Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heading Off to the Wilderness

It's official.
I'm going camping this weekend.

Sleeping in a tent.  Cooking food on a camp fire (OK, camp side grill - but close enough).  Spending all day outside.

It will be for the first time in my life....well, minus this one time in band camp high school that I slept in a car, because I was too afraid to sleep in a tent.

Up until this year, if you had asked me if I had the desire to go camping...I'd respond with "not no, but HECK NO!"  Why on earth would anyone want to sleep outside, with the bugs, the hard ground, peeing in the woods, stuff like that?

I don't know why I became so interested in camping this year.  I will say, though, that when I think of going camping - there's only two things that come to my mind:  Yoga as the sun comes up by the lake, and running trails.

How f'in cool is that??  When I think of doing something like camping, I think about the exercise opportunities I have.  My, how I've grown.  I didn't think about s'mores once, honest!!!

I am happy to report that I'm going to a camping "resort"....which means it's equipped with showers and bathrooms.  Phew!  I was NOT looking forward to popping a squat....there's lots of things I don't mind doing - peeing in bushes is NOT one of them.

I was supposed to be going camping with some friends - but after not being able to pull it all together - my parents invited me along on their trip.  It will be my parents, my lil' brother and sister, and Peanut.  Butter is going to spend the weekend with a friend - and Jelly is staying home with Hubby.  Hubby is NOT the camping type.  He's in Hubby Heaven, though, cause that means a full weekend to watch movies, play video games, and do a whole lot of nothing.

Today, I'm going to get my iPhone ready with the MP3 version of my Yoga DVD.  Now that I've gotten used to the DVD, I can listen to the MP3 and will know what to do.  I've learned the names to all of the contorsions moves.  I'm taking my Yoga mat with me...and I am so excited to wake up and experience Yoga outside.  Not for exercise... but for the pure peaceness of doing it out in the open...full tranquility.

There is a concern with the trip.  The concern is the food.  It's very hard to be mindful of healthy eating while least when my parents are in charge of the food.  Mom has already warned told me that the menu includes steak for dinner Friday night, a fried breakfast Saturday morning, hamburgers and hot dogs Saturday night, s'mores, and a TON of snacks (her words, not mine).  Oh, and beer.  What camping trip would be complete without some camp fire beer?

My plan is going to revolve around portion control.  I already know that I can eat that stuff, if I have to - it's how much I eat that's important.  I just have to be mindful about how much is going into my mouth.  Finding opportunities for hiking and jogging will also help out, too.

The plan to do this all happened last night - after I had already made plans to take Jelly swimming today.  That means, today, I have to do my Supreme 90 Day work-out, laundry, and take Jelly swimming.  I'm not leaving until around 3pm tomorrow afternoon - so I should have plenty of time to get everything clean, packed, and ready.

Being out in the wilderness will mean that I won't get to blog all weekend.  Dry your eyes, my friends, I will be back....

I will be doing my BYOC post in the morning....then I will be back Monday morning giving you the full experience.  Admit it.  You can't wait - can you?

What's your favorite part of camping?  Any tips for a "newbie" like me?  Is there anything I should make sure I take that I might not have thought of?  Any and all suggestions would be great!!

Anywho - time to get to my Tabata Inferno work-out...whatever the hell that is....sounds scary, doesn't it?  Yeah, I think so too.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Since moving to Montana I've actually done a lot of camping. I was never much of a camper until I moved here. If your parents are taking care of food and everything like that I would just make sure to bring bug spray, sun screen, any necessary toiletries (I usually just bring toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and face cleansing wipes), and a water bottle.

    You could also bring some healthy snacks for yourself if you're worried about what the family will bring. I find that bars (Lara, Luna--whatever you like), nuts, trail mix, or whole fruits work great for refueling after hikes and other outdoor adventures.

    And if there is room definitely bring your own pillow and a supply of warm clothes (especially extra socks) for sleeping. I always sleep better with my own pillow, and some nights it is colder in the tent than you expect.

    Have fun! Camping can be a great and relaxing escape.

  2. Have fun Camping is something I hate....Good Luck on your eating

  3. Though, the squatting in the bushes would be a good toning exercise haha! I went camping at a music festival once and I have been scarred ever since!

  4. Thanks Emily!!! I'm definitely gonna stock up on the healthy snacks, and I have already packed my pillow and clothes.

    The lows thru the night are gonna be in the upper 70s, so I'm not too worried about getting cold lol.


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