Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh Energy, How I Have Missed You!! And Other Great Reasons to Exercise!!

**This is a public service announcement.  If you are a guy, you may want to bypass this post... there will be a short "womanly" discussion taking place.**

I am still totally fascinated by the effects exercise can have on your body. 

Just a little over two weeks ago, it felt like I was always tired.  Yes, I was working A LOT - but I was so tired all of the time.  I would literally have to drag myself out of bed at 5am to get ready for work - and then be passed out asleep on the couch at 7pm. 

I'm not just talking about a few days a week, either.  For almost a month, I was passing out on the couch between 7 and 8pm and not wanting to get up at 4am when my alarm went off...and hit snooze for over an hour!!

I knew it was because I had stopped exercising.  When I'm exercising regularly, I don't get as tired.  I have a lot more energy.

This past week, I've been up almost every night until 11pm...if not later...and I'm willingly getting up between 7-8am.  This morning? 6:15am!  There's no alarm clock - I'm on summer break!!  Yet still, I'm up drinking my coffee and writing my blog each morning - early.

**HERE COMES THE TMI INFO... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...although I will be using my "code talk"**

Also, last month, when Aunt Flo came to visit - she was here for 3 days...and I hardly knew she was here.  It was the shortest visit I've had in over a year!!

Last Thursday, she came back.  This time - she's making her visit VERY known.  It's day 5 of her visit, and she's just now starting to pack up her bags.... bout damn time!!

Isn't it funny the effects exercise has on our bodies?? I love the energy I've gotten back - my "I want to move" attitude.  I love being able to sit up late at night and enjoy some quiet time watching TV.  I love getting up early in the morning and wanting to do Yoga.  I'm ecstatic that I crave my run in the evenings - and even shredding with Jillian in the afternoons.

The Aunt Flo visit? Not so much... but I'll put up with her if it means getting to be so active and full of life.

Something else I've noticed?  My allergies.  This time last month, my allergies were KILLING me.  I was waking up with my eyes stuck together, my nose constantly running.... I could barely see through the watery eyes and the constant sneezing.  My chest was always tight - and I was having some tough times breathing.  I dreaded the thought of going to the track to run, because I just knew that my allergies would kick in to overdrive....and I would be miserable for the rest of the night.

Then, I remembered something.  I've always had the WORST allergies.  I mean.. bad!!  Since high school, there has hardly been a year where I haven't ended up in the ER due to a seasonal asthma attack... or on a nebulizer because my breathing would get so difficult.  Up until last year.

Last year, when I decided to start exercising - and joined boot camp - I noticed that I really didn't have any allergy problems.  A couple of sneezes here and there...a few cases of watery eyes... but had no trouble with my breathing AT ALL. 

My doctor told me it was because I was exercising - opening up my air ways, and exposing myself to the allergies. 

My doctor said that people who suffer from seasonal allergies often avoid situations that expose them... like being outside.  Because I was spending so much time outside, and building up endurance in my lungs, my body had basically building up an immunity to the allergies that were giving me the seasonal asthma.  How F'in cool is that?? 

Same thing this year.  A month ago?  On the verge of breaking out the nebulizer.  After a week of exercising?  Hardly any allergies!!

It hasn't taken forever for these benefits to kick in, either.  Like I said - I've been working out for a week...that's it.  Already I'm noticing these benefits.. minus Aunt Flo, but I can live with her.

I could go on with reasons why exercising is so important... but I'd like to hear what your benefits are.  What are some of the effects you notice from exercising? 

Now - it's time for me to get to my Yoga!!

Till next time. :)
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  1. Very interesting info about seasonal allergies! Last spring I was so sick with allergies I even missed work. Had to take zrytec in the am and benedryl in the pm just to feel manageable. This early spring, same thing. Then I started exercising, and I don't even take one pill a day anymore. I didn't put it together until I read your post. Another positive benefit to exercise! Thanks!

  2. Such an accurate post! I have chronic Lyme and I've found that as soon as I stop moving, that's when my symptoms get the worst. It's amazing how much exercise does to keep a body balanced and kicking. And how easy it is to forget that when you're in the midst of an exercise slump. It's counter intuitive that energy spent begets energy to spend. Go figure! :)

  3. I have found I am the same way. If I get up and exercise in the morning my whole day is much better! So you would think that it would push me to get out every day...but it just doesn't work that way for me. But I'm getting better!


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