Friday, September 13, 2013

Never Been More Happy About Seeing Friday


I know that I've celebrated it being Friday many, MANY times, but I don't think I've ever been more happy for this day to come this time around.

This has been one CRAZY week, and how I'm not on the verge of being comatose and hooked up to a caffeine IV is beyond me.  

It has been the longest week, and the last time I went this long with hardly any sleep was back when I was in college spending all my time studying and working on homework.  

Each and every night this week, I've gotten about 4-5 hours of sleep.  Some sleep is better than no sleep, but 4-5 hours a night for four nights in a row catches up with me REAL quick.  

Monday, first volleyball game.  Home around 9PM.  Showers, dinner, bedtime stories, down time for me, and in bed around 11PM.  

Tuesday, Peanut's boyfriend's football game in Oklahoma.  Trip to ER because he got injured.  Home after 11PM.  Quickly shoving all kids in bed, grabbing a quick bite to eat, and in bed around midnight.

Wednesday, trip to Oklahoma to pick up injured boyfriend so he can spend a few days with Peanut.  And then trip to Walmart to buy food for volleyball team.  Home around 9:30PM.  Showers, bedtime stories, down time for me, and in bed around 11:30PM.

Last night, first away volleyball game.  Home around 9PM.  Showers, bedtime stories, down time for me, and in bed around 10:30PM.

I get up at 4:30AM each and every morning.  It takes me about 30 minutes to go to sleep, because I usually put the TV on and watch it for a few minutes before passing out.  So, Monday...5 hours of sleep.  Tuesday...4 hours of sleep.  Wednesday...4 1/2 hours.  Last night.. 6 hours, because there was absolutely NO TV, and I passed out almost immediately.

No wonder I'm so freakin' tired!

Especially since I'm the person that (on normal work nights) is in bed by 9PM so I can get a good, solid 7 hours of sleep in each night.  This week, I'm off of that mark by almost 9 hours..meaning, I'm lacking about 9 hours of sleep that I'm used to getting.


Thankfully, I have absolutely NOTHING planned after school today...except waiting for the kids to get back from practice.  I should be home around 7PM, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if I'm passed out on the couch by 8PM.  

And I'm pretty mad about the game I went to last night.  Hubby brought Peanut's boyfriend to me after school yesterday (after boyfriend had spend the day with Hubby while we were all at school) so that he would get a chance to see Peanut play.  We dashed off so that we could be there in time to see her play.  Peanut had called me ahead of time to tell me that they would be playing at the high school of the particular town they were playing.  We get there, and then a person at the high school tells me that the girls are actually playing at the middle school - all the way across town.  We dash over to the middle school.  Only to find out that, in fact, the middle school is hosting the 7th grade teams and that the 8th graders are, indeed, playing at the high school - in the Jr. High gym which is located at the other end of the high school.

I was a hot, blazing mess of angry by this time.  

We ended up arriving to Peanut's game - after finally finding the right place - 30 minutes late..and only getting to see Peanut play for about 5 minutes.  

Talk about one ticked off Momma.

And, of course, Peanut was devastated.  It was the one and only chance her boyfriend would be able to see her play, and he only got a tiny glimpse of what she can do on a volleyball court.  

Unfortunately, Peanut's team lost.  By quite a bit, this time.  So, it was like salt on Peanut's wounds.  Thankfully, she was over being mad at me by the time the second set of games were over (the B team, that she doesn't play for).  And, she just appreciated the fact that her boyfriend was there and then we all went and had dinner together.

OK, that's just about it for me today.  I'm hoping that I can come up with something a bit better to talk about this weekend than just my lack of sleep woes.  Especially since I have no intention of getting out of bed tomorrow morning until I wake up.  Which may be early afternoon for all I know.  That's how tired I feel..I could probably sleep all day tomorrow.  

But, lack of sleep or not, I love being able to be there for my kiddos..and their significant others.  I'd do the same stuff every single week if I have to.  Which I basically will have to do until the end of October.  But, by then, I'll probably be used to the lack of sleep and won't have to whine about it so much.


Have a Great Friday!!


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