Thursday, March 22, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown

Dear Diary...

I have to make it pretty quick today, because I'm taking the girls to the zoo.  I must be crazy because there's a pretty good chance it's going to rain on us.  But, it's rained all freakin' week long - so we're going to chance it.  The sun is shining here at the moment, and we're taking in the glorious site and going to drive 2 hours to get to the zoo.

But, that's not what today is about, is it now?  Nope.  Thursdays are for my Biggest Loser breakdown.  The day I slam explain the goings on of this week's episode. 

This week the contestants faced the excuse:  I can't lose weight on vacation.  And were swept off to Hawaii.  I don't know about you, but I've never used that excuse in my entire life.  Who in the heck thinks about losing weight when they go on vacation?  Not me. 

I have to admit, but I got kinda bored with the first half of the episode.  The contestants went surfing with Bethany Hamilton - the real soul surfer.  I really thought that spending some time with her would whip some of the contestants in to shape with their whining - but it didn't.  There was still plenty of whining for everyone to hear once the surfing was finished.

Kim was feeling pretty sorry for herself.  She feels alone in the house now that Emily and Cassandra is gone.  I'm surprised, because up until a few weeks ago - I didn't see her with Emily or Cassandra much... but apparently she was really close to them.  So, while the other women were sitting around eating and being catty about how much they don't like Kim - she was at the hotel gym working out.  And I say, good for her!

The challenge this week I hated.  The contestants had to run up and down a steep hill collecting leis.  They then put them on other contestants statues to eliminate them from the challenge.  The person still standing at the end won immunity. 

Immediately Kimmie, Megan, and Chris went after Kim.  Conda, Jeremy, and Mark started going after Chris.  And poor Kim was just trying to get as many leis as she could to stay alive.  Kimmie ended up finding a "death lei" that took a contestant out immediately.  She placed it on Kim's statue.  Kim was out of the game.

Then, Conda, Mark, and Jeremy slowly took out Megan, Kimmie, and Chris one by one.  Mark is an idiot.  He should have thought about taking out one of them in the beginning.  He knew damn well that those two were going to gang up on him to take him out.  Not only that, but Jeremy and Conda actually let Mark do most of the dirty work before they took him out.  Mark actually made a comment at one point along the lines of "America is right about you two".  Which makes me thing Conda has been receiving some of that viewers have been leaving for her.  Jeremy, once again, decided to let his sister win - because she can't do anything for her freakin' self - and Conda won immunity.  I was so ticked off.  But Allison warned her that if she gained weight - the immunity would be gone.

Mark then went and had a private chat with Kim and told her that he had no intention of voting Kim off - even though she thought she had a big target on her back.  He actually had the cheek to say that he wanted to be surrounded by competitive players in the finale.  What a load of crap!

Finally, it was weigh in time.  Gonna make it quick.  Here are the numbers and percentages...

Conda - lost 4lbs 1.81%
Chris - lost 3lbs but earned a 1lb advantage in a game - 2.24%
Buddy - lost 6lbs - 2.14%
Jeremy - lost 7lbs - 2.57%
Kimmie - lost 2lbs - 1.23%
Megan - lost 3lbs - 1.52%
Mark - lost 4lbs - 1.96%

Kim was the last to weigh in.  There was Kimmie and Megan at the bottom.  Kimmie was definitely under the yellow line - and it was up to Kim to either prevail or be under the yellow line with her.  Kim stepped on the scale...

Kim - 5lbs - 2.84%!!!

She lost the most weight out of anyone - and put Megan and Kimmie (mother and daughter) under the line together. 

Megan and Kimmie both gave a little speech, and of course, Kimmie threw herself under the blade.  She asked that everyone respect her and send her home.  Kim came out with some food for thought about how being the last two vote offs have been about "the game" it would make more sense to send Megan home.  Of course, nobody did that - and Kimmie was sent home.

I didn't like this episode.  But, it did make me like Kim even more.  As much as I am not a fan of a single person left in that house - I'm pulling for Kim, now.  She fights hard.  And she doesn't let anyone else carry her through - like Conda.

Next week, I believe the contestants win money for the amount of weight they lose - so of course, Conda will be all hard work for that one.  She's definitely not there to just lose weight - it's apparent that something has to be in it for her to win.  I just hope with all my might that the rest of the contestants see how much power Conda and Jeremy have - and break up that team FAST!!

OK - gotta run so I can get to the zoo before it starts pouring rain.

Till next time. ;)


  1. I love watching Biggest Loser, but like you, I am not a huge fan of any of the contestants this season.

    One thing that really annoys me: challenges that are not about your own individual strength/will/drive/etc.... but allows other people to determine who wins the challenge. BL does a lot of these and so it is not rewarding how far someone has come or how strong a person is. It seems like a punishment half the time!

    1. I'm so with you on the challenges. Why punish the players that deserve the ammunity? People like Conda - who dont' do squat - end up winning them. Makes me so mad!!

  2. I really didn't get the whole thing of Kimmy putting the "death" one on Kim when Kim's was already half way full..why not put it on Conda or Jeremy's so they wouldn't be able to help each other~I agree they need to separate them and though sometimes I can't stand Kim's attitude, she looks awesome and puts in the work :)

    1. That's what I couldn't believe. It should have been all of the contestants top priortiy to break up the teams - they have the advantage. If Kimmie had been smart, she could of put out either Conda or Jeremy and then her and Megan could have worked together to get Megan immunity. Then maybe she wouldn't have gone home this week. So stupid!!

  3. This episode was a total snooze. I had it on in the background while I was doing other stuff. These people are morons. It's getting harder for me to watch, and you know that's saying a lot!! I want Kim to win now, just because she's sorta the best of the worst.

    I know it's not weight or fitness related, but do you watch DWTS? Love that one, even if I don't know who any of the 'celebs' are.

    Hope it didn't rain on the zoo!

    1. I don't watch DWTS. Never have. It's just never interested me. I'm not really that much in to reality TV. I have three shows that I watch - BL, Celebrity Apprentice, and American Idol. That's about as much "reality" TV as I can handle. LOL


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