Monday, June 20, 2011

Time to Get Ripped!!

The day has finally come for Shrinking Jeans Boot Camp to start.  Am I excited?? Oh, you have no idea. 

I have been longing to go back to boot camp since I did it last year... but just didn't have the funds.  Now, the amazing gals (and guys..sorry, Sean) have given us members of Shrinking Jeans the opportunity to get boot camp FOR FREE!!

The boot camp work-outs have been put together by certified fitness professional, Wende Leuba.  It is going to focus on Bursting...which is doing intervals of exercise.  It sounds very similar to the camp I did last year.  There will be sprints, followed by circuit type exercises... lunges, push-ups, squats, plank extensions...whew, I'm getting tired just writing about it.  All the memories of the circuits I used to do in boot camp are coming back to me...YAY!!

Due to the sprinting that's involved, I'm going to be replacing my evening jogs with boot camp.

When I did boot camp last year, I lost 4% body fat, and lost 1/2 - 1" off every part of my body.  That was just doing the boot camp 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

Those are good results - but I've decided that this time... I'm going to up the ante.  Yes, call me crazy.  I may be.

Yesterday, I bought Supreme 90 Day.  I heard about it from Kat's Blog after she did a review of it.  In her first 30 days of using the system, she lost 8lbs and 2.6% body fat. 

What is Supreme 90 Day?  Well, it's a set of 10 DVDs that offer an array of target focus areas.  The set comes with a 90 day plan, showing you which DVD to use on what day.  You just need some hand weights and a stability ball.

I decided to give it a go as a supplement to boot camp.  Then, I realized, it's going to be like doing 2 different boot camps... but I'm ready for the challenge.  If it works out to be too much..then I'll back off a little.

I am going to be reviewing the system here each week.  Each Monday, I will post my review of the week's work-outs.  I'm going to measure myself today - and then post updated results every 30 days.

Starting today, here's my line-up for the next 7 days:

Monday (today):  Chest/Back
Tuesday:  Ultimate Ball (stability ball I'm assuming)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday:  Tabata Inferno (have no idea what that is.. but sounds scary)
Friday:  Shoulders/ Arms
Saturday:  Cardio Challenge
Sunday:  Legs

So, as you can see...quite the array of target areas.

The program also comes with a 90 day nutrition guide.  I'm going to use it as a "guide" but not stick to it entirely.  I'm going to stick with my BodyBugg recommendations on calorie intake, but break my meals up more.  I'm going to work on eating 5-6 times a day, but maintaining the calorie specifications BodyBugg gives me.  I will also be adding more protein - like protein smoothies -  due to the muscle work I'll be doing.

Alright.  Ready for the starting measurements?  Okie dokie...

Neck:  14"
Bicep:  15.5"
Forearm:  11"
Waist:  40"
Hips:  47.5"
Thigh:  25"
Calf:  17"

I'm hoping that with 6 weeks of boot camp and 90 days of Supreme...I should be able to make a nice indention on those numbers.

I'm so tired of being stuck at this weight....and the fact that my body just isn't changing.  I'm running the same distance I was running a year ago.  I'm running the same speed.  I'm performing...well, the same.  I want muscles, strength, endurance, stamina....I want to be athletic!!  I know, in order to get those things, I have to work for that's exactly what I'm a gonna do!!

Alright...time to get to movin' and groovin'

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Good luck with your regimen! It sounds like you are going to be completely RIPPED by the end of it :) Look forward to hear about your results.

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. I just checked out the Shrinking Jeans Boot Camp and am interested in doing this also! My biggest hold-up is I don't want anyone to see me run. It's not a pretty sight! LOL! I will be watching you to see how you are doing!

  3. you are pushing it to the limit! Good job...I can't wait to see your results!


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