Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Can't Contain It...

I know I've already posted today - but I just can't help it...I need to get some things off my chest.

Don't worry - this is NOT a rant.  In fact, it's the complete opposite. 

Yesterday, I posted how I felt different waking up...recharged, the old me had finally found her way back.  I even mentioned that I wanted to strength train - who am I??

Well, I kept my word, dusted off my 30 Day Shred...and got to doing a 20 minute work-out full of strength training, cardio, and ab work.  I was so proud when I was finished.  I didn't start off, then stand through most of the exercise catching my breath.  I did EVERY exercise - and I felt great after.

I also said yesterday that I wanted to start Yoga again....well, guess what?  I kept my word about that, too!!

I got up this morning.  I had a cup of coffee.  I wrote my BYOC post, then Jelly and I did a Yoga routine.  One of these days, I'm gonna get Hubby to video tape her doing Yoga with me...the kid is a natural!!  I was able to do the Tree and the Eagle pose with hear me?? WITH EASE!! It was easy!!  I didn't wobble around like a weeble wobbler - I was strong, firm, balanced. 

After Yoga, I felt refreshed.  I had my breakfast, and my body was wanting more...not food...more working out.  So, it was back to the living room to do Day 2 of the Shred. 

Yesterday, I used 3lb hand weights - and realized that those were too easy.  Today, I upped it to using 5lb hand weights.  Not as easy, but I was still able to do all of the exercises...and I'm feeling a little burn in my shoulders and arms...exactly what I want to feel!!

My sweaty ass should have gone straight to the shower after my work-out... but I had to stop here, first.  It's not very often that I get to brag on myself, so I wanted to do it.  As I'm sitting here, typing, I really want to go and run this evening.  Can you believe this??

Yes.  Me.  The person who a week ago was having to force herself to go out for a run is now sitting here after doing Yoga and The Shred....and still wanting more.  Un. Be. Leave. Able.

Now, I have to get my sweaty ass in the shower cause I'm heading to my mom's for the afternoon.  I'm babysitting my niece this weekend - she's 2.  Having two toddlers in the house should keep me busy - but that doesn't mean I'm not going to work-out.  Nope, I'm gonna have these kiddos working out with me. HA!! I just hope Hubby is OK with me ditching leaving the kids with him while I go and run this evening - and tomorrow and Sunday morning.

I wonder if I'll be up for early morning run followed by Yoga when I get home?? 

OK, seriously...who am I?  I don't know - but I like it.  I hope she's here to stay... we're going to do great things together.

Till next time ;)
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  1. Way to have a ridiculously positive spirit. I'll admit, I've been in a slump all day and reading about your wonderful morning has helped turn it around. If you've already gotten two workouts in and have plans for this weekend, well then, I can probably get off my butt and do something great too.

    I hope this bright, beautiful you is here to stay :)

  2. You are you - kicking ass and taking names! I love it!

  3. You rock girl!! Keep it up!

  4. That's awesome and you deserve to brag about yourself!

  5. Way to go! Hope you aren't too sore after! I love the run tracker - just adding it to my blog!


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