Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Great Wednesday and a Very Busy Thursday

I'm dragging this morning.  I just didn't want to get out of bed, and I'm lucky I woke up only twenty minutes after my alarm went off to find that I'd turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.  Had my internal clock not been working, that could have turned out very bad for me.  And, I was having such a nice dream, too.

I'm so tired because I didn't get home until 10PM last night, due to being in class.  It was a great class, though.  I found out that I'd worried WAY too much about my homework assignments that were due, and that I'll never have to stress that much again about the homework.  I also realized that if I don't want to be in class until 9:30, I'm going to have to not talk so much.  But, dang I enjoy the conversations that we have.

Discussing school issues is fun.  I mean, really fun.  I've already learned so much about some of the issues revolving around the public school system, and it's extremely interesting to learn so much about them. I know that some of my classmates are probably thinking, "Dang, will she stop talking so we can get out of here", but I just can't help myself.  It's something about myself that just happens.  I'm a talker.  A discusser.  I like to share my ideas, my thoughts, and my vents.

Last night, we discussed some of the article reviews we'd written, we shared our first group presentations, and we learned about some of the legislation and controversy that's currently out there about school choice, religion in schools, standards based grading, teacher unions, and equality rules.  

I had a lot of fun, and I feel so relieved to know that I only have to write an article review by next class.  That's the only homework I have, and I know that's totally doable because I managed to finish up all the homework I was worrying so much about and got it all turned in last night.  

Being that I got home so late last night, it would be nice to come home this evening and have an early night.  But, no such luck.  Instead I'll be going to a meeting after school and then getting in the car to drive to Butter's first football game...which happens to be an away game.  That means there's a good chance we won't get home until about 11PM.  His game probably won't even start until after 7PM, they'll play for a little over an hour, and we might be lucky if we're heading home by 9:30PM.  The town where he's playing is about an hour and a half from my house.  

Thankfully, I'll just have to get through tomorrow with being so exhausted and then I can catch up on some of my sleep.

Today is also September 11th, so I have to try and fit in some time to discuss this very important day.  It gets tougher and tougher each year, because the kids I teach weren't alive in 2001.  Heck, Peanut was only a little over a year old, and Butter was only 5 months old back when it actually happened.  But, it is very important for the kids to know the significance of Sept. 11th...even if we don't discuss it in great detail.  I don't like to discuss it in great detail because even though it's been 13 years since it happened, it makes me a little teary eyed thinking about that day.  I remember and will always remember what I was doing on September 11th, 2001 and will forever remember the images that scrolled across the news screens for weeks after.  

I choose not to show the video from that day in my classroom, and instead I show the BrainPop video about this day.  I know some people don't agree with my way of doing it, but I really don't think I need to show the graphic images from that day to a group of nine and ten year olds.  I do think it's important to teach about the events of that day, what terrorism is, and how a country came together after a massive tragedy.  

OK, time for another great day in the classroom, and for an evening of watching some football.  The high for today is only 75 degrees, so it should be a BEAUTIFUL day.

Have a great Thursday, everyone... and if you can, take the time to reflect on the events from 13 years ago and how far our country has come since that tragic day.


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