Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time to Get My Head Back in the Game

Dear Diary...

This week has got to have been the fastest week in my whole life.  There's just no possible way I've been off work for 9 days.  It went by too quickly.

What makes it worse is the weather we had for the majority of spring break.  For five of the nine days it poured down rain - leaving us very limited in what we could do.  Yes, we made a trek to the zoo on Thursday - despite the rain - but that's about it. 

For the rest of the days, I literally laid around the house reading.  I read a book I've been wanting to read for a while, and even started the second book in the series.  There has been no gym.  No working out.  Not even any walking or jogging - unless I count the snail pace I walked when I was at the zoo. 

My eating has also been all out of whack.  Most days I barely ate anything.  Other days I ate, but the wrong foods.  One thing I did not do the entire spring break is binge eat or emotionally eat - not once.  The only food I've eaten has been at meal times.  OK, it wasn't the best food in the world to be eating at meal times - but being at home is usually a big trigger for me to mindlessly eat...and I haven't done that once!

But, all time off comes to an end...not just from work, but from my lifestyle.  My body is ready to get back to doing what it should be doing.  It's ready to get back to three meals and two snacks a day.  It's ready to get back in the gym.  And it's ready to start burning fat - so it can look a lot better in the spring/summer clothes it wants to be sporting this year. 

Last night, for my mom's 50th birthday dinner, I got dressed up for the first time in ages.  OK, I put make-up on and dress nicely for work every day...but this was different.  I was going out with Hubby and my family.  I wanted to look nice.  I even gave myself a mini mani/pedi.  I haven't worn nail polish since last year.  When I was done, I felt OK with myself - not great, but OK.  I had to try on a few different things - because I didn't like the way the clothes felt or looked.  I ended up with a flowing skirt and a fitted tee.  I didn't want anything too tight, that's for sure.  It was in that moment I realized that summer was only weeks away - and if I wanted to *gasp* even think about wearing a bathing suit or shorts or summer dresses...I had some serious work to do.

I had some pictures taken of me.  This one I didn't mind so much...

This one, I don't like so much...

Yes.  Here is a very rare pic of Hubby.  Probably won't see many of those.  Don't you love the pink hair?  We match in more ways than you can imagine.  But, I hate the way I look in this pic.  It could be the angle from which the picture was taken - but it will be one of those pics I look at whenever I doubt myself for doing what I'm doing.  I don't want to look like this in pictures.

So, tomorrow spring break is over and it's back to life as I know it.  Back to logging all of my food.  Back to detox style eating - mainly veggies and fruits.  Back to not eating any white flour or refined sugar.  Back to the gym.  

I only have a week and three days until I weigh in again.  I can't believe three weeks have already gone by without weighing in.  I don't want to think about what the scale would say this week.  I hope it wouldn't be too bad - but I know it won't be too great, either.  One thing I do know is that I don't want to stand on that scale on April 4th and see no change - or heaven forbid - a gain.  I just don't know I could handle that right now.  I have had only one great week since I went on my month long scale fast - so I have to make these next 10 days really count. 

Today, the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  Sunny and 80 degrees.  So, I'm taking the kids back to the zoo.  We're going with P-Momma and her granddaughter.  I'll get some more snail pace walking in - but it's better than no walking at all.  It will be my last grand hurrah before I return to my normal life.  I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Till next time. ;)

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  1. I don't think that's a bad picture and love the pink hair!! the fact that you didn't emotionally eat or binge is HUGE. You should get mad props for that!!!! Seriously that is a big deal. I'm glad you enjoyed your break. You deserve it!!


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