time.

A few months ago, a cup of coffee right before bed would NEVER have kept me awake.  In fact, I drank about a pot of coffee each and every morning, and during Fall and Winter I would drink another pot of coffee in the evenings.  But, when I started losing weight again a couple of months ago, I cut my coffee intake down to one cup a morning during the week and two cups on the weekend.  I've now cut the caffeine down so much, that it's started to affect me if I drink it any other time but right when I get up.  

Lesson more coffee before bed for me!

So, now I get to head in to this week sluggish and sleep deprived.  Which I should really be getting used to, because it's how I've spent the last couple of weeks.

I really don't have much more to write about this morning.  My mind is kinda fuzzy...and I don't want to sit here and just keep rambling on for nothing.

Have a good Monday, everyone!!


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  1. I take massage and long drive at every weekend. Both makes me full relax. For the instant relaxation I will prefer coffee.

    Kopi Luwak


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