Thursday, March 01, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown: Less Conda, Anyone?

Dear Diary...

There's something weird going on over at that NBC.  I can feel it.  My spidey sense got all tingly while watching this week's episode.  I admit, I wasn't going to watch it this week.  After last week, I'd really just had enough.  I wasn't excited about the show.  I was no longer rooting for any of the contestants left.  I just didn't see the point.  But, there was nothing else on Tuesday night (except American Idol, but I was DVRing that so I could skip the commercials) so I figured what the heck, I'd see what happens when they all go home for 18 days.

Well, I'm happy to say that I'm glad I watched this week.  Mainly because it's the first episode of the season where the show portrayed what it's actually all about - getting over excuses to succeed in losing weight - AND there was WAY less Conda...but I'll discuss that more after my breakdown.

So, the contestants all got to go home for 18 days.  There was a big challenge they had to complete while there - lose 5% of their weight and they'd automatically win immunity.  All of them.  Didn't matter what team lost the weigh in, if they lost 5% they were safe.

Within about 5 minutes of them all greeting their families, they all had another challenge.  The contestants had to row 10,000 meters on a rowing machine for the chance to win $10,000.  During the challenge, I was stuck at who I was rooting for.  It's so sad to think that I couldn't pick out a favorite.  I was also very surprised to see how difficult the challenge was for some of the contestants.  I mean, after 9 weeks on the ranch in the past, the contestants have all been much more physically fit.  That's totally my opinion, I may be wrong.

Anywho, about half way in a lot of the contestants seemed to be losing steam.  Conda stuck out to me straight away.  She complained about the pain she was feeling, and declared that she'd rather just pull back and let her brother try and win.  Yeah, that was it.  Just two minutes after saying she'd planned on embarrassing him in front of all of his friends.  Once she realizes that she's not going to be able to beat him - she immediately starts trying to look like she's doing him a favor.  Psh!

I also didn't like the competition between Chism and Mark.  You could tell by the look on Mark's face that he did not want Chism to beat him.  He kept saying it, too.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about some healthy competition between father and son - but that was a bit ridic.

Once the competition was over, the results were not revealed.  They had to wait until the weigh-in to find out who won.  So, then it went on with watching the contestants at home.  It was mostly focused on their temptations.  We saw Emily visit a bakery.  We saw Jeremy go to a bar with a bunch of his hot friends that sat around and ate fried food and steak right in front of him.  We saw Cassandra bake cookies - and only eat one.  We saw Buddy actually buy a chili cheese dog with cheese fries just to sit and smell them and throw them in the garbage.  We got to hear some heart felt moments.  What we didn't see?  Hardly any Conda.  The only time she was shown was a few fleeting moments when she was with her daughter.  No temptations for her.  No heart pulling family moments. 

Once they got back to the ranch, I started to get that queasy I just can't take one more second feeling.  And the reason?  Kim.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Can that woman spew out some excuses.  It was nothing but whining and crying about how difficult it was for her to focus while at home because she's a mother - and her kids come first.  She knew that she wasn't getting immunity, so she immediately started playing victim.  It's totally OK for her to do it, apparently, but no one else on her team can.

So, the weigh in finally comes.  They announce that Chism won the rowing competition and wins the $10,000.  The red team weigh in first and Buddy, Kimmie, and Jeremy all make the 5% target and earn immunity.  Then it's Mark's turn to weigh in.  He didn't make it.  He only lost 11lbs in 18 days.  But of course, he's got excuses.  Oh, how quickly he forgets what he did to Adrian when Adrian had a crappy number his first week.  Or a not crappy number his second week.  Again - it's OK for Mark, just not anybody else apparently.  Then, up goes Kim.  She loses 7lbs.  In 18 days.  And I'll be damned, Dolvett actually defends her and talks about how hard Kim had it.  Being a single mother, taking care of her kids, blah, blah, freakin' blah.  I was so disappointed in Dolvett.  He basically allowed her to use her excuses.  Isn't this what the show is about?  I'm going to go out on a limb here, but if Bob was her trainer - I'm pretty sure he would have said something along the lines of "boo-hoo, lots of people have kids or are single parents but this journey is about learning to deal with you first and that making yourself healthier is the best move for your kids so you need to stop the whining and complaining and actually learning how to get over those excuses - which is what this whole season is about!"  So, Mark and Kim are up for elimination if the black team wins the weigh-in. 

