Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Trying to Get Back to Normal


My first day back to work, yesterday was good.  Unfortunately, the building got struck by lightning during the night, so we were without internet, intercom, and I was without computers for most of the day.  It made me realize how much technology I rely on to run my classroom.  I use my SmartBoard pretty much all day, so it was hard to teach without having that visual up on the board to use with the kiddos.

But, I got through it, and it was a good day of learning.  

The rainy weather we had all day made me kinda sleepy and daydreamy pretty much all day.  Even though I'd gotten a good night sleep the night before, I was still felt pretty tired from the long trip home.  Which is why I probably fell asleep around 8PM last night.  It's amazing how exhausting a trip like that can be, and it wasn't physical exhaustion... I'm pretty sure of that.

You guys like my photo from today?  Saw that last night, and just had to have it.  Not really sure how I can connect it to my blog post, but it's a good message nonetheless.  It also just happens to be my most favorite song in the whole wide world.  Metallica is awesome... love them.  And I guess I can relate it to how I've been feeling these past 24 hours.  No matter how far away we are from the people we care about, they are always in our hearts, and nothing else matters.

So true.

I waited a little late this morning to start writing my blog, because I was scrolling through old Facebook messages and stuff.  It's amazing how sucked in I can get to stuff like that.  I think I'll spend a few minutes on Facebook, and then 45 minutes has flown by before I even realize it.  But, it's OK, I still have about five more minutes to get some stuff down.

I don't have class tonight.  So, I don't have to stay at school until 9:30PM.  That's actually pretty good for me, because I didn't finish my homework.  My intent was to get all my homework finished on the weekends, but I was kinda preoccupied this past weekend so that never happened.  This weekend, though, I'll make sure I get all caught up and ready for next week.  

This Saturday will be another busy day.  I get to work at the University of Arkansas home game (Go Razorbacks!!).  It's a fundraiser for Peanut's show choir.  Tomorrow night, we have another booster meeting and I need to remember to make sure that I'm not supposed to be working a game on the weekend we are going back to Tennessee.  

My kiddos at school were all fascinated that I got to go so far away in such a short amount of time.  Many of them have taken trips to Mexico, but those trips usually take a few days.  For them to hear that I went to a different state in a matter of a couple of days is mind blowing to them.  

Well, I guess I should probably wrap it up for today.  Not much to talk about, really.  My mind is still full, my heart is still hurting, and my thoughts are in a different place.  Usually, that makes for perfect writing mode... but I need to get all this situated and put myself back in to the real world.  Stat.  Can't walk around in a bubble forever.  I have kids depending on me to be in the classroom with them, not wandering off in to La La Land.

OK, everyone have a great Wednesday.  


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