Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Burst Into Summer Week 3 - Weigh In

Burst Into Summer Challenge

I've been dreading this day since getting back from my camping trip. 

As much as I loved my first camping adventure - I hated getting back to reality knowing how many mistakes I had made since being away. 

I almost had a heart attack when I stepped on the scale Monday morning to see just how much damage I had done.  Still a little swollen from dehydration - I waited for the numbers to roll...and then a number popped up that almost caused me to lose my balance.  The number looking back at me was 220.2lbs.

I freaked.  Not even a week before I weighed 214lbs.  Now because of some bad food choices, and not drinking water...I had gained 6lbs.  I knew the number was somewhat flawed -  but it was a terrible disappointment all the same.

Since Monday, I've tried to correct some of my mistakes.  I've been drinking TONS of water.  Cup after cup after cup.  I didn't work out Monday because I was swollen and felt I was exhausted from the trip.

Last night, I went for a run.  I ran a mile, and then decided to do sprint bursts.  Those things wear me out...but I love them.  It was great to feel the air whip my face as I gave the sprint everything I had.  I ended up doing eight 15 second sprint bursts with a 1 minute cool down in between.  I tried to sprint for 30 seconds... but I just haven't gotten there yet.

This morning, I was super nervous about my weigh in.  I knew I was going to have a gain - but was it still going to be around 6lbs?  Luckily, it wasn't... but it's still a pretty bad gain.

Starting weight:  214.8lbs
Last weigh-in:  214lbs
Weight this week:  217.6lbs

I've gained 3.6lbs.

I'm a little upset and disappointed - of course.  That kind of gain in a week is NOT good.  Any gain isn't good... but over 3lbs?  Not good at all.

On a positive note, the mini-challenge for this week was to eat breakfast every day.  I can say that I did that.  In fact, I'm getting into the habit of eating breakfast... because I know how important it is.

Today, I'm going to my mom's for the night.  I plan on doing boot camp this evening while I'm there - because I can jump in the pool right after I'm finished.  It's going to be a hot mo'fo tonight!!

I chalk this whole week up as a learning experience.  I knew how important it was to drink plenty of water - and I let it slip by me at one of the most crucial times to stay hydrated.  I used the "I'm on vacation" spill to excuse the bad food choices I was making...even though there were preventions I could have taken to make sure I didn't over do it. 

Getting a little gross - I now also know that going 2 days without doing #2 can really mess up your system.  I've been having "issues" since getting back....and I still haven't cleaned out all of the pipes yet.  Yeah, I know...that's gross and you don't want to hear about it - but it's the truth.

I know I made some serious mistakes.  I learned the hard way.  The only thing I can do about it, now, is to learn from it all - and make damn sure I don't do anything like that again.  I just have to pick up from here and do my best to try and get those numbers back down in the coming weeks.

The good thing is, it's only the second weigh in.  There's still 9 weeks left to go...I still have time to make my team-mates proud, bust my booty, and make myself proud. 

Here's to the next 9 weeks being much better!!

Till next time.  ;)
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  1. I hate those weigh-ins :( It sucks big time to come back from vacay and know you gained.

    BUT, that number is not realistic. I sincerely doubt you overate 12000+ calories last week, which is what a 3 lb gain would be.

    So keep chugging that water mama! And when you are back on your regular schedule, you'll see 214 in no time! :)

  2. Weigh-in's after a vacation always seem to be rough. Here's to a new week and getting back on track.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much water affects our bodies and our overall weight? Crazy! The water also affects the "pipes" quite a bit and drinking more will definitely help you in that area... as will increasing your veggies.

    Good for you that you have taken notice and have committed to make change... You can do it!

  4. Joanna! I had the EXACT same week! We were on vacation, came home bloated and a little dehydrated to an EIGHT POUND GAIN yesterday morning. For real. It made me want to cry. This morning, after boatloads of water and healthy eating yesterday, I was only up 2.8 pounds. But still. It sucks.

    We'll get there!!! We can do this!

  5. Good job getting back on the wagon! It's tough after a vacation but you have your plan set to drop those 3 pounds and more!


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