All of the black team go up.  Every one that goes up earns immunity - even Conda, which I was surprised about - until they get to Chism.  There's just 12lbs standing between the black team winning and sending either Kim or Mark home.  Chism could have or should have lost 12lbs in one week - let alone 18 days.  If he doesn't make it, he automatically gets eliminated.  So, he stands on the scale.  America is already rejoicing the fact that either Mark or Kim will be leaving.  It's a win-win situation - as they are both evil.  And then Chism only loses 11lbs.  What the what??  It's like I could almost hear the curse words being screamed by America. 

Chism went home.  After a very dramatic outburst by his dad.  But, he was the person sent packing.  There was no after show update on Chism.  No, now he gets his own vlog on the Biggest Loser website to update his progress each week. 

I'll admit that I'd have much rather seen Kim or Mark go home.  I truly believe Chism needed to be there longer.  However, I also believe what goes around comes around.  After what the black team did to Daphne - there needed to be some justice.  And justice was given.

In regards to my "spidey sense" I talked about at the beginning of this post.  Somehow, I feel like there might have been some additional editing done to this week's episode.  It was blatantly obvious how much of Conda we didn't see.  I almost got the chance to forget about her.  I said almost.  I am hoping that it's because NBC has heard the cries of the masses and are doing everything in their power to decrease the amount of Conda drama.  I sure hope that's what it is.  I still won't be happy until she's gone - but whatever.  Less Conda time will suffice, for now.  Then, of course, it could have just been that TBL wanted this week to be heartfelt and emotional - and there just wasn't any Conda footage that would demonstrate that. 

I've heard a lot of banter in the forums about Conda being "made" to look the bully due to editing.  I say what the hell eva!  There's no way the cameras can make crap like that happen. She's a bully.  The country should see her for what she is.  So, if you're one of those people that feels sorry for Conda for being portrayed in such a negative way - get a grip!  The best movie directors in the world couldn't pull that one off - they are just showing her for what she is.  And I'm totally down for them hardly ever showing her - if it means making the BL fans a little more appeased.

That's the breakdown for this week.  There's a major twist gonna take place next week.  Oh joy.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see what unfolds from that.

Goals for today:
  • Log all of my food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Circuit training at the gym

Till next time. ;)


  1. OMG!! Conda is a bully, no bones about it. The editors can only edit what the cast gives them. So if the cast (Conda) acts like a jerk the whole season, the only thing we are going to see is Conda being a jerk. If she was a decent human 95% of the time, then we would see her being decent most of the time. Instead, we see her being a horrible bully of a girl, because that's what she is. My only hope for her is that she is watching the show now with us and learning A LOT about how she can better herself.

    You are so on point about everything - from the less Conda time, to the excuses, to the editing, all of it! I really don't care who wins at this point (sad!) but I will be pissed off if Mark, Kim, Conda, or Jeremy wins.

    1. I very much doubt that she's watching and thinking that. I've been following the I Hate Conda pages on Facebook, and her family members have been sending some nasty responses back. Some have even gone racist!! I believe it was Conda's sister that called one commenter a nasty Jap, or something along those lines. There are suspicions that some of the Conda lover comments are really Conda posting as a cover.

      If I was her, I'd be scared to walk outside my front door after this season. She is hated with a passion - which maybe sad, but totally her own fault.

      Right now, I guess I'm rooting for Kimmie, Emily, or Chris. I had included Cassandra in that mix - until she went after Daphne last week. I can only hope that Conda gets gone soon - and the world can rejoice and getting back to enjoying what the BL is all about. I even think that if Conda leaves, Kim and Mark will lighten up a bit.

    2. ..........and I'm off to check out the I hate Conda fb page!

  2. I haven't been watching biggest loser that diligently but I did watch last week's episode. I was so turned off by how negative the show was. I could sense the toxic air. It sounds super dramatic!

    1. It is. I shouldn't be watching it - because it's everything I'm against when it comes to reality TV. But I guess I'm holding on to hope that the the producers will hear the outcries from the BL fans and do something about it...quick!

  3. I think I really need to watch "The Biggest Loser." I always forget to watch it and then I see everyone blogging about it and I feel left out. grrrrrrr...

    1. You really aren't missing much. There's a lot of talk - but if you're like me, you've seen nothing but negative stuff about this season. I already can't wait for this season to just be over - and I hope that next season gets back to what the show is supposed to be about.

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    1. Well, thank you!! Glad you like it. I will be sure to check out your blog. :)


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