Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not the Best Choices... But I'm OK With It

Yesterday was a...well...weird day. 

It started off like it always does... me sitting in front of the computer.

Then, Jelly wanted to go out - and I have to say, the poor kid has been stuck in the house all week.  It's only fair I find something to do that gets her out for a while.  However, it was 90 degrees outside.  Where could I go that wasn't too hot, where she could play, and burn off some energy?

Well, the McDonald's Playplace of course.

I know - who takes their kid to McDonald's to burn off some energy?  I do!!  They are the genius people that came up with putting an awesome playground inside their restaurant - in the AC!!

So, we took off to McDonald's.  Of course, we have to eat while we're there.  I opted for chicken nuggets.  No, not the best choice - but not the worst either.  After enjoying lunch, Jelly wanted some ice-cream....and McDonald's now has a Rolo McFlurry. 

Now, Rolos have been one of my favorite chocolate candies since I was little.  I love them.  I decided one little splurge wouldn't kill me - so Jelly and I had a Rolo McFlurry for our after lunch treat.  It was delicious!!  I loved it - and I didn't feel guilty that I had it.

While Jelly was playing, I got a call from a friend.. post ice-cream.  She asked if she could take us all out for dinner that night.  No special reason - kind of a Father's Day/ Birthday/ Mother's Day celebration catch-up all rolled into one.  Who can say no to the offer of dinner?? Not I.

So, later that evening, the whole family took off to Mama Fu's for dinner.  Now, I could have opted for a brown rice/protein dish. Is that what I did?  No.  I went with a Thai Basil noodle bowl.  That's after having a beef curry roll and calamari for appetizers.  Yes - I ate way too much.

Now, why am I spilling this all out? It's not Tuesday - not time for my confessions.

I'm getting it out there for be accountable.  Two?  Because I don't feel bad or guilty about it at all.  I've done really well the past couple of weeks with my food and exercise...and water.  I had water with dinner last night.  It was a one day thing - not the beginning of a downward spiral of binging and bad eating.  I enjoyed the food, I didn't worry about what the scale was going to say.... I just realized that once in a while, it's OK to have something that's not that healthy for you.

Of course, I noticed a gain on the scale this morning - but I expected it.  I'm OK with that, too.  It wasn't outrageous... but enough to say "OK, you enjoyed your day yesterday... now it's back to reality". 

In other news...I got a very unexpected call yesterday afternoon.  A girl I graduated from college with called.  She got a teaching job at a private school, and I found that out a few weeks ago...that's not why she was calling.  She was calling to tell me that her school was looking for another teacher...a 3rd grade teacher (my dream grade).  She was out with one of the teachers she was going to work with...they got to talking about the kind of teacher the principle wanted to hire for the new position...and my name got mentioned.

She called me to tell me to apply for it.  I tried calling the school - got a message that the school was closed for the summer. CRAP!!  I tried to call my friend back - no answer.  DOUBLE CRAP!!  I decide to call the school back and leave a message.....only, this time, someone answers!!  It was the assistant principle, and she just happened to stop off at the school and decided to answer the phone. 

Long story short - had a nice conversation with the assistant principle, she took my information, and told me she'd talk to the principle.  Ten minutes later, the principle calls and asks if I can interview today at 10am.  I, of course, said ABSOLUTELY!!

So, I have an interview in a little over an hour and a half.  It's a private school - a Catholic school, actually.  Now, I'm not Catholic... but this is the first religious private school I've found that doesn't require religious teachers.  They teach religion as a subject - but by a religious teacher.  I'd be responsible for teaching the normal Arkansas standards. 

I'm excited.  I'm nervous.  I'll be posting later, I'm sure.  Everyone say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed for me - M'Kay??

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Very excited that you're going to interview this morning!!!! You'll do great!

  2. Annoying, girly, excited, squeaky noises coming from my. I am very excited for you and have all my fingers and toes crossed.

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    Michelle - I have those same noices coming from me... thought it was indigestion.. LOL

  4. Awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed for your during your interview.

    And that's the right attitude to have about your day yesterday! No one can deprive themselves from food they love forever, just gotta make sure it doesn't turn into a food coma, and it sounds like you have. :)

    And OH MY GOSH! ROLO McFlurry? I should not have read that, now I cannot think of anything else.

  5. How did the interview go?!? I'm excited for you!!


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