Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm Falling in Love


There are some signs that give away when someone is falling in love.  Goofy smile?  Check!  Pep to your step?  Check!  Positive outlook on everything?  Check!  Butterflies in the stomach whenever you're face to face with your new love? Check!  Telling everyone and anyone you meet how much you're in love?  Check!

Yep.  I've got it alright.  The love bug.  It's infecting me hard and fast...and just like I've been telling everyone else about it, I now think it's time I tell all of you.

I'm in love.  Madly, truly, deeply in love.



Oh yes...there's a new beau in town, and his name is Fall!

I just hope it's the real deal, and he's not messing with my head and my heart.  I hope these past couple of days haven't been a big tease, and that his feelings are mutual.  I hope he plans on sticking around and swaying me with his cool hugs and crisp, chilly kisses.  I have been thinking about him non-stop, and wanting to spend every waking minute in his presence.  And, he's making me one happy girl.

I never thought I'd fall in love so quickly.  I mean, just three days ago, I was fighting with Summer about his heat.  Complaining about the 90+ degree weather...and then BAM!  My new hero swoops in and sweeps me off my feet with his cooler temperatures and strong, breezy arms.  

I'm in LOVE, I tell ya.. and I want everyone to know.  

I have waited several months to feel this elated feeling, and I feel bad that I had to end my short relationship with Summer.  I mean, it hasn't been all bad.  Summer was a good companion, for the most part.  He wasn't too crazy, hot this year.  He didn't flex his powerful, hot muscles too many times... but he flexed them enough to make me know that I was tired of sweating my behind off, and ready for something cooler.  A little less intense.  And sure, Summer does provide a lot of fun.  He's a fun guy to hang out with...we got to play in the pool a few times, he accompanied me to theme parks and water parks.  He kept himself in check while I enjoyed outdoor activities during my time off work... but then he had to go and get all mad when I went back to work.  He decided to blast me with temps close to 100 degrees.  He caused me to have to keep my students inside because it was too hot to play outside.  I don't do well with jealousy, and Summer was just too jealous that I had to go back to work and end the fun we were having.

Fall is so much different.  The type of fun I can have with Fall is so much more up my alley.  Going out together for walks around the park, sitting out on the patio wrapped up in a light blanket enjoying a hot cup of coffee, going to football games, fall carnivals, Halloween festivities, and then there's Thanksgiving.  

Plus, I LOVE getting all dressed up for him.  I can bring out my boots, my cute scarves, and my sweaters.  My fall wardrobe is my favorite.  I have so many cute outfits that I can wear.  The weather can still be warm enough, now and then, to wear some capris... but can be cool enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt with a colorful scarf.  

I am so happy, and I have Fall to thank for it.  Stresses of work and school were bringing me down, but it didn't take long for Fall to turn my frown upside down.  The last couple of days, my stresses have started to melt away and I have this feeling inside that no matter what stresses are thrown my way, I can face them.

All joking aside, I really have felt a lot happier these past couple of days.  There's a lot going on at work, there's a lot going on with the kids, and there's a lot going on with me going back to school.. but since the weather cooled down, I haven't felt near as stressed out.  My students have made comments the past couple of days about how happy I've been, and they've enjoyed the change in my mood.  We've had a lot of fun, and they are different when I act that way.  They work harder, they try harder, and they want to keep me happy.  But, sometimes they don't realize that they do make me happy.. I love being with them, and I love my job.

Sure, I can get cranky.  Sure, I can lecture and complain.  But, at the end of the day, I love each and every one of them as if they were my own children, and I have their best interests at heart.  I push them, I have high expectations, and I want them to succeed.  

It's weird that a change in the weather can have such a drastic impact on my mood, but I have never claimed to love hot weather.  It does make me cranky and uncomfortable when it's 90 degrees outside... but I am so happy and carefree when it's only 65 degrees outside.  

The temps for the next week seem to support that Fall is, indeed, moving in.  I am ecstatic about that.  I'm ready to start packing away all the summer clothes, and dusting off my fall/winter wardrobe.  Time to get out my boots, my sweaters, and my scarves.  

Fall and I make a good couple, we compliment each other.  He makes me happy.  So, I plan on enjoying our time together.. making the most of it.  

Everyone enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Saturday.  I know I will.


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