Monday, September 15, 2014

What a Great Weekend!

There aren't very many Monday mornings that I wake up and feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle my week.  That's usually because I've spent my weekend running here, there and everywhere or I've been up to my eyeballs in work.  But, that didn't happen this weekend.  The whole weekend was spent having fun, relaxing, and still getting mostly everything done that I needed to get done.

Friday night, I had a very early night.  I was exhausted.  What with not getting home from school until 9:30PM on Wednesday and not getting home from the football game until 10:30PM on Thursday, I needed some sleep.  I think I was asleep by 8PM, and I slept all the way through to 9AM on Saturday morning.

Saturday, we got the grocery shopping out of the way.  We made our bi-monthly trip to Sam's to stock up on the stuff we need.  Then we went to Walmart so that we could get the small stuff we don't buy in bulk.  We also had to pick up a pair of khakis for Butter, so he has them to wear on his football game days.  I needed a neon shirt for spirit week, so I picked up one while I was there, too.  

Saturday night, I had my awesome karaoke night.  Even though I didn't get home until really late, I was able to sleep in yesterday until after 10AM.  That felt nice.  I don't get to sleep in that late very often.

I got to take the kids over to see P-Momma, yesterday.  We had a lot to catch up on, and we had a great visit.  We shared everything that had been going on in our lives, and she was genuinely interested in hearing how I was doing, the kids were doing, and how life back to school had been for all of us. Even though we were there for several hours, it felt like no time at all.  I was sad when we had to leave, and so were the kids.  But, we had to get home for dinner and get ready for our week ahead.

Last night, I did the last bit of grading I needed to get done, entered the grades in to the system, and wrote out my week's lesson plans.  I got all that done and still managed to be in bed around 9:30.  Because I had slept so late that morning, I had a hard time going straight to sleep, so I watched a bit of TV and ended up drifting off pretty quickly.  

I got to sleep with the doors and windows open last night, and I always sleep so well when there's fresh air getting in.  It's raining at the moment, and it feels so nice outside.  There's a coolness to the air but not enough to require a blanket.  Nice sitting on the patio with my coffee weather, though.  

Now that the air is cooling down, P-Momma and I spoke about me starting up my crocheting again.  I'll hopefully do that pretty soon, to get a head start on making some winter apparel for people.  It's a little hard when I've got so much going on in the evenings, but I want to at least start getting my stuff out and seeing what I can come up with.  

It really was a great weekend.  The next few weekends won't be near as relaxing.  Next Saturday, I have another football game to work.  That will mean being gone practically all day and not getting home until really late.  That will be after a crazy, busy week.  Wednesday I have class, Thursday Butter has a football game, and Friday is homecoming.  All three will mean late nights home.  Saturday, Peanut and I will be up and out to spend the day at the University of Arkansas working in a concession stand for the football game, and probably won't get home until around midnight. So maybe, just maybe, I can sleep late on Sunday to try and catch up on some sleep before I spend all day doing grocery shopping, laundry, and getting in the work I need to get done.  

It makes me tired just thinking about it.  But, thankfully I had this weekend to relax and mentally prepare. 

This week is Spirit Week at school.  Today is Neon Day, and so we'll be dressing up in anything and everything neon.  I don't really own a lot of neon stuff, so I bought a neon yellow shirt this weekend.  Tomorrow is Hippie vs. Hillbilly day.  I don't own ANYTHING that would be considered "hillbilly", so I'm going to dig out my tie-dye dress, throw on a big headband, and call it hippie-like.  Wednesday, I have no idea what I'm going to do because it's Disney Day.  We're supposed to dress up like our favorite Disney character.  Being that my favorite is Simba, I'm not really sure I'll be able to pull that one off... but I'm sure I'll figure something out to dress up like a Disney character.  Thursday is Western Day, and I don't really have any Western clothes.  Once again, I'm gonna have to get creative.  Then, Friday is Spirit Day and we just have to deck ourselves out in our school colors.  Now, that one I can do cause I have TONS of school t-shirts.  I'm pretty sure I bought a Homecoming t-shirt, too, so I'll have that to wear at the game.

It'll be a fun week, I'm sure.  I have always enjoyed spirit weeks, but I do miss the simpler days of Crazy Hair, Crazy Socks, Mis-Matched Day, and other days that didn't require as much work in figuring out stuff to wear.  I much prefer the spirit themes that can be done with stuff I already own.  But, I do what I gotta do.  

Right now, what I gotta do is get ready for work.

Have an awesome Monday, everyone!!   


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