Friday, June 24, 2011

Time to Bring Some Crazy...BYOC!!

It's Friday.  That means only one thing for my blogging time... some BYOC (Bring Your Own Crazy).  I've been waiting anxiously for Draz to post the questions...and it's finally time to get 'er done!!

Again, this week, I'm adding my own try and keep with the whole "weight loss thing"... all the other questions are what Draz posted this morning.  Feel free to link up and share on your own blog...I love getting to know people better.  Here we go...

1. What’s your favorite room in your house?

Hands down, my favorite room is my office.  Maybe it's because it's a "kid free zone" and there are no toys to fall over or step on.  Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by all of my teaching stuff- and it makes me feel like there is hope that I will soon be able to transfer it all to my own classroom.  Maybe it's because it's the one place I can sit and think...share my thoughts, connect to friends.  I just love my office, and can (and have) spend hours and hours in here and be totally comfortable.

2. Picture question (or describe if you don't have a camera). Show us a pic of your current favorite earrings!

I actually don't have my ears pierced, so I can't participate in this question.  I have had my ears pierced twice in my life - and both times ended up with horrible infections and me just deciding it's not worth the hassle. 

I am only able to wear "real gold" earrings.  I don't like the way gold jewelry looks on me..never have, never will.  Silver, or any other material, gives me an allergic reaction in my ears.  My ears are the worst... but I've also discovered that when I wear steel (belt buckles, mostly) I break out in nasty hives.  The only piece of jewelry I wear is my engagement ring - it's silver.  I love silver.  I occasionally wear necklaces... but not very often.  Jewelry just isn't my "thing".  Now, give me a pair of heels or a purse...and... you are talking!!

3. What’s your dress code at work? If you stay at home and went back to work outside the home, what dress code would you prefer?

Right now, I'm at my dress code is jammies all day long!!!

Once I start working, I'm hopefully going to be teaching, so the dress code will be "business casual".  I will wear dresses and slacks.  I like wearing comfy button up shirts.  Fridays I will probably wear jeans.  I have to say, I'd much rather wear a comfy dress than jeans - any day. 

Before losing the weight - I NEVER wore dresses.  I love them now, and I'm not sure why.  I don't wear tight dresses - I prefer the "flowy" summer type dresses.

I actually like dressing up a little for work - and stripping my clothes off the minute I walk through my front door.  It helps keep the separation from work and home.  To me, there's just nothing better than coming home after a long day and changing into some jammies.

4. (New question)  Most of the people that read my blog are on some form of weight loss journey.  What is your favorite healthy treat?  Do you incorporate a "cheat day" into your plan that allows you not to worry about what you eat?

Let me start off by saying that I didn't pick this question to start any controversy.  I chose it because, lately, I've been reading A LOT of blogs - and I'm noticing that several people have a "cheat day" in which they throw caution to the wind and are able to eat whatever they like.

When I first started my journey, I had the same thing.  I made sure I stuck to my food plan all week long, and then one day over the weekend - I didn't plan.  That was my day that I could eat pizza or burgers or ice-cream or whatever other "off limit" food I had been missing.

I enjoyed looking forward to that one day...and I worked hard to not "cheat" all week - so that I could reward myself for my hard work.  It was a great tool to start out with.

I don't do it anymore.  It's not because I don't believe in cheat days - or think they are bad.  I just realized that rewarding myself with food I considered to be off limits was not the best way to permanently change my eating habits.  Now, I don't consider anything to be "off limits".  My focus now is more honed in to portion control...easier said than done.

For me, it's about making the right decisions.  I try my best to make rational decisions about the food I eat..."Am I hungry?" "Why am I choosing to eat this?" As long as the answers are's OK to me.  As long as I'm not eating because I'm bored, or upset, or I'm too lazy to look for something's OK.

I've also learned that eating a piece of pizza doesn't mean I've "fallen off the wagon" or a bowl of ice-cream has completely sabotaged my weight loss efforts.  I indulge, occasionally...then move on.  It's been hard, but I'm finally able to separate guilt from my eating.

As far as my favorite snacks?  I'm so in love with Fiber One bars, Chobani yogurt, strawberries, and dried apricots right now. 

5.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life?  I took Jelly swimming, twice.  That was fun.  I'm preparing for my first camping trip today...looking forward to that.  I have started a new exercise program... Supreme 90 Day.  It's asskickingly fantastic!!  After doing a 30 minute work-out called Ultimate Ball, my hips felt like I had just given birth to a baby elephant.  I'm really starting to enjoy my time off work by focusing on me a little more - and doing some more exercise.  It's so funny that it's becoming a great activity for Jelly and I to do together... being that my other two kids have their own stuff going on.

Blog land?  Pretty good.  I love that I have more time to read more blogs and comment more.  I'm still working on emailing people - but coming to find out quickly that a lot of people don't have an email address available.  I'm really focusing on my True Tuesday posts as a way of getting things off my chest, and basking in my successes.  It's therapeutic..and I love it.

This week was my first weigh-in check for the Burst into Summer Challenge.  I feel a little disappointed that I had a very minimal loss... but happy it was a loss.  I'm really upping my game on strength training - and know that can have some effects on my weight loss at first. 

I found out yesterday that my dad printed off the blog post I wrote for Father's Day...that was special.  A few years ago, it was a mutual family decision that I wouldn't buy gifts for my parents for holidays (except Christmas) due to financial reasons.  Being able to write something for them on here gives me a way to give something from the heart.  It makes me feel like a little kid who spends hours making that perfect homemade card.  I was also very upset to find out that my other siblings (minus the two kids that are still living at home) didn't even call my dad on Father's Day.  Sometimes I wonder if those three are adopted!!  He has done so much for them - and to not even have 30 seconds to pick up the phone and say Happy Father's Day just pisses me off in more ways than I can share.

Anywho - I digress..... That's it for BYOC!!  I really hope you link up and let me know when you do... I promise I will read the responses. 

This will be my last post until probably Monday.  I will miss you guys... but gonna have a great time camping.

Till next time. ;)
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