Thursday, March 15, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown - Week 11

Dear Diary...

Tuesday night, if the comments on Facebook and Twitter are correct, I was one of the half dozen people left in the country that's still watching The Biggest Loser.  Seriously.  If you're on the internet on Tuesday evenings between the hours of 7-9pm CST, go to Twitter and search the hashtag #BL13.  You'll be amazed at the thousands of Twitter posts that appear bashing the show.  Then, hop on over to Facebook and check out the Official Biggest Loser page.  There you'll find thousands of more comments bashing the show.  And I'm still in the mindset that they are legitimate.  The show this season is TERRIBLE!!  However, I need content for my blog on Thursdays - so I endure the two hours of torture that is this season's show so that I can share with you how terrible it is play by play.  Yes, folks, that's how much I care about you.

This week, the teams finally went to singles.  At first I was relieved.  It was about time they all got separated.  Then I got hit with a realization.  There's still a team left.  That would be the green team - Jeremy and Conda.  UGH!!  And for some reason, that I still haven't figured out - because my mind just can't fathom how people can like that woman at all - those two are ruling the roost that is the BL ranch.

The yellow line was brought back this week, and the singles got to keep the trainers they've been with this whole time. 

Kim and Emily were both aware from the get go that they had major targets on their backs.  Emily because she was Cassandra's BFF, and Kim because she called out the rest of her team last week for being weak by voting off Cassandra.  It has always been my thing to root for the underdogs in this show.  Each season, there's usually some form of alliances that build up.  That's no new thing this season.  And, when that happens, I always root for the ones that are the weaker alliance.  This season, that would mean going for Kim and Emily.  Emily would be fine - but Kim I was feeling icky about.

The challenge this week was absolutely pathetic.  Each player was tied to a circle ring in the middle of an ice skating rink.  They had to each pull themselves to a button that was several feet in front of them - which meant pulling the entire team's weight with them.  It was probably one of the hardest challenges I've seen on the show.  The bonus with this challenge was that each player would get to pick a prize from 9 boxes.  The person that came in last would pick first, and then there would be a Dirty Santa type thing where each person that placed a position higher could keep their box or steal someone else's prize.  Buddy had some kind of fracture, so he wasn't allowed to compete - putting him in 9th place automatically.

Well, it just so happens that Conda and Jeremy got placed right next to each other.  How f'in convenient.  I could see what was coming before the challenge even started.  After a few minutes of all of them standing in the middle of the ring going nowhere, Conda got the bright idea to help Jeremy to his buzzer.  The two biggest players in the house, on the same team, placed right next to each other?  It was a no brainer they were going to cheat so that they could get the best prize.

Boy, did that piss of Kim.  She's so competitive, and to see them cheat like that really did NOT make her happy.  Then Mark helped Megan.  Then, Chris helped Mark.  Which pissed Kim off even more.  Poor Kim and Emily were on opposite sides of the ring, and just couldn't catch a break.  Everyone made it so obvious that they were going to do what they could for each other - except Kim and Emily. So sad.  The challenge ended with Emily coming in last.    

The prize selection worked out kinda weird.  Buddy picked a hat.  Emily picked a phone for a day.  Kimmie picked an autographed photo of Allison Sweeney, Kim picked a big box of chocolates, Chris picked a 1lb advantage that was then taken and swapped with Conda's $1 bill.  So, Conda had the 1lb advantage.  Megan picked a goldfish that she then swapped for the 1lb advantage.  Mark picked a box that had two votes for the elimination.  Lastly, Jeremy picked a shopping spree with a celebrity - that he freakin' swapped with Conda's goldfish - so that Conda could pick someone to have the shopping spree with.  The only prize I was concerned about was Mark's two votes at elimination.  That bothered me, big time.

Conda decided to take Kim on the shopping spree - because they are both single moms.  Yada yada.  Kim was happy to go, but I got the feeling she'd rather go with someone other than Conda.  The celebrity was Jessica Simpson - and both contestants could pick anything they wanted from her store to keep.  For free.  Well, I'll say - going against all the bashing I saw on Twitter Tuesday night - Kim looked really good in the clothes.  It was so obvious how much she'd slimmed down.  Conda on the other hand?  Eh.  Not so much.  It amazes me how different all the women look - but the biggest girl in the house has only lost 60lbs.  Kim, who was much smaller to begin with, has lost 70lbs - and I would call her slim now.  Conda looked frumpy and awkward in the tighter clothes and high heels.  Yeah, I may be being a little judgmental cause I can't stand that witch - but she wouldn't have looked good even if I did like her.  There, I said it.

