Thursday, March 08, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown - Week 10

Dear Diary...

This week's Biggest Loser was a doozy.  Was the drama gone?  No.  Conda's still there - that will answer that question quickly.  However, there were a lot of surprises - both on the screen and how I felt towards some of the contestants.

So, the show kicked off with the teams having to switch trainers for the week for the excuse of getting them out of their comfort zones.  The red team got Bob, the black team got Dolvett.  By the reaction from the black team, you would have thought they asked Conda's family to be the trainers for the week.  Too harsh?  Hmm...oh well.  The black team cried.  They whined.  They cried some more.  I'm no Dolvett expert, but I will say that man is a fine piece of athletic machinery to the eyes.  Every piece of him looks like it's been perfectly chiseled by the gods.  Why anyone would cry about getting him as a trainer is ridiculous.  But the black team boo-hoo'd all the way to the gym.

I felt so bad for poor Dolvett.  The black team didn't even try and hide their disappointment.  He could tell straight away that they weren't happy about the switch. You didn't see the red team whining and complaining when Bob was giving them pure hell.  As much as I don't like the red team - I give them kudos for accepting the change, and going with it.

The negative, whiny attitude for the black team made me rethink how much I like them.  Not that I really cared that much for any of them - but I preferred the black team to the bulldozers that are the red team.  After nothing but tears and "I want Bob whhaaaa" for 5 minutes - I was ready to call it quits for the week - but I stuck with it.  Cause how would I do this breakdown if I didn't?

The twist for the week was that the winning team from the weigh-in would be the ones to vote off the player from the losing team.  The challenge was each team having to swim through a mud pit to find 40 weights - relay style.  It looked hard, and a lot of fun.  The entire red team did what they had to do - without complaining.  The black team?  Yeah, not so much.  Emily was the crybaby for this challenge.  She didn't like getting dirty.  Boo freakin' hoo!

Again, as much as I don't care for the red team, I was kinda glad they won the challenge - and earned themselves a 2lb advantage at the weigh-in.

That's when all the drama started.  Apparently, Kim, Emily, and Cassandra had approached Conda about making an alliance that would create a 4 woman final four.  That wasn't shown on the show - we had to rely on Conda's word for that.  Which the jury is out on.  I mean, really, can we trust what Conda says?  Conda immediately went running to the men on the red team - where she supposedly already has an alliance.  Buddy, Mark, and Jeremy all have Conda's back - and have agreed not to vote her off.  That news was terrible.  How can they agree to such a terrible thing as to keep that nasty, vile woman on the show?  It's beyond me.  And then they all pledged to pick off Cassandra, Emily and Kim one by one.

Then came the pathetic weigh-in.  The red team was up first.  Each person was pulling crappy numbers.  After the entire team - 5 remaining players - had weighed in, they'd lost a total of 22lbs.  That's a 1.91% weight loss for the team.  So much for a change to the work-out being a great way to burn more weight, right?

Then, up goes the whine bags.  The black team.  Cassandra started with a 3lbs loss.  Then, Emily had a 4lbs loss.  Chris and Megan only lost 1lb and Conda only lost 2 or 3lbs.  I can't remember.  I try to block her out of my mind.  Whatever it was - it was pathetic.  What ticked me off the most was Chris standing on that scale and blaming the change in trainers to be the reason she only lost 1lb.  Urm, hello!! This whole season is supposed to be about NO EXCUSES - and it seems that week after week, all that woman has is excuses.  So, inevitably, the black team lost.

Before the voting started, the black team all got to make their pleas.  Emily had scored the highest percentage of weight loss - and was safe.  She and Kim spoke on Cassandra's behalf and begged the red team not to vote her off.  Kim made a great speech (yes, I'm saying Kim did something good) about not voting off the threats in the house - but keeping the strong players, so that there is some good competition.

All of the pleas fell on deaf ears, though.  Kim voted for Chris, and so did Jeremy.  Which, I will say, was commendable.  Even though he's a part of the "alliance" to get rid of the women (except Conda) he went with his gut and voted for the weakest black member - Chris.  Mark, Buddy, and Kimmie did not.  They voted for Cassandra - which got her sent home.

Right at the end, Kim made an applaudable speech (I know, I'm doing it again - admitting that Kim did something nice) and called out her team members for voting off the strong player because they were scared of competition. 

From this week, it appears that Conda and Kim are not as close as we have all been led to believe.  While I won't go as far as to say that this week made me change my opinion of Kim - I will say that it's starting to move my feelings for her in a different direction.  I don't dislike her as much.  I very much dislike Conda - always will.  There's not a thing that woman could do that would make me change my mind on that.  You can throw Mark on that bus, too.  The man weighs 215lbs - how much more weight does he need to lose?  Yet, he's the first to send someone home because they are "stronger" and don't need as much help on the ranch anymore.  Give me a freakin' break.  I like Buddy, but he's making it so hard for me when he is so friendly with Mark.  And Jeremy?  Well, I can't even believe that man is cut from the same cloth as Conda.  Despite his alliance with Mark and Buddy - he still did the right thing this week.  And has done pretty much every week.  I can't help it - I like him.  It's horrible for me to say this - but I don't want Jeremy to win just because he's Conda's brother.  If he wasn't related to that witch - he'd be the one I'm rooting for.

