Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Very Own Mini-Concert

Last night, I decided to go out for a night on the town.  I needed a break.  Some me time.  And, I figured the best way to get some of that is to go to a place where no kids are allowed...the little karaoke bar I go to every now and then.

That little bar is the only place I've ever felt comfortable doing karaoke.  The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is there to have a good time, and nobody cares if it sounds terrible.  Which has been the case for a few times of me getting on that stage.  Despite often cringing at the some of the sounds that come out of my mouth, I have always received a warm reception.  I won't call myself a "regular" but there are a couple of people there that I've gotten to know, and it's just a place I enjoy being.

So, anyways, last night I decided I was in need of some karaoke time.  

When I first got there, the place was pretty empty.  It took me a while to feel a little more relaxed, but that happened once my friend showed up.  And then I was comfortable enough to get up and sing.  The first song I sang was inside, and it went well.  After that, we decided to head out on to the patio.. where there was also karaoke going on.  It was pretty empty outside, with a few people sitting at tables.  Nobody had signed up to sing, so I took the plunge and went up there.  

I have never sang karaoke outside, before.  There were people walking behind the fence of the patio, and it just felt weird knowing that there were people listening outside the perimeter of the bar.  I started out with some Norah Jones.  I have never sang one of her songs before, but after I sang I wondered why I hadn't.  I nailed it.  I think so, anyway...and so did the people that were listening.  It felt amazing, and I really enjoyed it.

After me, my friend got up there.  But, there was nobody to go after that, so I went up there again... and then again...and for the next hour, my friend and I were rotating and I was up every other song.  I felt like I was performing my own little mini-concert.  People were coming in from the street to listen, and people started to fill up the patio area.  I won't lie.  I felt pretty darned great.  

I spent the rest of the evening doing that.  More and more people started to flood in, so my rotation got a little less frequent.  I didn't mind, I sang more songs last night than I think I ever have all the times I've been combined.  Everyone was having a great time, and so was I.  I enjoyed listening to others sing, I enjoyed getting compliments from the people that were listening to me, and I enjoyed just laughing and talking to the people that were coming in.  

All in all, I had such a fantastic time.  And it really helped relieve some stress and enjoy some of my down time, that I probably won't see again for quite a while.  

Today, I'm going to enjoy some more of my free weekend by taking the kids to see P-Momma.  We haven't seen her in a few weeks, and the kids start to miss their Grammy if they don't see her for a while.  And I start missing her, too.  I'll have to take my work with me, so that I can get something done this weekend, but I'm sure she won't mind.

Which I better get to getting if we want to spend some quality time over there.  It's another beautiful day, so we better make the most of it.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!!


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