Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burst Into Summer Week 2 Weigh-In/Update

Burst Into Summer Challenge

It's the second week of the Burst into Summer Challenge hosted by The Sisterhood.  I've been very determined about this challenge since hearing about it a couple of weeks ago.

I have three other awesome team mates...supposed to be four, but haven't heard from one of them.  They have been giving me encouragement and support...and I really like the "team spirit" that's building from this challenge. 

Yesterday, I did my confession post and let out some of the confessions about my past week...and my slight lack of "team dedication".  I hadn't worked out as much as I'd like, I hadn't participated in the first boot camp, I had even seen a gain on the scale....all true, and all had to be gotten off my chest.

There's something about doing those confession posts that always make me feel better.  They give me a swift kick in the rear to fix I'm not confessing the same thing week after week.

After writing my post yesterday, I did a 30 minute work-out with my Supreme 90 was Ultimate Ball.  The whole work-out was on my stability ball.  I made the mistake of not inflating it all the way (cause blowing the dang thing up with a hand pump is a work-out in it's self!!).  I paid for that mistake....I was in pain by the time it was all over. 

Then, I decided to do the parts of the boot camp that I knew how to do.  I still can't get the videos to load... I found out my modem is on it's way out, a new one should be here today, so hopefully by tonight - I'll be back on track.  Holy Cheese Balls!!  This morning, I'm feeling it.  My hips are sore, my arms are sore...and I feel FANTASTIC!!

I'm also happy with what I saw on the scale this morning.  Yesterday morning, I stood on the scale and saw 215.6 - a 1.8lbs gain since my last weigh-in.  I was so scared I was going to have to report a gain this morning.  Well, the weight loss gods were apparently happy with my confessions...cause they rewarded me with a second chance this are the results...

Challenge Start Weight: 214.8lbs
Today's Weight:  214lbs

Loss of 0.8lbs

OK, so it's not huge loss... but by golly, it's a loss - and I'll take it!!

This week's mini-challenge was to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water...and that I did for the most part.  There were a couple of days - mostly this weekend - where I could have drunk more... but the rest of the days I was chugging between 60-80ozs of water.

Today is my "rest day" for Supreme 90 Day - but it's the 2nd session of boot camp.  I had originally intended to do the boot camp Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday this week... but if my modem is here today, and I can watch the videos, I will be out doing the second session tonight.  Even if it's not here - I will be out tonight doing what I can.

Today, I'm going to be pretty laid back (until tonight).  I'm going to be reading about everyone elses experience with the first week, catching up on responding to my commenters, and later I have to take Jelly to Wal-Mart to buy her a "work-out ball". 

Jelly has been my work-out partner every day...and for a 3 year old, she's a dang good motivator. She wasn't happy yesterday when Momma got to work-out on a cool ball, and she didn't have one.  I swear, I have a personal trainer in the making with her.  She has already informed me this morning that she wants to do Yoga...and who am I to deprive her of something like that??

Alright - time to get busy....what are your plans for today?
Till next time. ;)
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  1. I guess I signed up too late for the challenge as I haven't heard back from anyone, but that's ok. I'm so glad you're enjoying it and that it's working for you!!

  2. Congrats on the loss this week. You are doing great. The bootcamp has my hips sore too but I will do day 2 later this afternoon.

    You are off to a wonderful start.

  3. I love that Jelly is your new workout partner. You are teaching her something that will stick with her the rest of her life.

    Congrats on the loss! Any loss is a good one in my book. Here's to next week seeing even more weight gone!

  4. Great post with a great update! You have quite the personal trainer! She will learn by your example and those healthy lessons will stick with her. How fun for you both! Keep up the great work!


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