Now, with all the alliance drama that is unfolding, I think it'd be so funny if they all end up knocking each other out - and the final three comes down to Megan, Chris, and Kimmie.  I don't like Chris' terrible whiny attitude - but Megan and Kimmie seem to do what they need to do.  My hopes for the people that go home soon?  Mark and Conda.   I truly believe if those two were gone - the house would be different.  And you'll notice I didn't include Kim in that.  She's already changing now that she's free from the toxin that is Conda. 

Next week, the teams break up - and they move to singles.  I'm excited to see how that unfolds.  Now that there are no teams to pull the numbers for them - the yellow line should be returning.  With the numbers that Conda has been pulling, I can only hope that the yellow line helps us all out by getting rid of her. 

Has anyone noticed how different they all look - except Conda?  Something to think about. 

OK, enough from me today. 

Till next time. ;)



  1. I AGREE!!!! With it all!! Especially your comment about Dolvett being a fine piece of athletic machinery!! LMAO. WTH is wrong with the black team? Why are they so whiney?? And does Emily have a crush on Bob? Why was it awkward for her to watch Bob with the red team??? It's just exercise!! Puh-lease, ladies!!

    I am also surprised that my feelings are warming towards Kim. I really, really despised her this entire time, but I'm going to look at her with a fresh set of eyes now. She was pretty horrible in the beginning towards Adrian & Daphne, but maybe she has legit changed. That happens when you are working so hard on yourself, like they are.

    I've had no feelings towards Buddy at all this season, but they got me with the story of losing his daughter. I was crying so hard when he was telling Bob about his loss. Gut wrenching.

    I still don't really care who wins, but it will be interesting to see how it unfolds next week as the game turns individual. If Conda has alligned herself with the guys, she will probably make it to the end. Imagine it's Conda & Jeremy in the final two?? OMG.

    1. I love how we always agree on this stuff. Conda and Jeremy in the final? BETTER NOT HAPPEN. If that awful woman makes it that far, I'll be passing and quitting the show.

      I think that Kim's motivates are probably motivated by an alliance, but I like how she was willing to stand up to her own team - and not be a little cry baby like some other team members I won't name. :)

  2. I have been following your blog for some time and really enjoy it. I felt compelled to comment on the Biggest Loser this week. I take exception, somewhat, with you assessment of Chris. As a 61 year old trying to lose weight and get fit, I have to tell you it is a whole different ballgame than at 20. She is doing the same workout (at least with the trainer) as these young bucks. I recently started working with a trainer and she is kicking my butt-and I am nowhere near the level that they are doing on the show. I had to go to the chropractor, because my back went out and he told me to slow it down a bit. This man is my age (I went to high school with him) and his comment was that I can accomplish the weight loss and getting fit but my body will not adapt as quickly as someone in their 20's. Now he is not the kind of person that is hung up on getting old and thinks we should be sitting in a rocking chair. He is proud of my accomplishments-so it isn't an age thing. The difference between me and Chris is that I would never put myself in that position to begin with. I am really surprised that no one has had a heart attack and died on that show. I think, unfortunately, it is just a matter of time.
    Keep up your interesting blog.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I definitely understand the differences with age and strength. My "beef", if you will, is definitely NOT Chris' work-outs. She definitely does the work - it's the constant whining about her trainer, and not getting the attention she needs, etc. I definitely look up to her as being a strong woman - just wish she wouldn't complain so much.

      Thanks again for your input!!

  3. I love it how Jeremy said, "Get over it. It's not the end of the world" when they announced the trainer switch, but he was just crying like a baby two weeks ago when he got switched! And I do believe that Kim must be in some kind of alliance with Emily and Cassandra because it makes NO sense that she would stand up for someone on the OTHER team, kwim? Still hoping Conda was one of the ones that walked out a few weeks ago and wasn't allowed back. At least she can't win.

    1. You know what, I didn't think about that. I totally forgot Jeremy crying like a total baby when he and Conda were switched. How could I freakin' forget that?

      I do think there's probably an alliance, I just thought it was funny that they didn't show that - but they showed Conda stirring up drama.

  4. I've only read a few of your posts, but I am glad I found you, since my cats can't (or won't!) discuss TBL with me. I've only really watched the the last few seasons, and I have also almost given up on this one, especially after the disgusting way Adrian and Daphne were treated. In I think the second ep, Kim and someone else -- Conda? Emily? -- made that ridiculous wager about the % of weight the reds would lose, and I clearly remember that when anyone came close to criticizing her about it, Kim adopted her b***hface - I call it "ceiling eyes" because it looks like an eyeroll to me. I simply can not figure out how Conda became so popular, because I thought she was a bully from the start. And I noticed that her hair and makeup were done this week, probably because as you noted, everyone else looks dramatically different from their weight losses alone. And I simply can't abide this whole "I'm a single mom, I need to be here" whine.

    1. I'm glad you found me, too!! :)

      Your cats are obviously much smarter than we are by refusing to talk to you about TBL. They have seen how ridiculous this season is - and won't waste any of their important time discussing it. Thank goodness I haven't reached that level of sophistication - right? LOL

      I love the term "ceiling eyes" - maybe that could be a new drinking game. Drink any time you see Kim make that face. Can you imagine how drunk we'd be after the episodes? Lordy! I totally agree with you about Conda's make-up this week, too! I didn't even think about that - but she always tries to fix herself up for the weigh ins and it's probably because she knows how different she looks to everyone else who's lost some serious weight.

      I hope you'll continue reading - I'm here all week. :)


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