The show was only 1 1/2 hours this week, so after all that it was time to get to the weigh in.  I was happy the yellow line was back.  I think it's the fairest way to judge weight loss.  I'm so sick of the high losers going home and the low losers staying.  Conda should have gone a long time ago - but I have a feeling she's freakin' in it for the duration.  As long as her and Jeremy are together - nothing is happening to either of them.

Kimmie went first and lost 4lbs.  Then it was Buddy, who lost 8lbs.  Kim lost 6, Conda lost 7, Jeremy lost 9, Chris lost 7, Mark lost 9, Megan lost 6.  It amazes me how big the weight loss was this week - now that the yellow line was back.  Amazing, isn't it?  The last one to weigh was Emily.  she was told she had to get more than 5lbs to be safe.  She knew if she didn't, she was going home.  It was between her and Kimmie - and she knew they wouldn't send Kimmie home.  Emily pulled a 5.  Just one pound shy of being safe. 

In the elimination room, Kim voted for Kimmie.  Then everyone else started voting for Emily.  Even Chris - who was on Emily's team the whole time - voted for Emily.  That woman seems desperate to please everyone else to keep the target off her back, apparently.  Then, it came to Conda.  She voted for Kimmie which seemed to shock everyone on Twitter.  Not me, though.  I knew what was going on.  She could vote for Kimmie - making it look like she cared for Emily - when she knew damn well that everyone else would vote Emily off.  Mark got his two votes and they both went to Emily... cause he's a jerk...and that was that.  Emily was sent packing.

As much as I really hate to admit this, I'm kinda starting to like Kim.  I like the fact that she's so competitive.  She can't stand the game play that's going on with Jeremy and Conda.  And now she's all by herself - cause everyone else is wrapped around Conda and Mark's fingers.  How sad is it that the person I'm now left rooting for is the person I haven't been able to stomach since day 1?  I'll admit it.  I disliked Kim just as much as I disliked Conda - but Kim has lost a lot of weight, and she's done it by working hard.  Other than the one show where the contestants went home, there hasn't been too much whining from Kim.  Sure, she misses her kids - and says that a lot - but she doesn't use it as an excuse, she uses it as a motivation.  I have to give her some credit for that.

So, it was another pathetic week at the ranch. Rumor has it that next week the contestants are all going to Hawaii.  Whoopy doo.  Don't really care a bit.  I'll watch - cause I know Jenn would be very disappointed if I didn't do the recap next Thursday.  So, again, I'll endure the torture.  I just can't wait for this season to be over - I just don't know how much more I can stand.

Till next time. ;)


  1. LMAO! Sure, blame me for watching next week ;) HAHAHA!!

    First, I'm totally TEAM KIM right now, which is shocking because I couldn't stand her ass when the show first started. I think she's one of the most soild contestants last. If she continues being human, I would be okay with it if she won. Which is saying a lot because as of last week, I didn't want anyone to win! I don't follow twitter while watching the show, but I'd say people were being kinda harsh on Kim if they didn't she looked good. I thought she looked really, really good in nice clothes.

    In fact, I thought this week you could tell a big difference in how they all looked. As for Conda, it just goes to show ya...if ya ugly on the inside, you gonna be ugly on the outside, no matter what your weight.
    Oh, Emily...I was getting a little tired of your crying this week, but I'm giving you a break because I believe you knew it was most likely going to be your last week on the ranch. I loved, loved, loved when she said she was going to be the at home winner. That's the fighting 'tude I love on the BL. I'll be happpy if Adrien, Daphnie or Emily wins that.

    Chris is annoyingly weak - these players should be embarrassed that they are keeping her on for the easy win. Puh-lease, peeps. Keep the people on that are gonna make you bust your own ass. The one thing I've never liked about this show is when game play becomes a focus. Yes, I get that the money must be a huge incentive for these folks to get healthy - but if that's the ONLY incentive, well then they will be on the Biggest Loser All-Stars, the season where all the people who flubbed weigh ins on purpose are back to re-lose all of their weight.

    Mark is a jerk. I can't even stand listening to him talk. Seriously, I HATE HIM way more passionately than is probably healthy.

    God, this damn show. I hate it so much!! lol

    1. Just re-read this comment and I'm mortified by all the grammar and spelling mistakes. My only excuse is that I literally came down stairs and looked for your re-cap before even finishing a cup of coffee!!

  2. At this point, I'm watching to see if the people I hate the most get voted off. There's no reason to keep Mark around; seriously, does he need to lose any more weight? Next week, he can't possibly lose more than a couple of pounds, while Jeremy and Conda have probably purposely kept their weight losses to a minimum to have some to spare in the final weeks. And those two were transparent as Saran Wrap the way they split their votes. I swear I read somewhere that Conda works in the nutrition field. If I went to some place to get nutritional assistance and saw her fat ass, I swear I'd ask for my money back. Yeah, I can't stand her. I hope she gains 10 lbs in Hawaii.


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